Friday, September 29, 2006

Electro Force

It's a good formula. 1 boy+1 girl=good fun. Add in some sampling, computer mixing mayhem, and some distorted girl vocals and you have the creative stylings of Tiger Force. They're playing a free show tonight in London at Catch 22 with The Bleeps.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Castle Hassle

Oh Canada, how I love thee! Crystal Castles is straight outta Toronto. Named after She-Ra's castle, he lays down beats as a background for her to sing, mic test, or scream. I definitely need their vinyl for remixing powers. Check out BiBaBiDi's interview with them.

Atlantis to Interzone (Crystal Castles remix of the Klaxons)

Late Comer

Yeah, I know, I'm a little late on this one. Shortwave Set peaked my interest when I read an article that described them like this:

"Made from an assortment of Deptford market junk and 50p charity shop tunes, fed into a dilapidated laptop, what has emerged are a bunch of uniquely beguiling, off kilter hangover classics. "

The Brits' album The Debt Collection came out in 2005, but it looks like it's only available as an import, so I don't feel too awful about not getting with it until now. Hear some more here.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Make This Airborne

During my first listen to Airborne Toxic Event, I hear the voice. The low, beautiful voice reminds me of Alex Kapranos, and I love it. Then the drums beckon my feet to move. The slower songs make me think more 80's, perhaps Cure or The Smiths. Their name is from a book by Don Delillo called White Noise, and they come from the mighty Mexifornia (you'll only get that if you watch SNL). They'll be playing at CMJ in November, so get out there and see them before they get signed.

Does This Mean You're Moving On?

Rare Fare

Power house Electrelane has just released a B-Sides, Rarities, & Live album on Too Pure. Too Pure is a great label boasting releases from such acts as PJ Harvey, Tracy & the Plastics, and Stereolab. Electrelane also just finished writing a new album this summer in Germany and are recording now in Michigan. Their last album was so great it got them on the cover of WIRE magazine, you know the indie/noise/hip kids guide to music mag.

Long Dark

I'm On Fire

Spartakiade (not on the collection, but not widely released)

Thanks to Juliette Robert for the pic from her beautiful collection.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Lo Siento

Sorry dudes my internet has been sparse this last week. It's getting harder to find time to make a decent post so uhh here's a bunch of mp3s I just can't write up right now.

The Hidden Cameras-Death of a Tune
Russian Circles-Death Rides a Horse

The Grates-19-20-20
Canada-Record Function
Punks-Dark Mountain (Screwed Remix)

Peter & the Wolf-Safe Travels
Asobi Seksu-Strawberries (Cassettes Won't Listen Remix)

Shiny Toy Guns-Starts With One

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Olympia's The Gossip are taking North Texas by storm today. DON'T miss their instore at Good Records today at 2 PM and if you feel like having an awesome time, make the drive up to Hailey's in Denton to see them play with the excellent Swan Island (not Swan Lake) and Mika Miko.
See you there!

The Gossip-Listen Up! [VIDEO]
The Gossip-Are U That Somebody (Aaliyah cover)
Swan Island-The Centre Will Hold
Mika Miko-Capricorinations

Friday, September 22, 2006


You've probably most definitely heard noise of Klaxons. In case you haven't, here it is. They're three British kids making "neu-rave" but I don't really get that tag. I think it's just hopped up dance punk with an art school twist. They're all about the bright colors and crap, so I guess maybe that's where the rave thing comes in?
Their debut US EP Xan Valleys comes out October 6th on Modular. Here's the video for "Gravity's Rainbow"

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


So...Joanna Newsom and Smog played last night. I'm not gonna say a whole lot because you can find reviews everywhere, but if you want a healthy, chunky and tasty review, check out Urban Pollution. Joanna was cute and played a few new songs like "Emily" and "Sawdust and Diamonds."
I feel sorry for everyone who left after Joanna finished. The Parish was packed to capacity for her set, and dwindled to under 50. Joanna continued to play with Smog on piano (as you can see above) and Smog played a great set with new and old stuff.

ALSO yesterday we were blessed to see Cat Power do a taping for Austin City Limits. She was fantastic! She played about 20 songs and while most of them were the same ones and in the same order she played them in on Friday and Sunday, she was the true star. She was funny and talked to the audience inbetween songs, and continued dancing like she had been doing. She had a mini meltdown while trying to perform "The House of the Rising Sun" but she got over it and finally played the song through beautifully. It was interesting to see how TV was made too.

