Friday, December 30, 2005

The End

Well, 2005 is just about over. I think this is going to be my last post in 2005 because of partying and everything tomorrow. It's been a great year for this blog. Started in May and readership has only gone up. Thanks for reading and commenting and linking to me everyone! I really appreciate it and can't thank you enough.

Now, if you've got nothing else to do, Indie for Dummies has put up the top 100 albums of the year as decided by dozens upon dozens of bloggers. Chek it out, and I'll see you in '06.

The song that started it all:
Belle and Sebastian-Judy and the Dream of Horses


mp3hugger said...

Cheers for all the music this year and best of luck for 2006! like the B & S reference...

Chris said...

well done this year. you've become one of my favorite blogs, and also one of the best, in 2005. happy new year!