Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dear Rakes

Dear Rakes,
We are hereby broken up. Consider us a thing of the past.

Dreams of Horses

ps how much is a plane ticket to one of those cities? Maybe I should start looking.

pps Chicago is 12 hours away...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Hello it's my birthday today! My blog's birthday, that is. Yes, one year ago into this world came yet another mp3 blog that kinda sorta got noticed a little bit more than I ever thought it would. Started as a post-graduation boredom, look what I've amounted to, 'ey? Well I know what you guys really come here for some heeere's a cheesy compilation of songs with the word horse in them, or the band's name is something about horses (horses are the new wolves?). I'm lame I know! But I love it.

Least partyriffic songs, I know, I know. ..

The Decemberists-Bring on the Dancing Horses (Echo & the Bunnymen cover)
They Shoot Horses-Bugs
PJ Harvey-Horses in My Dreams
Iron & Wine /Calexico-Wild Horses (Rolling Stones cover)

Bring Me the Workhorse

Okay can I tell you how excited I am for My Brightest Diamond's new CD Bring Me the Workhorse?? It's gonna amazing, let me tell you. I got to meet Shara Worden (the powerhouse behind the band) at SXSW and she's a sweetheart! Plus I saw her play twice and can verify that she will be a force to reckon with! She has been for awhile, but people are finally starting to take notice of her, thanks to her new record lable Asthmatic Kitty and ties to a certain statesman.

Here's a track from the album.
Something of an End

August 22nd can't get here fast enough!!

Be My Pigeon

I wrote about Coach Said Not To a long time ago, but they contacted me about their new full-length CD, Mini Series and graciously sent me my own copy! The album is full of girly melodies and harmonies, reminding me of Regina Spektor meets The Organ (the band, not the instrument) with beautiful yet sometimes deadpan delivery of lyrics seem torn from a diary.

Coach Said Not To-Be My Pigeon

Buy Mini Series from CDBaby.

Both shows I went to were awesome, CC will have reviews of those sometime (she has all the pictures).

Friday, May 26, 2006

Show Your Spirit

Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing The Duke Spirit. First time I'd seen them we were at an Urban Outfitters instore at SXSW. That might have spoiled me because we were RIGHT there, not more than 5 feet from them all, and it was daytime=great pics. I was excited to get to see them at night, at a club. Well, it was night, but more of a strain-your-neck-theater because they are opening for Snow Patrol. Leila Moss has the moves and sex appeal of PJ Harvey or Nikka Costa. Hopefully they'll come back for a headlining club tour. They are still on the road, so get to the venue early to catch the band that, in my opinion, is the one to watch.

W/Snow Patrol
26th AUSTIN, TX Stubb's Bar-B-Q
27th HOUSTON, TX Verizon Wireless Theater
29th ATLANTA, GA Roxy Theatre
31st WASHINGTON, DC 9:30 Club
2nd BOSTON, MA Avalon Ballroom Tickets: SOLD OUT
3rd NEW YORK, NY Roseland Ballroom SOLD OUT
5th PHILADELPHIA, PA Electric Factory
6th MONTREAL, QC, Canada Metropolis
7th TORONTO, ON, Canada Kool Haus
9th PONTIAC, MI Clutch Cargo's
10th CHICAGO, IL Vic Theatre SOLD OUT
11th MINNEAPOLIS, MN First Avenue
15th SEATTLE, WA Paramount Theater
16th PORTLAND, OR Roseland Theatre
18th SAN FRANCISCO, CA Warfield Theatre
19th LOS ANGELES, CA The Wiltern LG
20th LOS ANGELES, CA The Wiltern LG
21st LOS ANGELES, CA Carson Daly Taping (go to their page to see how to get in)

Lion RIP (realplayer hi res video)

Patients (b-side)

Pretty Horses Make Good Liars

Soo tonight I am trekking to the land of Dallas, TX for the weekend to chill with CC and see a couple shows for once. Tonight shall be Pretty Girls Makes Graves and Giant Drag. Now, I have Giant Drag's CD and saw them at SXSW and they were strange. Lead singer Annie Hardy (I think that's her name) is small and seems to be about 13. But I don't think she is. BUT they're good. I've never listened to more than two songs by Pretty Girls so I'm going with an open mind. I mean, being named after a Smiths song can't be right, yeah?

