Friday, September 30, 2005

Young People

Young People are a good band that has just signed to Too Pure Records and will be releasing an EP October 25th called Five Sunsets in Four Days. Young People have previously released an album on 5RC, and their last album War Prayers was released on Dim Mak Records. There were three members but one of 'em dropped out. Many thought it was the end of the band but the remaining members Katie and Jarrett are going on. Which is good cuz I loves me some Young People.

Here's some older mp3's.
Ne'er Do Well
El Paso
Ron Jeremy

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Not Istanbul

Oh how I love the Decemberists. Anyone should know that and they probably do. Well seeing them three times this last weekend may have possibly may have made it one the best weekends ever? Maybe. Well this week got even better. I received a rip of the Picaresqueties EP that is featured on Side D of the band's vinyl release of their Picaresque album. You reap a reward also!
Here's the exclusive song "Constantinople" from it. Buy Picaresque and all other Decemberists vinyl releases from Jealous Butcher (who happen to be some of the nicest record labels out there).

Constantinople (follow link)


Alright so the big winner of my How Many Blisters contest is dylandarling, who correctly guessed that I got 11 blisters from Austin City Limits. I don't think I've ever had that many blisters before. So she gets herself a signed copy of the Fiery Furnaces' EP! Runners-up are Danny who guessed 10. Alright and you might moan and groan about this one but Drublood, who's young son was the target of much awing at the Decemberists show at La Zona Rosa and she said her kid would love one of the postcards. I hope no one's angry or anything because c'mon you'd be angry at a little kid and that ain't cool.

So Dylandarling, Danny and Drublood, send me your addresses at cassettetapes at and your prizes will be sent off this weekend.

This was fun and I hope I have another excuse to give away prizes soon!


Two artists from Kanine Records:
So who wouldn't love Grizzly Bear? With a name like that and a great video like the one they have for the song "Deep Sea Diver" I don't know a soul who could say they hate them. Their album Horn of Plenty is apprently pretty good.

Deep Sea Diver video High | Medium

Lonely Heart
Sure Thing

Mommy and Daddy just released an album and they are great too. I don't know much about 'em but I do like their EP Fighter Style Killer Panda. A lot.
Franconia Road

Franconia Road video

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Apparently Deerhoof's new album The Runners Four was made available on iTunes yesterday for legal downloading purposes.

Download that covers album everyone was talking about yesterday here. In case you didn't hear, a bunch of people covered Deerhoof and Kill Rock Stars put it up for downloading.

Also for downloading is the song Wrong Time Capsule.

5 Yrs

I love the kids over at the forum. As soon as I got home from Austin City Limits, I knew they would have the band's cover of Bowie's "Five Years" that they played at Stubb's and at the festival. Sure enough they did/do. Thanks much to Dorkfish.

Five Years (Live at ACL)

Did I mention that at the festival The Decemberists dedicated their song "July, July!" about crooked French Canadians to who else than the Arcade Fire? Cuz they did. Did I mention I swear I saw Apple Paltrow-Martin on the side of the stage during the Arcade Fire's set? Well apparently she was there. Pic c/o Achtung Baby!Don't forget about the contest! It ends tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


One good thing about seeing the Decemberists three times this weekend was seeing their tour support twice. I'd gotten Sons and Daughters' debut album The Repulsion Box and had given it a few listens but nothing serious. Well seeing them live changed that. I like their energy and their generally good music. Soo here's the video for their song "Dance Me In" courtesy of their label, Domino Records.

Dance Me In (Windows Media)

Fabulously Torngat

Okay so I really didn't catch much of Franz Ferdinand's set at Austin City Limits because, well, they went on straight after the Decemberists and there were a billion people there and there'd be no way I'd get to the front without being a jerk and I simply wouldn't be "feeling" their set from far away. So I stood around and heard a few classics ("Auf Achse" and "Take Me Out") and a few new ones ("What You Meant" & "Evil and a Heathen"). They still sound real good but I know it wasn't the right environment to see them. Too bad they're playing giant auditoriums on this tour.

I was also hoping that Eleanor of the Fiery Furnaces (she might be reading this cuz I told her about the contest I'd be having...) would join the Franz on stage for "Eleanor Put Your Boots Back On." I haven't heard anyone saying she has.

Anyway here's a new Franz b-side to "Do You Want To." (follow link)
Fabulously Lazy

Oh, I also found out the french horn player I mentioned in my picture post is actually Pietro Amato from Richie Arcade-Fire's side project Bell Orchestre and he's in another band Torngat. Here's an mp3 (there are more on the site)
Alberta Song

Monday, September 26, 2005

ACL Pictures

Alright I promised pictures. But when we were driving home last night I realized I hadn't really taken all that many pics of a lot of what I do have are three sets of pictures of the Decemberists, one of the Arcade Fire at Stubb's and one of the Fiery Furnaces from Saturday. I'm lazy so you can see them all here (oh and the guy in the Fiery Furnaces set sitting down is the Arcade Fire's french horn player).