And tonight we're seeing The Blow at Emo's! What an amazing weekend. Then it'll be time to go home, back to real life.
Architecture in Helsinki-Nevereverdid (YACHT Remix)
Architecture in Helsinki-Do the Whirlwind (YACHT Remix)

Monday, September 18, 2006

It's All Happening in Austin

Just found out through that Joanna Newsom will be opening for Smog tonight in Austin at the Parish. This is super exciting news, because I missed Smog playing in Dallas and uhhh Joanna Newsom? Thanks. She's rented a harp apparently and will play her own set and then join Smog on stage. Doors will be about 9 PM I think so get there fast!

Yesterday was the last day of ACL and it was pretty sweet. We started out with The Stills, got some Black Angels, hung around for the super cute Scandanavian Husky Rescue, Jose Gonzalez and finally the New Pornographers, who were amazing. We were so happy that Neko Case was there, because it pretty much made the set. They tore through a lot of Twin Cinema with a lot of the older stuff too.

Then we headed on over to Stubb's to take in Cat Power and the Memphis Rhythm Band's awesomeness. Much the same set as Saturday, but the impromptu "Crazy" became a full fledged cover. Sorry I don't have a recording for you, replete with expletives. Chan was amazing, dancing all over, talking back and forth with the audience and such. Lightning was impending and they were wanting her to get off the stage so lightning didn't hit the audience or her. She kept on playing though, covering "The House of the Rising Sun" and talking some more. She wants to do an ad campaign for O'Doul's apparently.

Anyway have a good monday!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Great Snowbird and the Chinese Butterfly Brigade

Tonight is Sufjan's second and last night playing at the gorgeous Paramount Theater. The theater itself is lush with amazing sound and a very classy atmosphere. It was very nice to sit down in a reserved seat after a long day at the Festival. (No pictures from the show as we were pretty far away and didn't want to disturb the atmosphere with flash, plus most of my live pics usually suck anyway)

Shara Worden a.k.a. Colin Meloy's New Favorite Band a.k.a. My Brightest Diamond opened again and was fantastic. She played most of the same songs as Dallas, with a chilling version of "We Were Sparkling."

Sufjan was fantastic again, again playing most of the same stuff as in Dallas. Although he did play "That Was the Worst Christmas Ever" and a new one "Great Snowbird." You may have noticed the title of this post, which was the name Sufjan said they were playing under that night.

Can't wait for tonight and you bet I'll tell you how it turned out.


Sorry I'm the worst live blogger ever. You wouldn't want to hear me tell you how hot it is anyway. The festival has been kinda...not so awesome this year. After shows? Oh yeah. Saw Sufjan and Shara again last night. It was nice sitting down even though I almost fell asleep after a long day of festing. Anyway I'll try and make a better post later...

EDIT: Here's what I liked about days one and two.

DAY 1:
Wolf Parade-never seen em before but they brought the energy. And so did the girl screaming all the lyrics ferociously and throwing her arm up in the air. Rep it grrrl.

Chan Marshall-So intensely cute. She was late to the show because she'd been watching Gnarls Barkley, I'd been waiting since Wolf Parade to see her. She crawled onto the stage so no one could see her and proceeded to dance the set away. She was posing for the photographers and bloggers holding up digital cameras like no other, smacking her booty and sticking her tongue out. And when they were all gone she and her band did an impromptu cover of "Crazy" including the re-worked chorus of "You're f***ing crazy....I'm f***ing crazy." Can't wait to see her tomorrow night at Stubb's and then hopefully at her taping of Austin City Limits (the TV show)

DAY 2:
The SBC "Oasis" Tent-Falling asleep has never felt so relieving

Watching Ben Kweller on TV in Said Tent-The native Texan got a nose bleed before he came on stage which he described as "like a placenta." He proceeded to play, bleeding on the stage, towels, and eventually guitar and piano. The poor duded had to ask for a tampon (which was given) and then cut his short set by thirty minutes because he couldn't make it. Get well soon dude.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

John Roderick

Tonight at Good Records in Dallas John Roderick is playing a solo set around 6 PM. I say around because Good Records isn't particularly truthful when it comes to set times, but if you're going, get there early because it'll probably be packed. Maybe. I'm not sure. Anyway he'll probably be playing a lot of Long Winters song, mostly off the new album Putting the Days to Bed I bet.