Speaking of bands named after bands' songs, my blog for one. From the same Belle & Sebastian tree comes Dylan in the Movies. I'd never known they existed until Central Village suggested a tour with Dylan in the Movies and Stars of Track and Field sponsored by me. Haha. Anyway Dylan in the Movies also last week performed on KEXP! High steppin'! Check out the stream of their performance on KEXP here with the time and date of Thursday, May 18 9:00 AM

And then tomorrow is Liars Day! Hooray! I cannot wait even though I'm sure it will be an "experience."

Umm okay I gotta get dressed for work!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Eating my daily Eggo waffle trying to find something to blog about can be hard. I'm still sleepy, enjoying my Eggo waffle, and nobody seems to have blogged this early. Laaame. Anyway here's a few little things...

Here-the entire Smiths Peel Sessions. My dishroom co-worker Irene doesn't know what to say about the Smiths, but she doesn't like New Order. She says it's like listening to the same song over and over. Last time I bring Substance to listen to. I left Louder Than Bombs in the stereo though, just in case soft rock gets tedious (which is eventual).

A bunch of fancy-pants bloggers were approached to start this Holier Than Thou Charts. Okay just kidding it's a cool idea to see what a bunch of people have to say their favorite things for the week are. And they'll let just about anyone in.

The Stills went and made a video for "Destroyer."

My sister saw Pink Nasty last night and maybe she'll talk about it if she ever chooses to blog again.

My other sister started her own blog. It's about her silly kids and has no mp3s so beware.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Brits

Okay while on the way to and at work today I was thinking a few things about British folk. After I made my early morning post about BYOP and the Noisettes, I realized, I made BYOP sound British but they're not. I neglected to mention that they're from Nashville. See? That's how British they are.

Two, I was listening to The Streets' The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living. Okay I have to explain some backstory. I'm driving a 1986 (older than me) New Yorker and it talks to me. Not all Knight Rider-like, but he has this voice that tells me I forgot me keys, forgot to turn my lights off (very helpful, I always do it) and now keeps telling me my parking brake is on (as soon as I take the brake off). Anyway during "Hotel Expressionism" there was this voice that sounded exactly like my car. And I was wondering if my car was trying to tell me I was low on gas (oh another thing, during the day I can't see my dashboard because it's all digital so I can't tell how fast I'm going or how much fuel is gone) but it kept on doing it. So my point is, what is Mike Skinner subliminally trying to tell me? My fuel is low?

Thirdly and lastly, gallop over to Grean Pea-ness for a new-to-me-and-maybe-you Long Blondes b-side "Big Infatuation" and also read his thoughts on the Pipettes vs. Long Blondes. And then I was thinking about how I always post on the Long Blondes and I also post a lot on the Rakes, so I was thinking oh my gosh it would be amazing if the Rakes brought the Long Blondes along with them on their U.S. tour in July! I would die/quit work to follow them on the road. So, Rakes, if you read this, call up the Long Blondes and please hit Dallas, Austin, Houston, and my house in Tyler. Thanks.

The Long Blondes-Rakes Darts
from the Giddy Stratospheres 12". Buy it at Insound (it comes in a shopping bag, guys!)

Now I've gone and done it, talked more about my crappy car than music. Oh man now no one's ever gonna read my blog again! It's like when NPR turns to Car Talk and I tune it out. Yeah you do too! Stop lying.

British Invasion

We all love our British friends, even if they are a little odd at times. Mike Skinner says they invented the language, but there's lots of differences between us. They like singles, we prefer albums, thank you. They also get bands a lot faster than we do, even when they're American bands. Here's a few Brits you ought to be looking into.