Alright I'm back from Texas, sunburned and still feeling the happiness from the fest. Yesterday was probably the best day.

Anyway, yesterday I mentioned that I'd be having a contest. Well here I am going to announce it! Okay this is sort of lame but it's for a good prize. I was going to do a number between one and a hundred but i decided against it. That many people don't read my site, yeah? Anyway here it goes.

Answer the question "How many blisters did I get on my feet from the Austin City Limits festival?" and you will find yourself the owner of a signed copy of the Fiery Furnaces' latest album EP. Yep Eleanor and Matt Friedberger both signed it and I'm giving it away to you! And as a consolation prize, the runners-up (there will be two of you) will receive Decemberists postcards signed by Colin Meloy and Chris Funk. What a consolation, huh? I know. Anyway start a-guessing. I think I'll end it Thursday or Friday.

(Is this too small? Because we all know I don't have over thirty blisters on my feet...will that many people participate? If you guys think the chances are too slim tell me and I might do the 1 through 100 to give you less of a chance...wait...who would tell me that they'd want that?)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Day Tres

Alright so it's day three of ACL, probably the hottest. There isn't a cloud in the sky. It's killer. So today I've seen Rachael Yamagata who spilled beer on her monitor and some of M83's set (funny because both of those bands were the ones I wrote articles on Out the Other's ACL previews. Coming up today are Doves, Rilo Kiley (who are playing right now..I can hear 'em), Kaiser Chiefs, Arcade Fire, the Decemberists and Franz Ferdinand. Bound to be the best day yeah.

Yesterday I caught the Fiery Furnaces signing in the Waterloo tent. Lucky for us, the FF's had brought vinyl copies of their new record Rehearsing My Choir along with them. So I got them to sign that. Stay tuned because tomorrow when I get back to Utah I'll be announcing a contest that may or may not have to do with the Fieries.

The Sons and Daughters, Decemberists and Built to Spill were at La Zona Rosa last night. I enjoyed the S&D's set again (I found out too late that they'd filled in for Missy Higgins yesterday around noon at the festival). The Decemberists were superb again. They had us all sit down and said they'd see how it worked today. It'll be interesting. Other highlights include Colin singing "A Cautionary Tale" to a small kid in the front row (if you've heard the song you'll find it funny I hope). He also let the kid play his guitar for a bit during the infamous duel part of "The Chimbley Sweep." I'm really glad I've had so many chances to see them this weekend because they're so entertaining. I didn't stick around for Built to Spill. I've heard one CD and someone said they were pretty boring yesterday at the festival and we were tired.

EDIT: It's 6:45 and Franz Ferdinand is on. Caught some of Arcade Fire's set and all of the Decemberists. They were great. Expect a giant super picture post tomorrow of ACL and all the other aftershows and stuff.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

ACL Day #2

Okay I haven't had time to read other blogs to see if they're writing about ACL or anything. Am I the only loser? Anyway.

So yesterday was good, besides hearing about a few people dropping out. I got to see a few people, the best of which were Mates of State and Spoon. I also went and got Spoon to sign a opy of Kill the Moonlight. Too cool.

Last night was the Black Keys/Arcade Fire show at Stubb's. Simply phenomenal. The opening band was from Austin called What Made Milwaukee famous. They were nervous but did a good job. Good pop. Black Keys came on and blew the roof off the roofless venue. Those two guys make a lot of sound. Arcade Fire came on, everyone went nuts. It was probably one of the best band-audience events. Pretty much everyone was screaming the lyrics back at the band. The band did their usual antics and even did Bowie's "Five Years." I hope someone recorded it. Win said that he and Will had grown up in Houston and they felt awful about Rita. Did I mention the Decembrists cancelled their Houston show? So did M83 and a bunch of people.

Okay well I can't upload pictures yet because I left my cord in Utah. D'oh. Tonight is Sons and Daughters, The Decemberists, and Built to Spill. This afternoon is Death Cab, Fiery Furnaces, and a bit of Bloc Party. The Decemberists show on Thursday in Ft Worth was great, I'll write about it later.

I hope everyone at the fest is staying hydrated. It's effing hot out there. And come to the SBC tent. It's a real nice and that's where I'm updating from.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Callin' 'Em Out

I'm here at ACL. It's real hot. There's a bunch of pansies that dropped out because of Hurrican Rita. This includes: The Ditty Bops, Tegan and Sara, Nine Black Alps, and several others. They are all wussies. I publicly denounce them here and now.