Blue Diamonds

Sufjan Does Dallas

Soo Sufjan Stevens played his first show in Dallas ever. I think he said it was only his second show in Texas. Anyway he was pretty phenomenal.I was kinda worried because of the reviews I heard from the Illinois tour, but for having fifteen people on stage, they played together very very well. Unluckily for us, getting there three hours early turned out for bad pictures of Sufjan. His music stand/mic stand blocked our vision of him. Oh well it was still fantastic. He played just about all my favorites, especially the orchestrated version of "The Transfiguration."

Also, Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) opened and she was incredible! Her voice astonishes me every time I see her. She had a coupleof violin players with her which helped the songs come alive in a live setting. This was probably her first show in Dallas in four years CC said, so it was good to see her come home to such fanfare.

My Brightest Diamond-Something of An End

Sufjan Stevens-Sister Winter

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Tonight Sufjan and Shara hit Dallas (The Big D?)to play a show before heading off to Austin this weekend to play TWO shows. Lucky us, we're going to all three. No we're not stalking, I promise. Anyway just rubbing it in your face. If I don't update much this weekend I'll blame it on "heat exhaustion" but I'm gonna try and update daily.

Or maybe we'll see you there tonight? Just don't embarass us by telling everyone online when we don't dance.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wolfgang Remixed

You might remember my post on the robot pop singer Wolfgang, and now he's back, in an altered state. His first single "Not in Love (Not True)" has been remixed by Chris Rubix of the Atomics. The song keeps the vocals in tact but grooves up the backing track, fitting in perfectly in any Friday night dance playlist.

Wolfgang-Not in Love (Not True) [Atomics French Discoteque Remix]
Here's the original in case you missed it.
Wolfgang-Not in Love (Not True)

There will be a 12" of all remixes of the song (Rubix is working on another version, and Brooklyn's Ladycréme will also be contributing a mix), but for now, buy the 7" or EP for "Not in Love (Not True)" from Hypnote Recording Concern. You can also buy the EP from Insound.

New Releases

TV on the Radio's sophomore album exceeds expectations, unleashing a beast many hadn't expected. Return to Cookie Mountain is a collection of chugging tunes, some with marching band beats, shout-out choruses, and overall kind of a shoegazing type of wonderful.

The Black Keys' Magic Potion continues on in the vein of past albums like Rubber Factory and Thickfreakness. If you've seen the band loud, you know what kind of power they harness, even if a little of it is lost in production, it's still there. You can hear it in the tunes, a blues ghost that won't go away.
Your Touch

I haven't heard but the two songs Matador put up from Yo La Tengo's new album I am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass. I'm relatively new when it comes to the band and am not well versed in their past work, but have liked what I've heard, and I like both these tracks and want to hear more.
Beanbag Chair
Bury the Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind

Time is upon us for The Rapture. Their new album Pieces of the People We Love has a lot of expectations to follow after their now classic Echoes. In case you've been sleeping all summer, here's the first single off the album, and I think the best song. Also check out "The Devil." Catch them on tour if you can with the Presets.

The Rapture-Get Myself Into It

I've said more than enough about Xiu Xiu's The Air Force. Just do the right thing.
Boy Soprano
Hello From Eau Claire Video #1
Hello From Eau Clair Video #2

You can buy all of these new releases at Insound.

Monday, September 11, 2006

But I've Got No Talent

It's a long week ahead of us so why don't we start it off energetically eh?

Good Shoes-All in My Head
Good Shoes are another British band vying for your attention. Frantic vocals over skittery guitars yadda yadda yadda you've heard it. Good Shoes take that and amplify it in every possible way, as shown in their new single "All in My Head." Don't believe me? Check out the song or even better, the video. Here's what the director Saam Farahmandtold NME what the video's about:
"It's inspired by a girl called Natasha Dixon from school. She said she would never go out with me because I was a scruffy indie boy and had no skills. In this video I wanted to show her that indie boys do have skills so if you're reading this Natasha, I want you to know I have skills. Well actually, the band have, but I filmed it."

They haven't released anything stateside, but if you wanna pay in pounds, check out HMV.