Be Your Own Pet
, silly name, teenagers, rockin' songs. Saw them opening for the Kaiser Chiefs at SXSW in '04 and thought they were gonna be a waste of my time but I was pretty wrong. Lead singer (oh man I forgot her name) is pretty cute and does a good job of demanding attention. After their set, they all came in the audience and jumped around a lot during Hot Hot Heat's set, especially the afro'd bassist. ANYWAY here's their new video from their album which comes out June 6th.

Be Your Own Pet-Bicycle, Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle (Quicktime)

I saw the Noisettes this year at SXSW (the easiest place to catch up-and-coming British acts if you don't know) opening for the Fiery Furnaces. Didn't really have my decision made on them, but this song nudged me along the road to liking them more.

The Noisettes-IWE

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Kill Rock Stars has started doing a video podcasting thing and the first episode sounds prety funny (I'm not really huge on podcasting but maybe I should start for this). The Gossip are featured here, telling stories about their imaginary friend Lips and the gay Kool-Aid Man.
Watch it here, subscribe to it here.

You may have been keeping up with those Dr. Octagon remixes. I hadn't until I heard that Her Space Holiday was doing one of the remixes, so I had to check it out.
Dr Octagon-Ants (Money Fight remix)

Midlake just got back off tour from Europe with the Flaming Lips, and there's a video floating around of the band performing my favorite song off the new album The Trials of Van Occupanther, "Roscoe" in Copenhagen. Watch it here.

Don't forget! eMusic's 50 free mp3 offer ends at the end of this month! If you haven't, sign up now and get tons of awesome CDs for free. Word is next month they're gonna try something new...stay tuned!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

This Week in Shows

Pretty good week for shows this week in Dallas, here's the scoop (dates and info taken from NTX List.)

Tomorrow at the Gypsy Tea Room, Elefant stomps thru and tagging along is Austin's up-and-coming Sound Team, who have a new record Movie Monster out on Capitol next month.
Sound Team-Movie Monster

Wednesday, Absolutely Kosher's The Court & Spark team up with Austin's Brothers and Sisters and Pink Nasty at the Cavern. 18+
The Court & Spark-Werewolves of London (Live with Magnolia Electric Co.)
Pink Nasty-Burn (Usher cover)

Thursday, Snow Patrol and The Duke Spirit hit Granada Theater. Don't miss the Duke Spirit! They're pretty awesome live.

Friday Matador's Pretty Girls Make Graves and Giant Drag come to the Gypsy Tea Room, along with The Joggers. Also, be sure to see Giant Drag at Good Records at 5:00 that day! And then after the show, Derek from PGMG is DJing at The Cavern.
Pretty Girls Make Graves-The Nocturnal House
The Joggers-Since You're Already Up

FINALLY Saturday Liars finally come back to the metroplex in support of the phenomenal Drum's Not Dead at Gypsy Tea Room with Deerhunt and Apes

EDIT: Oh man! I totally forgot that Chromatics and Glass Candy are playing at Rubber Gloves in Denton on Friday night! Bummer!! Why is Denton so frikken far away from Dallas? Start a petition to move Rubber Gloves to Dallas.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Roman Promises

I've posted on Assembly Now and their three-song demo, but the fledgling band has a couple new mp3s I thought I should share. If you're not aware of the band. They've only been playing together since January, but these London boys don't sound like it at all. Their songs are pretty dreamy pop. The singer's voice reminds me of the singer from Elliott (who I guess broke up a couple years ago? This is what happens when you don't look up bands you once loved).

Roman Promises

And a big congratulations to Chris for landing a spot on Sirius Radio!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lizzies Lion

Sooo you've probably heard of this band the Mystery Jets. They made a big splash with their cover of Bloc Party's "Pioneers" and then made another splash with their song "You Can't Fool Me Dennis" which was quickly remixed by Justice and became even hotter.
Well in the UK they have an album, Making Dens, that we don't have here. Since the UK is single-crazy and we're not, they had a headstart there. Well now they've released an EP here with a few tunes off Making Dens. Here's a song off that.

Mystery Jets-Lizzies Lion

Buy the EP.