I saw the Decemberists and Sons and Daughters in Ft. Worth last night. Both put on a good show. The Decemberists had to cancel their show in Houston but said they would be braving ACL. What good people. Their drummer John Moen also revealed that the band has severe B.O. problems. Good to know.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mountain Goats 7"

A long long time ago a record label called Sub Pop started what they called a Singles Club. No this wasn't for eligible bachelors and bachelorettes to mix and mingle, but for bands to release a 7" with exclusive material. Many bands participate including Nirvana, Afghan Whigs, Fugazi, Dwarves, Reverend Horton Heat, Ween, Jesus and Mary Chain, Lou Barlow, Modest Mouse, etc etc etc

Well on of the bands that contributed to the singles club and has, since then, become one of the biggest indie unerdogs were The Mountain Goats. Their untitled single was pressed on "gorgeous half-purple/half-marbled mustard" vinyl. Mm delicious. Well here it is in a more tangible form.

follow the links on these puppies.
Jam-Eater Blues
Straight Six

Monday, September 19, 2005


If you're going to Austin City Limits this weekend like me, you might be interested in the schedule of artists signing autographs in the Waterloo Records tent throughout the weekend.
See the whole schedule on their website.

Cat Power Covers

So basically everyone knows that Chan Marshal (aka Cat Power) can throw down mean covers. She put out a whole album of 'em, in fact. She's amazing. This fall she'll be performing that album, The Covers Record at England's Don't Look Back Festival.

Well here we have two tracks. One is the well-known, oft-covered and oft-hated song "Wonderwall." Marshall strips it down, removes the teen angst that the Gallagher boys screeched about in the original and turns it into a more thoughtful tune. It's along the lines of her cover of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction."

Marshall also took on Tom Waits when she sang his song "Yesterday is Here." She turns it into something that sounds like it could've come straight off Moon Pix. That's the thing about Marshall; these songs aren't other people's songs. As soon as she plays them they become her's in a fashion. She makes them fit to her liking.
Yesterday is Here

This last one was a b-side to her single for "Nude as the News." This is twocovers in one. "Schizophrenia's Weighted Me Down" combines elements of Sonic Youth's "Schizophrenia" and Alexander "Skip" Spence's "Weighted Down (the Prison Song)."
Schizophrenia's Weighted Me Down

PJ Harvey B-sides

I like this site a lot. Mostly because they have B-sides from all of the singles from PJ Harvey's last two albums, Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea and Uh Huh Her. Both are exceptional albums and all of these b-sides are magnificent too. The website also has lots of informative stuff about PJ.

Annie and Metric

What do Annie and Metric have in common? Well, female singers for one. Danceable. One-word names. Oh and they both have new music videos.

ANNIE-"Chewing Gum"
Windows | Quicktime | Real

METRIC-"Monster Hospital"
Windows | Quicktime

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Franz B-Sides

You can go to this little mini-site for Franz Ferdinand's upcoming single "Do You Want To" and hear one minute clips from three new b-sides and an acoustic version of "What You Meant," which will all come out on two CDs and a 7". One of the songs even features bassist Bob Hardy's singing debut.

I don't know if this even warrants an entire post...I'm making lots of posts these days.

M.I.A. Covers Kaiser Chiefs

I found this MP3 of M.I.A. covering the Kaiser Chiefs' "Everyday I Love You Less and Less" on BBC's Radio 1. This is one of the most unlikely covers I've ever heard buut it happened. I guess it happened earlier this month before the Mercury Prize.

M.I.A.-Everyday I Love You Less and Less (follow link)
Watch the entire performance here.

Related, Chris saw M.I.A. in Austin last night.


So Xiu Xiu is good, yeah? And well all know Jamie Stewart is a pretty productive guy. He's had an album come out this year, a split 7" with Devendra Banhart and he's got some other stuff up his sleeve. I just found out about a new album he made with the Italian experimental group Larsen. Well they collaborated on the CD, Ciautistico!, even going as far as to call themselves XXL (Xiu Xiu Larsen). Here's the info:

"Ciautistico! is the debut album from XXL (Xiu Xiu Larsen), a collaboration between the Italian experimental cult band Larsen and James Stewart's mutated-pop project Xiu Xiu. Both groups consider their joint creative clash as a new band in itself more than just an occasional collaboration as it has been already proved by the succesful sold-out theater performances in Italy by XXL."

The website also states that the two groups will continue to work together and release more music under the name XXL.

Ciautistico! is supposed to be out Sept. 20 and will be available on Imporant Records for $12, and they also have three audio samples from the album. Chek 'em out.

DJ Spooky Video

Alright we already have a video of the weekend but this one is pretty durn good I haven't heard much about DJ Spooky but I heard about this video on PORT, a really good site about art events in Portland. This video is amazingly...spooky. Here's what PORT said.