Down in the Basement

4 lads from Northen Ireland make up The Basement. Their songs have both country and rock leanings and have me drawing comparisons to the Old 97's on one song and Wilco on another. I have to say, though, each song left me wanting more. Their debut album Illicit Hugs and Playground Thugs is available as an import here in the states.

I Just Caught a Face (video)

Here some more on their myspace page.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Summertime Cowboy

With a name like Husky Rescue they've got to be great. I'd heard the name thrown around but until I heard "Summertime Cowboy" I wasn't interested. The singer's fragile-sounding voice, more like a bird cooing, is swallowed up in the 60's guitar struts. Sort of reminds me of Goldfrapp covering Nancy Sinatra. They're from Finland so the Scandinavian thing definitely still applies.
Lucky for me, Husky Rescue's going to be part of next weekend's Austin City Limits Festival. I haven't written as much on it as I did last year, but Janet from Out the Other is still taking on every artist playing at the festival and writing them up. Check it out if you're going. Here's her write-up on Husky Rescue with a couple more mp3s.

Husky Rescue-Summertime Cowboy (Serge Santiago Re-Edit)
Mocky also remixed the song which you can still get at The Rich Girls Are Weeping.
Buy their album Country Falls.

Extra added bonus hotness: Mylo-Drop the Pressure (Rex the Dog Remix)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Upcoming Films

I'm a pretty big film geek. Mostly fueled by a course last year on French and Italian cinematic histories, I easily consider myself a movie-watcher. I try and watch a movie a day, if not two. So I'm pretty psyched by these two upcoming movies, and then some music from their trailers. You've undoubtedly heard about both of them so this is nothing new.

Marie Antoinette (trailer) may be historically inaccurate, but I can safely bet it's going to be gorgeous. Luscious scenery, colors, costumes, and pastries all look like it's going to be a great one. I'm in love with Sofia Coppola, mostly The Virgin Suicides. I'm intrigued with her take on Antoinette as a rebel of her time, and using music from the 80s and today to set the mood. New Order, Gang of Four, and Coppola's boyfriend's band Phoenix will all be showcasing tunes in the movie, plus some Bow Wow Wow for good measure.
Gang of Four-Natural's Not In It
New Order-Ceremony
Marie Antoinette is out October 20th.

Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep (trailer)is just gonna be amazing. With Gondry's past work in music videos and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as references, this one's gonna be a winner. I'd wanted to see it at Sundance, from only seeing the photo above of Mexican actor Gael Garcia-Barnal in giant hands. Throw in Serge Gainsbourg's daughter as the love interest and you've got yourself an indie sensation, right? His upcoming film Be Kind Rewind sounds hilarious too.
Death Cab for Cutie-Your Heart is an Empty Room
The Strokes-Fear of Sleep
The Science of Sleep is out September 22nd.

What movies are you psyched to see this fall? Which ones have dazzled you so far this year?

Someone to Drive You Home

It's about time for another Long Blondes post, no? Well this'll be short. Just wanted to squeal in delight that their debut album is going to be released November 9th! That seems too soon! And still far away. The album's going to be called Someone to Drive You Home, was produced by Steve Mackey and will be put out by legendary Rough Trade Records. Woohoo!

Check them out you lucky Brits:
1 Norwich Arts Centre
2 Stoke Sugarmill
4 Manchester Academy 3
5 Leeds Cockpit
7 Newcastle Northumbria University
9 Aberdeen Lemon Tree
10 Glasgow Oran Mor
11 Belfast Speak Easy
12 Dublin Crawdaddy
13 Liverpool University
15 Oxford Zodiac
16 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
17 London Mean Fiddler
18 Cambridge Junction
22 Cardiff CF10 University
23 Bristol Thekla
26 Brighton Concorde 2
27 Southampton Joiners
28 Birmingham Academy 2
29 Sheffield The Foundry

In case you missed it, I posted a load of Long Blondes demos a couple weeks ago.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Happy Happy Birthday

Today marks the birth of 3 very important people (to me). First, it's our sister's. She's the coolest 20-something mom I know. She and I didn't get along as kids, but now, we are best friends. I really couldn't have asked for better.

Next, Neko Case turns 36. She's really become a huge part of my repertoire. Her music is the soundtrack to many a road trip. My boss says she could change the face of music. Her grandmother is Wanda Jackson, the first lady of rock-n-roll.