Sorry I haven't posted any super-awesome posts lately, but when I get back from work I'm pretty wiped. I was thinking it'd be interesting to see what bloggers' dayjobs are, their alter-egos if you will. Hmm if you wanna tell me maybe I'll make a post out of it and get you dooced haha noooo.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Prangin' Out

Finally got myself ahold of The Streets' last CD and think it's my favorite yet. Very solid all the way through, not any songs I wanna skip over when I listen to it. Highlights include "War of the Sexes," "Two Nations," and the first single, "When You Wasn't Famous." It sounds best in my car. Well not to try and saturate your heads with Vice bands, here's a little thing that might warm you up to them. On their official blog, Up Your Jaxxy, they're posting an mp3 each week from a band who's playing their Intonation Festival in Chicago. This week it's the Streets.

The Streets-When You Wasn't Famous (Professor Green Remix)
If the lineup for the festival looks good, maybe you'd want to win free tickets?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why I love shows

So, last night I went to see the K.T. Tunstall/Micah P. Hinson show. I'd only seen Micah's cd, never checked it out, for shame. He's from Abilene, TX but got signed in England before any U.S. deal came thru. Shame on the U.S. labels. It's sad that so many good artists become popular in the UK sooner, but I digress. His voice is older than he looks, and his songwriting is awesome. It was just him on his acoustic guitar and his banjo player. Often though, I had to look around the stage checking to make sure no one had joined in. See the funny thing is, I went to see K.T., and although I enjoyed her performance, his was the one that caught me and resonates with me still. Tonight he's in Austin, then he jumps across the pond to play with Richard Hawley thru May.

Go see him in the UK:

May 18 - London
May 22 - Southsea
May 23 - Bristol
May 24 - Nottingham
May 25 - Liverpool
May 26 - Leeds
May 28 - Manchester
May 30 - Birmingham
June 22 - Wireless Festival, London

Those of us in the US will have to wait until August when he supports David Gray. Until then, study up by buying his cd Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress.

"Beneath the Rose"

On June 6th, buy the new ep Baby & the Satellite

"Yourself Asleep Again"

It Was All Whirlwind Heat, And Flash

Got the new album by spunky punksters Whirlwind Heat and gotta say, it's a lot better than I remember them being. I saw the three boys open for the White Stripes, and while the bass and drums trio sounded raw and a bit unpolished, they now seem to have gotten it all down to pat.
The album isn't all spazz like I was thinking it'd be. A couple of tracks are even pretty slow. But they're all pretty great. Here's a couple mp3s.

My Electric Underwear
The new album Types of Wood comes out today! Go get it.

Late Orchestration

I love me some Kanye, so when I found out he was putting out a live album that he recorded while at London's Abbey Road studios, I was pretty excited. Also made me pumped to hear he was being backed by a live orchestra. Pretty frikken cool. Anyway here's my favorite song off The College Drop-out performed live from the album which is called Late Orchestration.

Kanye West-New Workout Plan (Live at Abbey Road Studios)

Okay guys enjoy! I'm off to work gurrrrgh. No it'll be good, I love you.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Tables and Chairs

Sooo I'm pretty pumped because I finally finally got a job here in Texas. I miss my job in Utah even though it was in a cafeteria and was 6:30-9 AM everyday. Well this one's 8-5 everyday sooo we'll see how it goes!
That won't leave me much time for blogging during the day, so it'll have to be before work, during my lunch break, and after. So don't be mad! Be happy that I'm making money because I sadly can't make enough blogging to not have to work. Wouldn't that be awesome? Yes, it would.

Andrew Bird-Tables and Chairs (Live on KCRW)

Also! if you watch TV (I'm in love with it after coming back from two semesters of not watching anything), the season finale of Grey's Anatomy is on tonight! I peed my pants last night when they played Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Gold Lion" near the beginning, and tune in tonight and you'll hear Snow Patrol's new tune "Chasing Cars."

Also, if you live in the UK, be sure to pick up Forward Russia's new album Give Me a Wall, it comes out today!