"After a hypnotic storm of drum and bass combined with a blink-of-the-eye-quick reel of changing international flags and symbols (interspersed with question marks) on three large screens, the film dipped into the opening cards from DW Griffith's 1915 film The Birth of a Nation. For those unfamiliar with this work, it was the first feature-length silent film, and pioneered the "rules of grammar" film continues to follow today. "The Birth of a Nation" was also used as a Ku Klux Klan recruitment film through the 1960's and takes a Confederate view of events surrounding the Civil War."
It's only a clip buuut you know that's how things go.
DJ Spooky-ReBirth of a Nation (Quicktime)

Frog Eyes on CBC

I've only just recently gotten into Frog Eyes. They are good. This is their CBC Radio session from 2004. Many thanks to this fansite for hosting these.
For fans of: Xiu Xiu

The Fox Speaks to His Wife Who is Not Quite Sure

Our Lordship Has Devised a New Billing System
Masticated Outboard Motors
The Putrid Dawn is Only For Us
A Latex Ice Age
Ship Destroyer
I Like Dot Dot Dot
New Soft Motherhood Alliance


This weekend's DOH-endorsed video is Stellastarr*'s new vid for their single off their new album Harmonies for the Haunted.

Watch it here in Quicktime.

Speaking of Stellastarr*, Torr is having himself a little ol' Stellastarr* contest full of goodies.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Men, Women and Children

Men, Women and Children, possibly kin to Sons and Daughters are one of those impossible-to-Google bands. The name alone! Anyway they are from New York (I think) and they make fun music that sorta reminds me of U.S.E. with more guitars and less synths.

I am being lame today with my updates. My apologies. I am also a liar and probably won't be going to see Tracy tonight. Laaaame.

Dance in My Blood
Lightning Strikes Twice in NY

Oh and they're touring with Gang of Four this fall.
* w/ Gang of Four
9/29 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI*
9/30 Pearl Street, Northampton, MA*
10/3 Theatre Of The Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA*
10/4 Mr Small's Theatre, Millvale, PA*
10/5 Sonar, Baltimore, MD*
10/6 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC*
10/8 Earthlink Live, Atlanta, GA*
10/10 House Of Blues, New Orleans, LA*
10/11 Meridian, Houston, TX*
10/12 Emo's, Austin, TX*
10/13 Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas, TX*
10/15 Gothic Theatre, Englewood, CO*
10/16 Great Salt Air, Magna, UT*
10/18 Marquee Theatre, Tempe, AZ*
10/19 House Of Blues, San Diego, CA*
10/20 Avalon, Hollywood, CA*
10/21 House Of Blues, Anaheim, CA*

Decemberists at Skywalker Ranch

So earlier in the week YANP had video of the Decemberists' Jenny Conlee and Chris Funk battling with lightsabers in the middle of "The Chimbley Sweep" and Colin mentioned that they had visited Skywalker Ranch that day. Well now there are pictures!

View the Flickr album

Previously: The Decemberists Take Chewie on Tour

So tonight I'm hoping I find myself watching Tracy + the Plastics at Kilby Court. They're playing with some band called Kleveland. I dunno. I have to find a bus route. Utah has an awful public transportation website. Very un-user-friendly. I look up the venue's address and they give me a hospital. Is that some sort of joke?


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Iron and Wine Rarities

Alright so who doesn't love Iron and Wine? Who wouldn't want Sam Beam to sing them to sleep? I don't know of anyone that fits those descriptions. Beam's split/collaborative EP with Calexico In the Reins was just released yesterday. I think it's alright but I don't know, I'm a bit impartial to Beam's music sounding so full. I like his raw sound better. Very lullaby-y.

Here's some Iron and Wine tracks you may or may not have, but you certainly should own.
Hungry Blackbirds
Birds Stealing Bread (Live at the Bottom of the Hill 3/24/03)
Mr. Soul (Live at Meow Meow 12/11/04)
Peng! 33 (Stereolab cover)
Waitin' for a Superman (Flaming Lips cover)
Your Blue Eyes
Loud as Hope
In Your Own Time

Rodent in the Title

Soo this band is called Tone Rodent. I don't know much about them except for their biography. They're from St Louis and have been around since 1999. They've played with bands like The Fall, The Octopus Project, Low-Flying Owls and other peeps. They have mp3's to download on MySpace (I can't ever figure out that place...) buuut from what I've found they seem pretty good. Comparisons range. Here's a fan's review from when they opened for the Octopus Project:

"The first band [TONE RODENT] kinda reminded me of a spacemen3 thing, no chord changes, very drony and repetitive. the perfect introduction for the unpredictable electrofreakout explosion of the octopus project."

I dunno seems alright. Maybe nothing spectacular but worth looking into. They have a CD for sale, it's only $5 if you buy it from them...

Bosque Brown

Bosque Brown (aka Mara Lee Miller) is from Stephenville, TX, a small town in the middle of nowhere. According to her biography she was discovered by singer-songwriter Damien Jurado. The story is pretty cute.
"Mara was discovered by the folk singer Damien Jurado in late 2002 during a tour that passed through Texas. After Jurado's set, Mara's husband Ryan handed him some of the home recordings that she had been working on while she shyly waited in another room, hoping that Jurado might offer some constructive criticism to help her hone her craft."

