Friday, December 23, 2005

New Artists Pt 2

Okay okay here's some more artists that you should all look into because they all deserve your listening attention.

Sarah Rogers is only 14 years old. Sounds like she could be the lost Smoosh member but instead she's making her own power-pop songs. She's been recording some material with two members from the band The Math and Physics CLub. Sounds like good stuff. Check out what she's got on her MySpace.

Dutch band General Mindy seems pretty new to the scene, but are already playing great songs infused with an 80's feel (maybe it's the synth).
Travel in Style
Porzac Candy
Check out more on their website or their MySpace.

Six piece band Dr. Mike may have a goofy name and proclaim themselves as "the greatest band" buuut you know. They're working at it and I like their song "Dolly." Check it out and two more songs at their MySpace.

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Steven said...

Website of General Mindy can be found @
Btw, General Mindy is from Belgium.