Please Don't Swallow the Universe

With their dauntingly silly name, Sheffield England's Monkey Swallows the Universe, the five-piece was not what I was expecting. Maybe I was misled to think they'd be eclecticly messy or more electronic, but uhh they aren't. Far from it.
The song "Jimmy Down the Well" is an acoustic guitar-driven melody that, once the trumpet comes in, it seems like an ode to Belle and Sebastian, but still they keep it tinged with their own flair. It also reminds me of the Baby Jessica ordeal, who actually lives near me I think. Imagine having that hanging over your head forever. "You were stuck in a well??" Yeah I wouldn't like it, and I don't think Jimmy in the song likes it either. Really, who would?

Monkey Swallows the Universe-Jimmy Down the Well

Buy their records.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Tomorrow on Henry Rollins

I wrote about The Henry Rollins Show back in March, but now that I'm back in TX with cable I can finally watch it on IFC. And what a week to start watching! Tomorrow night at 10 pm eastern time, director PT Anderson (Magnolia, Boogie Nights, Punch Drunk Love) and musical guest Aimee Mann.
If you haven't heard Aimee, you really ought too. She had music in Magnolia so it's fitting that she'd be on the show with the film's director. Aimee Mann's last album The Forgotten Arm is a continuation of her ability to create great folk melodies with her beautiful voice.

Some Aimee Mann mp3s:
She Wants You
Dear John
Humpty Dumpty

Driving Discs: Snow Patrol & Sonic Youth

Okay so here's trying to repeat what I did on Wednesday, listening to CDs in my car and seeing how I feel about them. Sounds easy yeah? is.
Today's two new discs are:

Snow Patrol's Eyes Open seems pretty harmless over all. I can see it gaining mass appeal for its simplistic rocking almost 90s radio guitar style. It sounds like when bands who had a hit in the 90s try and do another one today and it sounds like a more updated, cleaner version of what they had.
I saw Snow Patrol opening for Metric a couple years ago at SXSW and frankly was almost put to sleep. It seems they've woken up for the new record thankfully to give their music some room the breathe. Nothing special, but it won't offend your tastes.
Preview 5 tracks from the album.
Track highlight: "Set the Fire to the Third Bar" with Martha Wainwright.

Sonic Youth's Rather Ripped was the winner in this cage match. Sonic Youth has the ability to sound very similar to what they've been doing but still make it interesting to listen to. I love that Kim and Thurston swap vocal duties on all the tracks, because I'm still hanging on to hear what each of them have to say. Comes out June 13th.
Sonic Youth-Do You Believe in Rapture?
Also check out "Incinerator"

Is Android

Yaaay for MySpace ripping! MSTRKRFT put up their new remix for the Japanese heavily Devo-inspired Polysics. I was hoping the 'Kraft would put up their mix of The Gossip's "Listen Up!" but we get this.

Polysics-Ceolakanth Is Android (MSTRKRFT Remix)
It's standard Master-fare and I'm not too impressed, so I hope we don't get all Krafted out by the time their debut album The Looks comes out in July. It sure does warp the original though, I'll give them that. Since the Polysics are Japanese I couldn't understand anything the original said sooo MSTRKRFT bloops and synth stains are appreciated.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Just a Man With a Job

Told you I'd find any chance I have to post on the Rakes. I finally got a hold of their song off the Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited and had to share. Their track is "'Le Poin├žonneur des Lilas," or its English title, "Just a Man With a Job." Funny how they always do songs about jobs...oh well I still love them. Speaking of jobs, I still need one. Hm...

The Rakes-Just a Man With a Job
The song's one of their more subdued efforts, but still stylistically slick, with much less bass than I'm accustomed to. That's okay because the track is very nice.

Buy Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited

Best New (Portland) Band 2006

Portland's Williamette Week has done a poll every year for the last three years on who their readers think is the best new Portland band, and then they crown a winner. Last year's winner was Talkdemonic, who are now finding success with their new album Beat Romantic and touring all over the U.S.
Well 2006's winner is DoH favorite Copy, aka Marcus Libman. This makes me pretty excited, because Copy is awesome. I've talked about him a few times before and really love his album Mobius Beard. I don't know a lot of the other bands on the top ten (other than Norfolk & Western), but it's motivation to look them all up. Here's some music they provided for the top three bands, Tractor Operator and Swan Island.