She was then introduced to Burnt Toast Vinyl (Saxon Shore, Unwed Sailor, Denison Whitmer), who would go on to release Miller's album Bosque Brown Plays Mara Lee Miller. Cute, huh?

Went Walking
You Said

Tour dates:
15 September : Philadelphia. Circle East/Circle Thrift 2007-09 Frankford Ave w/ Soporus (Matthew and Will from Saxon Shore)
16 September : New York City. Rockwood Music Hall (CMJ)
30 September : Dallas, TX. Gypsy Tea Room. New Music Festival w/ Spitfire Tumbleweeds, Super Love Attack, Pleasant Groove and more
2 October : Denton, TX. Dan's Silverleaf w/ Two Gallants
28 October : Denton, TX. Hailey's w/ John Vanderslice
7 November : Dallas, TX. The Cavern w/ Unwed Sailor

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Ssion are hilarious. I saw them opening for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs...last year? Anyway. It's said "shun" like "percuSSION." Hailing from Kansa, they aren't exactly what you'd think would come from there. One man and two women dressed up in chicken and cow costumes running around on stage singing on top of speakers, each other, all while bizarre images flash on a projector screen behind. Cody Critcheloe is the main man of the band. He writes the songs, sings lead vocals and makes the videos that they perform to. Overall they are a very energetic, entertaining band worth seeing and hearing. They released a 7" this spring called World's Worth.

Smells Like Teen Spirits
What Makes a Man Start a Band?
Call Out Our Lions
I Think I Got Something to Prove

Vid o' the Day

Alright so here is my favorite video that I've seen today. It's for the Liars' "There's Always Room on the Broom." It's only a fanmade video but it's really awesome. It's kinda hard to believe it's not official.


Devendra on KCRW

Remember my post about Devendra yesterday? Well if you liked him or liked him before that you might like this.

You can downloaded Devendra's May 2004 performance on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic right here.

You can watch it here. (RealPlayer required)


Aqui is...well Aqui is different and strange. The leader singer, Stephonik looks like the female version of Stephen Tyler with her giant mouth.They seem like one of those bands that you just have to see live or you haven't really heard them. Their label Ace Fu's biography says:

"The AQUI live show is jaw dropping. Replete with a home-brewed light show, they invade lofts, basements, art spaces, parking lots and more traditional venues where they are now starting to headline. Stephonik whirls possessed through the crowd, as if in midst of exorcism, eyes rolling, her body at the mercy of freestyles and rock arias that channel the spirit of Whitman, Mephistopheles, and Iggy Pop. Dressed in her own designs, she is a cartoon character-disturbingly real-part boy, part woman, part siren, part lion."

Soo to me it sounds a little Yeah Yeah Yeahs, except a more confrontational and spastic (is it possible?) Yes I'm sure it is. They were going to be on tour this fall with Acid Mothers Temple but it seems that they've pulled out.

As the Blade Dips Down
Karl Marx-Keep it Thoro (ft Aqui)

Check It Out

Make sure you mosey on over to You Ain't No Picasso today because he's video and MP3's of The Decemberists covering ELO's "Mr Blue Sky," Lightsaber duels and more goodness that happened at their kick-off show in San Francisco for this fall's "Flight of the Mistle Thrushes" tour. It seems like the band has reste and are ready to keep on becoming one of everybody's favorite touring bands. Here's their tourdates for this fall (I get to see them three times next weekend!! I'm so excited):
14 - Los Angeles, CA @ Henry Fonda Theater w/ Sons and Daughters, Petra Haden's Sell Out Choir, a/a
16 - Pomona, CA @ Glass House w/ Sons and Daughters, a/a
17 - Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theater w/ Sons and Daughters, a/a
18 - Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee Theater w/ Sons and Daughters, a/a
20 - Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theater w/ Sons and Daughters, a/a
21 - Oklahoma, OK @ Diamond Ballroom w/ Sons and Daughters, a/a
22 - Fort Worth, TX @ Ridglea Theater w/ Sons and Daughters, a/a
23 - Houston, TX @ Engine Room w/ Sons and Daughters, Built To Spill, a/a
24 - Austin, TX @ La Zona Rosa w/ Sons and Daughters, Built to Spill, a/a
25 - Austin, TX @ Austin City Limits Festival a/a
27 - Tallahassee, FL @ Beta Bar w/ Sons and Daughters, a/a
28 - Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues w/ Sons and Daughters, a/a
29 - Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle w/ Sons and Daughters, a/a
30 - Asheville, NC @ Orange Peel w/ Sons and Daughters, 18+
October 2005
01 - Baltimore, MD @ Sonar w/ Sons and Daughters, a/a
02 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 w/ Sons and Daughters, a/a
04 - New York, NY @ Webster Hall w/ Sons and Daughters, a/a
05 - New York, NY @ Webster Hall w/ Cass McCombs, a/a
07 - Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory w/ Cass McCombs, a/a
08 - Providence, RI @ Lupos w/ Cass McCombs, a/a
09 - Northampton, MA @ Pearl Street w/ Cass McCombs, a/a
10 - Boston, MA @ Avalon w/ Cass McCombs, a/a
13 - Toronto, ONT @ Phoenix Theater w/ Cass McCombs, 19+
14 - Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall w/ Cass McCombs, a/a
15 - Cleveland, OH @ Odeon Concert Club w/ Cass McCombs
16 - St Louis, MO @ Mississippi Nights w/ Cass McCombs, a/a
18 - Chicago, IL @ Metro w/ Cass McCombs, a/a
19 - Chicago, IL @ Metro w/ Cass McCombs, 18+
20 - Madison, WI @ Orpheum Theater w/ Cass McCombs, a/a
21 - Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue w/ Cass McCombs, a/a
22 - Omaha, NE @ Sokol Hall w/ Cass McCombs, a/a
23 - Denver, CO @ Paramount Theater w/ Cass McCombs, a/a
30 - New Orleans, LA @ Vodoo Festival w/ Cass McCombs, a/a