Finally, Aimee Mann is 46 today. It was hard not to fall in love with her from the first whirl of her Bachelor No.2 record. Then, when I saw her live, I fell hook, line, & sinker. How does that huge, gorgeous voice come out of that little body with what looks like very little effort? She has a new christmas album coming out called One More Drifter in the Snow. She starts her tour at the Austin City Limits Festival.

Neko Case - If You Knew

Neko Case - Train From Kansas City

Aimee Mann- I Was Thinking I Could CleanUp
For Christmas

Aimee Mann-The Christmas Song

( )

I'm kind of mad at you guys. How did I go a week or something without this song? And nobody told me how awesome it was? There were no e-mails sent to me saying "OMG this song is amazing" or "this song makes me feel silly and grammatical and I don't care" with the song in the attachments? Oh well I'm over that now and I'm here to tell YOU how amazing this song is. Forget "Pile of Gold." I mean seriously. "All the girls are sittin' on a pile of gold," Khaela? Weak. Gimme "something in the deli aisle/makes you cry/of course I'll put my arm around you and I'll walk you outside." Jona, the drumming on this track is fantastic too.

Paper Television is out October 24th. In the mean time you can catch them on tour with Architecture in Helsinki OR if you're in Portland tonight you can catch them at this super awesome show, part of Music Fest Northwest.

The Kingdom
The Blow
The Like Young
$8, 8 PM at Holocene


I'd been waiting a while to talk about may favorite band (I said it) the Decemberists' new song "Summersong" that was premiered on Pitchfork. I didn't wanna listen to it before I got the whole album but my curiosity got the better of me. And I figure that now summer's almost over I can talk about it.
"Summersong" sounds exactly like something off of their original EP Five Songs. It sounds like a mix between "Oceanside" and "Shiny" and "Angel Won't You Call" more than anything off of Her Majesty or Castaways & Cutouts and especially Picaresque. I guess it sounds sort've Castaways than the other two. So older sounding. This excites me to no end. The song is the mourning of the end of summer, and while I'm more than happy to see fall arriving it's still a very nice sentiment.

If you've been holding out too, maybe now you'll stop waiting and enjoy it!
The Decemberists-Summersong

Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's Me, Xiu Xiu

You guys remember Xiu Xiu? Yeah it's been a long time since you found their LP The Air Force online. Well now's the time to buy the actual CD, okay? Artwork, jewel case and everything. Thanks. On September 12th, I hope you have the time to get it!
Here's the video for "Boy Soprano"

And/or see them on tour.
Preorder The Air Force on CD or LP from Insound.

Oh and some news on Deerhoof! Their new album Friend Opportunity will be coming out January 23, 2007! Amazing I can't wait.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where She Goes She Stops

Horse Feathers' debut album Words Are Dead is about to be released September 26th. Out of all the bands being pushed on you why should you choose them? Simply, you'll fall for them. Singer Justin Ringle kind of sounds like the lovechild of Sam Beam and Will Oldham, with a terrific volume that fills a room easily, coming down again to sound smaller than anything. Rustic guitar picking matched a dirgeful cello and violin, and occasionally a gentle banjo back Ringle's voice, creating songs that won't stop haunting you.

Walking & Running

Words Are Dead is released September 26th on Lucky Madison (home of Talkdemonic and Point Juncture, WA).


I'm kinda sorta really late to the game when it comes to Grizzly Bear. I remember the buzz surrounding their album Horn of Plenty and the accompanying remix album featuring tunes tweaked by Final Fantasy and Simon Bookish. Their new album and first for Warp Records Yellow House was a slow burner for me. I'm not gonna lie: it was hard to listen to. The tunes were slow and I'd have rather swum through molasses. Standout tracks like "On a Neck, On a Spit" and "Knife" definitely helped me come around. It's not my favorite record of 2006, but it does have it's moments.

On a Neck, On a Spit

Yellow House is out today. Buy it at Insound.

As if you didn't hear, they're touring with TV on the Radio this fall so be sure to check that out.

Who Doesn't Love Puppies?

Hot Puppies are a 5 piece from the UK who remind me a bit of Sons and Daughters with the staccato guitar and driving drum beat. It may not be an accurate comparison, but I did enjoy them at first and second listen. Others have said zombie surf. I say I hear a little Gwen-y. If you don't enjoy Gwen, then I think you're too hip to enjoy some good pop. It's no matter, because I think you'll enjoy Hot Puppies none the less.