Copy-Afro Oven

Tractor Operator-Close the Door
Tractor Operator-April Fool

Swan Island-Night Owl

See/hear the rest of the top ten and read in-depth articles/information on the top three here.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Driving Discs

I got a couple new CDs yesterday and test drove them, literally. I'm judging them now on how they performed in my car while driving isolated country roads in East Texas. They might sound different sitting at home or in a club setting.

The Walkmen's new disc A Hundred Miles Off was not very good for driving. Hamilton Leithauser (what a Wes Anderson name, huh?)'s voice really drove me up the wall. All of the songs sounded much alike, except for "Louisiana," which stuck out with its trumpets and maracas. I was hoping the whole album would be more like this, but it's much of the same "Rat"-less Bows + Arrows and Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone. A little disappointing but I'll give it more tries. The album comes out May 23rd, catch them on tour.
Download "Louisiana" at The Rich Girls Are Weeping.

Wolfmother's self-titled disc was amazing to drive to. I'd only heard the MSTRKRFT remix of "Woman," and I now like the original much much better. The tracks are rollicking and perfect for backwoods hauling. I didn't know many of the lyrics but I felt that I should have, and I think I'm ready to forgive the singer's ugly 'fro. You've probably heard more Wolfmother than I have, but I loved the CD, but maybe wouldn't like it in a home setting.
Wolfmother-Dimension (via Stoner Rock)

Still to come: new Sonic Youth and Snow Patrol. Maybe tomorrow if I drive anywhere today.

So there you have it. A couple CDs you can now judge for yourself in your car. You might not have epic 25 minute journeys everywhere you drive but you can still enjoy these CDs, and maybe test how much you like them.

Bande A Part

One thing I didn't even realize was that French cover-makers Nouvelle Vague had a new CD coming out. Well, they do. It's called Bande A Part and it comes out June 27th. If you don't remember them, their first CD caused a stir with its bossa nova renditions of 80s favorite "Love Will Tear Us Apart," "I Melt With You," and "Guns of Brixton."
Well this CD carries on much in the same manner, but with covers of Echo and the Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon," Blondie's "Heart of Glass," and New Order's "Blue Monday." It's perfect because Nouvelle Vague is French for New Wave (the songs being covered) and in Portugeuese it means Bossa Nova, the style in which the songs are covered.

Nouvelle Vague-Blue Monday (New Order cover)
I chose to share "Blue Monday," because I like New Order a lot, and this cover is really soothing (the rest of the CD is too) in contrast with the original, with its heavy military drums and synths and stuff. Several different singers take duty on the CD, so there's lots of exposure to beautiful voices.
(Sorry there was never a part two of releases yesterday...hopefully we'll make up for it today)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 9th New Release Part One

Okay so we're gonna be talking about some of the many many new releases coming out today that you should consider looking into if you haven't.

Danielson's new album Ships is being released on Secretly Canadian today. You might know about the band from their dealings with Sufjan Stevens, but they've been around for a long time. In fact, a movie was made about him, called Danielson: A Family Movie. Check out screening dates for that here. Also, in addition to the new album, there are three limited 7"s out too. Wow, talk about prolific.

Check out Danielson's tourdates here. He's playing in Denton at Rubber Gloves, so maybe I'll be going to that.

Grandaddy's last hurrah Just Like the Fambly Cat comes out today. The band's calling it quits with this album, not sure if they're touring behind it or not. I've never really been into these guys, but this album soun ds a better than what I'd cornered them as.

If you're in the Dallas area, Jason Lytle, the creative force behind Grandaddy will be doing an instore at Good Records at 9 PM with former Grandaddy member Aaron Burtch, but if you show up at 7 PM, you can get some grub too! Check it out. If you're not in Dallas, maybe you can check Lytle at another record store:
May 17- New York, NY - Other Music @ 8PM
May 19- Seattle,WA - Easy Street (Queen Anne) @ 7PM
May 20-San Francisco, CA - Amoeba Music @ 5PM
May 21-Sacramento, CA - The Beat @ 2PM

Watch the video for "What I'm Anymore"
Windows Low | Windows High
Buy an exclusive "Grandaddy Loves You Too" t-shirt from Insound.