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Vincent & Mr Green

I'm not quite sure who's Vincent and who's Mr Green of this pair. I guess it's because I see a man and a woman and not two men. Their biography says"Keefus, aka Mr. Green, was most likely raised by wolves, where he acquired a propensity to hear sounds through prisms of moonlight. Vincent, first name Jade, has traveled the world with marauding caravans of circus folk, where she had knives hurled at her by day, and sang lullabies to the freaks by night." Right.

Besides that matter, I don't know exactly what to make of them musically either. Their self-titled record "is musique noir for knife throwers, cabaret ambience for failed actresses, psychedelic hiphop for feral art critics" according to their label.

It's an interesting combination. It feels like the Dresden Dolls got huskier voices, darker, broodier music, and an MC? It's truly bizarre but the result is almost mesmerizing. Hip-hop beats over trombone and piano. I've never heard it done before.

Hear song snippets at their website.

Oh and check out this crazy 10" record for the song "Like You"

Deerhoof New

So Deerhoof's new album The Runners Four comes out October 11th and the indie collective is anticipating it day by day. I know I am. You may not be because you don't like Deerhoof. And to you I say get thee gone heathen!!

Anyway here's a new Deerhoof track from Kill Rock Stars.
Wrong Time Capsule

They also start their nationwide tour tonight in Massachusetts.

September 2005
13 - Northampton, MA @ Pearl Street
14 - Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East*
15 - New York, NY @ Cakeshop (Blue Ghost Publicity/5RC dayparty)
16 - Philadelphia, PA @ Verizon Theater @ The Kimmel Center***
17 - Richmond, VA @ University of Richmond Greek Theater****
18 - Raleigh, NC @ King's Barcode
19 - Atlanta, GA @ MJQ Drunken Unicorn Room
20 - Nashville, TN @ The End
21 - Columbia, MO @ Mojo's
22 - Grinnell, IA @ Gardener Lounge (at Grinnell College)
23 - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club (early show)
24 - Milawukee, WI @ Onopa*
25 - Chicago, IL @ Logan Square Auditorium
26 - Newport, KY @ Southgate House**
27 - Morgantown, WV @ 123 Pleasant Street
28 - Brooklyn, NY @ Northsix
October 2005
15 - San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall
26 - Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey
27 - Vancouber BC @ Richards on Richards
28 - Portland, OR @ Berbati's Pan
November 2005
08 - Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge
09 - Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot Saloon
10 - Oklahoma City, OK @ Conservatory
11 - Denton, TX @ Hailey's
12 - Houston, TX @ Mary Jane's Fat Cat
14 - Gainesville, FL @ Common Grounds
15 - Tallahassee, FL @ Club Down Under
17 - Orlando, FL @ TBA
19 - Austin, TX @ Emos
21 - Tucson, AZ @ Solar Culture
22 - Los Angeles, CA @ Echo
23 - Los Angeles, CA @ Echo (early show)

• w/ why? / Numbers / Limited Express (has gone?)
** w/ Numbers / Limited Express (has gone?)
*** w/The Roots / T.V. On The Radio

Oh Devendra

I really didn't want to like Devendra Banhart when I first heard of him. I mean seriously he's just the weird cousin of Sufjan right? Okay maybe that's going a little far. I bought his Rejoicing in the Hands album and was pleased with it much to my dismay.

I mean I'd worked hard to avoid him but when I fell into the Joanna Newsom trap I knew I would soon fall prey to Mr Banhart. And I did. And then I downloaded Cripple Crow when it leaked (yes I'm terrible) and loved it to pieces. Well Cripple Crow actually comes out today in fine record stores and I recommend we all go buy it yeah? Okay if you're not convinced here's something to bring you over to the freakfolk side.