Buy their latest album Under The Crooked Moon or the limited edition 7 inch "Green Eyeliner"at Fierce Panda

Green Eyeliner

Relentless (radio appearance 2004)

Terry (video in quicktime)

Monday, September 04, 2006


Mirah, one of Portland's finest experts, and one of indie's leading ladies, is about to have her butt reworked. Dozens of people have taken on the ordeal of remixing Miss Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn on her new remix album Joyride: Remixes. Remix albums seem to be pretty popular these days, from Bloc Party to Grizzly Bear, everyone likes seeing how other people can screw up huge chunks of their discography.
Well with remixers like Anna Oxygen, YACHT (1/2 of The Blow), Tender Forever, Mt. Eerie, and Khaela Maricich (the other 1/2 of The Blow) I think Mirah is in good hands.

Here's a sneak peek at the album:
Mirah-The Light (Hooliganship remix)

Joyride: Remixes is out November 21st on K Records.

Another Seven Years

I wasn't going to write about Aberdeen City because well...I hadn't heard them I guess. But I did get their CD and couldn't help but notice the René Magritte reference on the cover art. I popped in the disc and was pleasantly surprised to hear they sound more like Editors than anything else I was fearing. Minus the super-emotional vocals though. Heavy kicks and shimmery guitars? Check. Dark overtones? Got 'em.

Aberdeen City-Another Seven Years

Aberdeen City-God is Going to Get Sick of Me

Buy their Sixty Lives EP.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Not Just a Hot Vacation Spot

I know, I know, you're gonna say,"but Swan('s) Island is off the coast of Maine!" Although that maybe true, if you're very, very lucky the coolest new band may be coming to a town near you. Swan Island is a group of 5 ladies that enjoy their rock. Their new album is unlike anything you are probably listening to now. They call it "white metal," I say toe-ma-toe. Let's all decide by going to see them. I say you need this as much as I do.

Sep 4 Glass Nickel Pizza Madison, WI
Sep 5 Funky Buddha Lounge (21+) Chicago, IL
Sep 6 Old Louisville Coffee House Louisville, KY
Sep 7 Antioch College Yellow Springs, OH
Sep 8 Brillo Box (21+) Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 9 The Preston w/ Voodoo Economics Philadelphia, PA
Sep 10 Midway Cafe (21+) Jamaica Plain, MA
Sep 11 Flywheel Easthampton, MA
Sep 12 Sarah Lawrence College Bronxville, NY
Sep 13 Galapagos w/ Triple Creme Brooklyn, NY
Sep 15 Cake Shop w/ Dirty Projectors, Weird Weeds, Nat Baldwin Manhattan, NY
Sep 16 Current Baltimore, MD
Sep 17 Backyard BBQ Greensboro, NC
Sep 18 Old Asheville Glass Studio Asheville, NC
Sep 19 Drunken Unicorn w/ The Gossip, Mika Miko Atlanta, GA
Sep 20 Spanish Moon w/ The Gossip, Mika Miko Baton Rouge, LA
Sep 21 Walters w/ The Gossip, Mika Miko Houston, TX
Sep 22 Emo's w/ The Gossip, Mika Miko Austin, TX
Sep 23 Haileys w/ The Gossip, Mika Miko Denton, TX
Sep 25 Launch Pad w/ The Gossip, Mika Miko Albuquerque, NM
Sep 26 Plush w/ The Gossip, Mika Miko Tucson, AZ
Sep 27 Casbah w/ The Gossip, Mika Miko San Diego, CA
Sep 28 Troubadour w/ The Gossip, Mika Miko Los Angeles, CA
Sep 29 Glasshouse w/ The Gossip, Mika Miko Pomona, CA
Sep 30 Bottom of the Hill w/ The Gossip, Mika Miko San Francisco, CA
Oct 1 Bottom of the Hill w/ The Gossip, Mika Miko San Francisco, CA
Nov 4 Satyricon w/ Wet Confetti, Twin, Plasmic Stallion Portland, OR

Their cd's been pushed back to Oct. 24, so here are some mp3s to tide you over.

The Centre Will Hold (title track)

Night Owl

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Blow Heart Shiny Things, Need Your Help

The Blow-Pile of Gold

Submit videos here.
PS Why did no one tell me how amazing "Parentheses" is??