You don't need an introduction to the Arctic Monkeys, but they have a DVD single coming out for "When the Sun Goes Down" called Scummy Man. Apparently it's more like a film and less like a music video or something:

Domino Records commissioned Warp Films to produce the short films. Mark Herbert approached Paul Fraser to write a script inspired by the song and then in consultation with the band, the bands management and Domino they collectively agreed to make the film and then use footage from the film for the video for "When the Sun Goes Down". It is shot on super 16mm by award winning Director of Photography Danny Cohen (My Wrongs, Dead Mans Shoes, This Is England, Creep).

Sounds pretty interesting. They're touring the US this summer too, so if you're not complaining about the hype, check it out.

Anticipating their new eagerly-awaited album Let's Get Out of This Country, Camera Obscura's new single for the first song off the album, "Lloyd,I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken" on Merge Records. The track is pretty upbeat but still, in true Camera Obscura style, makes you wonder if they're really being happy. Anyway I think this album might be able to help them get out from under the "Sounds Like Their Name Should Be Belle & Sebastian Jr Hahaha" tag.

Buy the single OR buy it with the album for $18 (but get the single now).

Danielson-Did I Step On Your Trumpet?
Grandaddy-Jeez Louise
Camera Obscura-Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken

Come back later, there's still more to come!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hella Hella Hella Nervous Nervous Nervous

Friday night, i went to see Laura Veirs. I'd fallen in love with her last album Year of Meteors in January and regrettably, it was too late for my best of 2005 list. So, I was so excited to see she was playing at SXSW. That was a really good show, full band and all. Karl Blau played with her. He's a terribly prolific artist/guitarist who puts out a CD every month. but, I digress...last night, she was on her own. It was intimate and adorable. There's just something about a clean, cool voice being looped to back itself. Do yourself a favor and go see her if you have the chance.

I was also lucky enough to ask her a couple of fluff questions. It was fun/nerve-racking nonetheless.

What are you listening to right now?
We bought French tapes, so we're trying to learn French...and Palisades. They're a band from Olympia, WA.

Do you drive, and do you play any road games?
Yeah, we take turns. As for games, we you say James Vanderslice and I say Eels because the next band's name has to begin with the last letter of the one before.

What's your favorite road-handy snack?
Mostly we stop at restaurants for food, but I like the Bubblicious with a liquid center.

What book are you reading right now?
Reading or writing?

Oh, uh...reading
It's called Nine Gates. It's about poetry.

Thanks again!
Thanks for coming.

She was very sweet to go along with it all. Sorry for the paraphrasing. I wish I'd thought ahead and brought my minidisc to record it.

I did see her writing in a book or something before the show, so maybe she's going to publish some writings?! Wishful thinking, I'm sure.

She also has one of the cutest/cooolest setlists I've seen:

Mark E. Smith Carnage

Who I won't have to see more than once is The Fall. I saw them the night before on the same stage, and it was a train wreck. They did open the show with a fun bit of video of legendary performers (Queen, Prince, Jackson 5, etc) that had kind of been chopped and screwed. That was cool. The roadie warned people to stay off the stage "for their own good," and I can get behind that. Mark E. Smith was impaired. Sure he's old, but the way he was stumbling around the stage was awful.

Antics included: stepping on band members' toes, taking the mic out of the bass drum a few times, knocking over the tom, knocking over the guitarist's beer, somehow managing to twist up 3 mics, their stands, and their cords, wrapping himself up in said cords...and he doesn't move around enough to warrant that, turning up/down every knob on every member's amps/instruments.

I just felt like I had to have my hands out ready to catch him in case he tumbled off stage. Alcohol is bad. Drugs are bad. Mmmkay.

(Michael here, I found this website that "translates" anything you write into Mark E. Smith's own language. Pretty amusing. You might notice the person posting this is "CC" which happens to be my sister, who'll be writing on here time to time.)