Now That I Know
This Beard is for Sibohan
We All Know
I Feel Like a Child (via Stereogum)
Here's the music video for Devendra's song "I Feel Just Like a Child"

Monday, September 12, 2005

The Greatest!

I was way excited to read on Pitchfork that Chan Marshall aka Cat Power has finished her new and seventh album The Greatest. I cannot wait for its release. I enjoy Cat Power immensely. She's also gonna be on tour as they say, but sadly not coming near me. Alas! Ah well maybe next season.

Maybe Not
Psychic Hearts
I Found a Reason


I found out I got mentioned on USA Today's website under "Hip Clicks." That's crazy. And awesome. Umm if you've found my site through them I hope you continue to come back!

Really unrelated, Tina Fey had a baby girl!! Maya Rudolph should be poppin' any day now.

KRS Says New Too

Alright so Kill Rock Stars/5 Rue Christine sent out a newsletter last night announcing a few things. They have three releases this week.

First is the new Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice LP Buck Dharma which I mentioned in August. They even upped the mp3 I had chosen from the album to share, "I am the One I Am & He is the Caretaker of My Heart," easily the best song on the album.

Also out tomorrow is the new Numbers album We're Animals. They put up an excellent mp3 for that too, "Beast Life."

Also out is the Decemberists' Picaresque on vinyl via Jealous Butcher Records.

One of the things they mentioned that most excited me is Kill Rock Stars Radio. Exciting yeah?

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Thriftshop XL likes to remix famous people's songs or mash them up with other well known artists. Well they've done it for Franz Ferdinand's new single "Do You Want To." The mash-up also features Run DMC's "It's Tricky" and The Knac's "My Sharona." The combination is funny and original. They've also mashed up M.I.A. and remixed the Killers. Here's the results.

Do You Wanna Cuz It's Tricky?
Somebody Told Me (Thriftshop XL Remix)
Bucky Done Gone to Memphis


I'll hopefully be going to see Thanksgiving and Tom Blood tomorrow night. Thanksgiving is on Marriage Records.
He's on tour so you should go see them if you like these mp3s. He just released a self-titled 3xLP on Marriage.

(You Belong to the) Blood
Off With Your Hats
Before You Died
Now It's All Over

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Remember When?

You all might remember about a month or so ago I was doing daily updates relating to artists that would be performing at Austin City Limits? Yeah well if you do remember you have probably noticed I haven't started doing them again like I said I would. I know I'm a liar. But! I have good news. I once mentioned another blog that was doing the same thing I was but with every artist, not just the ones I like.

Well Out the Other has been very good at keeping up with all the aritsts. She's nearly finished! I wrote a guest review on Rachael Yamagata for her so that'll be up today or tomorrow so watch out for it.

In exactly two weeks we'll be in the midst of ACL! Exciting.

If you don't have tickets, you won't be there in two weeks. The tickets section of their website says that three-day passes are all sold out and so are Saturday passes. Why is Saturday sold out? Well maybe it's Aqualung, Built to Spill, The Frames, Nine Black Alps, Death Cab for Cutie, The Fiery Furnaces, The Walkmen, Bloc Party and Oasis that sold that day out. Just maybe.

Bowie and Arcade Fire @ Fashion Rocks

image via BrooklynVegan
Some of the nice kids over at the Us Kids Know forum posted the video for The Arcade Fire and Bowie performing "Wake Up" at last night's Fashion Rocks (okay it was taped a couple nights ago but aired last night)

Windows Format

Other Arcade news, they're recording their second album.
And they're gonna be on Letterman this next Wednesday (9/14).

Friday, September 09, 2005

New Vids

Wow whoring yourself on Stereogum sure does work...

Here's the new video for Sigur Ros's song "Glósóli".
Real Windows
The New Pornographers' "Use It"
Jim Yoshii Pile-Up's "Silver Sparkler"
The Faint's "Phone Call"
Wilco's "A Ghost is Born"
Bright Eyes' "Easy/Lucky/Free"

Nada Surf's "Always Love"
Quicktime The Mountain Goats' "This Year"
Windows streaming

All via, a great place for vids.

(Have you noticed this is my third post in a row that touts the word "new" in the title?)

New Franz

Well apparently the new Franz Ferdinand album has leaked...I'll try and get some songs up soon.

Here's a couple tracks I've already taken a liking to.
The Fallen
Eleanor Put Your Boots On
Walk Away (acoustic)

The album comes out October 4th. Preorder it from Amazon.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Death Cab Vid has Death Cab's new video for the song Soul Meets Body.

Arjan Writes has the B-side to Soul Meets Body,Jealousy Rides With Me."

Maybe they'll play Death Cab on The OC season premiere tomorrow.

Lackluster post, I know. I feel wiped today.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


So does anyone remember that guy Sufjan we all went bloggcrazy over a month or so ago? Yeah I do. I'm not sure if anyone else does. I mean he had some great albums...but then the acclaim avalanche stopped, Gorilla vs. Bear found something else to talk about...