Saturday, May 06, 2006


A while ago (last year I suppose) The Kaiser Chiefs and sometimes-tour buddies The Cribs thought it would be cute to cover each other for one song and put it on one of their singles. So they did. And here are the results.

The Kaiser Chiefs (The Cribs cover) off their "Everyday I Love You Less and Less" single
The Cribs-Modern Way (Kaiser Chiefs cover) off their "Mirror Kissers" single


Look at the title post and think a minute, am I going to talk about the new MTV Laguna Beach spin-off The Hills or something entirely different? Yeaaah as much as 'd love to talk about the first one I'm here for the second.

I hadn't heard of Thao Nguyen until I got Kill Rock Stars' new singer-songwriter compilation The Sound the Hare. Yeah I was excited to hear new Sufjan, Colin Meloy, Jeff Hanson, Laura Veirs and Imaad Wasif, but what caught me was this song from, you gueesed it, by singer-songwriter Nguyen. Her raspy singing voice is kinda Laura Veirs but much softer and soothing. You're gonna love her!

Feet Asleep

Buy The Sound the Hare Heard

Friday, May 05, 2006

Beatles Contest

Okay so I'm sorry updates have been pretty crummy this week, but maybe this will make up for it just a little bit? Maybe? Well here it is.
I've been given the chance by Daily CD to give one of you lucky readers the entire Beatles CD catalogue!!! Frikken sweet huh? Really easy, just fill in your information here and the winner will be contacted! The contest ends June 1st so there's no hurry right now to enter, but don't forget to!

Here's all the CDs you'll win:
1. Please Please Me
2. With The Beatles
3. A Hard Day's Night
4. Beatles For Sale
5. Help
6. Rubber Soul
7. Revolver
8. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
9. Magical Mystery Tour
10. The Beatles (White Album)
11. Yellow Submarine
12. Abbey Road
13. Let It Be

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Shoot me in the face, but I'd never really heard of Serge Gainsbourg until the compilation Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited came out with people I already know like Franz Ferdinand, Cat Power, and gasp! The Rakes. So then I started wondering who this guy was. French obviously. Turns out he's a huge huge huge thing in France, a legend, etc. Don't I feel dumb.
Anyway I rented Jean-Luc Godard's A Woman is a Woman after loving Breathless and noticed there was an interview with him on the Criterion Collection DVD. This meant yes, I had to know who he was. A quick Google came up with several songs and, while I can't speak French or really understand it (a shame after having seen several dozen French films at school) so much of it is lost on me, but Gainsbourg's laid-back pop is great for any summer day where I'm looking for a job. Might have to kick Beirut out of the car stereo...
In case you didn't know who he was either, here's some starter tracks.

Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus (with Jane Birkin)
Aux Armes et Caetera
Orange Outan (with Jane Birkin)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Idle Days

The internet's awhirl with the sounds of Beirut. Nineteen year-old Zach Condon, who solely makes up the band (with a little bit of help). The sounds are rich and deep, Condon's voice taking a backseat to the guitarless tunes.
It's easy to compare the music to Neutral Milk Hotel because it seems they're the last band to make a stir with a squeezebox and trumpet. But what flaws NMH in my opinion, Mangum's oft-obnoxious voice and overly-brassy trumpet, are cured by Beirut. Condon's voice and trumpeting is far from obnoxious, and much more pleasing to the ear.
Beirut's album Gulag Orkestar comes out on Bada Bing! Records next week, on May 9th. Be sure to pick it up!

Mt. Wroclai (Idle Days)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


So sorry for not posting the past few days. Been trying to readjust to humidity, living with the family again, blah blah plus internet connection has not been easiest to come by for very long. Sorry if I haven't been returning e-mails, I'm not a punk just busy trying to find a good job here. Here's a few mp3s you might enjoy until I get back on writin everday about good stuff all the time like you're used to huh?

Bishop Allen-Flight 180
The Daze-Neon
The Station Myth-On the Mountain

Plus check out this funny webvideo thingy. Bunch of episodes and stuff called You Can Awesome. I suck at explaining things.