Well before he was Sufjan Stevens he was in a band called Marzuki. As far as I know they released a self-titled album and an EP No One Likes a Nervous Wreck. I'm not sure if Sufjan ever sings but he does play Banjo and probably several other instruments, knowing his versatility.

You Can't Be Happy Without Me
I Love You I Hate You
Kissing the Ceiling

The Ever-Touring Voxtrot!

Alright I know I talk about them enough but what can I say, I like 'em lots. I got an e-mail from Voxtrot concerning upcoming shows, most of 'em in New York. They're playing three shows in one day! Craziness.

3PM @ Piano's [KEXP / Fuckno day party] - FREE/21+
w/ Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers, Sugar Report, The Octagon

5PM @ Tribeca Rock Club [WOXY / day party] - $7.50/$9/18+w/ The Cribs, Dios Malos, Chin Up Chin Up

11PM @ Coda [official CMJ showcase] - $10/18+
w/ Goldrush, Spartan Fidelity, Tiny Steps

SATURDAY, SEPT. 17th 3PM @ Rothko [SESAC / CMJ day party] - FREE/21+
w/ Elkland, Hot IQs, Benzos

FRIDAY, SEPT. 30th - Austin, TX @ Emo's [outside stage]

Monday, September 05, 2005


Soo lately I've been listening to one EP a lot. It's part of Austin's Post Parlo Records Home series and it's a collaboration between Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard and American Analog Set's Andrew Kenney. It's a really wonderful set of songs. I also found a couple of mp3s by Styrofoam, each song featuring one of these guys. They sound pretty decent. So here you go.

Styrofoam ft. Andrew Kenney-Front to Back
Styrofoam ft. Ben Gibbard-Couches in Alleys
Ben Gibbard-You Remind Me of Home (Live on KEXP)
Ben Gibbard & Andrew Kenney-Farmer Chords
Ben Gibbard & Andrew Kenney-Secrets of the Heart
American Analog Set-The Postman (Styrofoam's Just Like the Nineties Never Happened Mix)

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Giant Lemona

Have you ever heard of Giant Drag? Well I hadn't until today. My sister sent me their latest EP Lemona and I listened to it and loved it. Well I went a-searching for their website and I found it and lo and behold you can download clips from the EP and other songs from their website.

It reminds me a lot of early Liz Phair. I may not be the best judge of that but, hey, if you feel you've been wronged by Liz's shift towards pop since her last album, maybe you should look into Giant Drag to fill in that giant gap.

From what I understand Giant Drag consists of Annie and Micah. They'll be playing four dates with Stellastarr* and then jumping over to England to play several dates with Nine Black Alps.

09.08 Cafe Dunord w/Minipop show details
09.13 Cinespace w/Monsters are Waitingshow details
09.16 North Six w/The Icarus Line, The Rakes, Lion Fever, Pony Up! show details
09.20 Amoeba Music Hollywood show details
10.04 The T.L.A. w/Stellastarr* show details
10.05 The 9:30 Club w/Stellastarr* show details
10.06 Irving Plaza w/Stellastarr* show details
10.07 The Paradise w/Stellastarr* show details
10.17 Leeds CockpitNine Black Alps show details
10.18 Edinburgh The VenueNine Black Alps show details
10.19 Glasgow King Tut's w/Nine Black Alps show details
10.20 Newcastle Academy 2 w/Nine Black Alps show details
10.22 Liverpool Academy 2 w/Nine Black Alps show details
10.23 Manchester Academy 2 w/Nine Black Alps show details

Friday, September 02, 2005

Kanye Says...

George Bush doesn't care about black people.

Kanye's Work Out Plan
All Falls Down

Puppetbox Sounds Like...

So this morning I got an e-mail from the drummer of this band called Puppetbox. Of course I had never heard of them or actually heard them before. They're from Brooklyn and they're not very big, which is why I probably hadn't heard of them. Well I downloaded the mp3s off their website that are from their new EP called 5% Louder Than Normal.

The song "Kimberly" reminds me a lot of old Weezer, say Blue era gone synthy. Especially the lyrics "You look like you could be much fun/you smell like bubblegum." Now this is a good thing. They're other song, "I Tried," is "a much more serious song that explores weighty issues like teen angst" according to their website. Well you check them out and see what you think.

I Tried

Horsey Mix Friday

Alright I don't have any classes today and I need to return some textbooks, do some laundry, etc. soo you get another Horsey Mix. I might post something else later when I'm done with errands.

Gravy Train!!!!-Double Decker Supreme
LCD Soundsystem-Daft Punk is Playing at My House (Soulwax Shibuya Daft Mix)
The B-52s-Strobe Light
Death Cab for Cutie-Title and Registration
Interpol-Not Even Jail
The Streets-Don't Mug Yourself
Xiu Xiu-I Broke Up (SJ)