Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Nellie

Nellie McKay has been up to quite a lot. She left her label, Columbia, and is releasing her sophomore album Pretty Little Head all on her own. She's also going to be on Broadway in 2006 in The Threepenny Opera with Alan Cumming.

According to this Billboard article, the dispute has something to do with Sony wanting to cut out seven songs from the album, although I'm sure there are more reasons. There was a live DVD slated to come out the same day as the record too, I guess. McKay is planning on releasing the new album on the Internet in January and on disc in February.

Anyway, here is a track from the album, a duet with Cyndi Lauper.
Bee Charmer (ft. Cyndi Lauper)


muruch said...

Thanks for "Bee Charmer", I've been looking for it. I loved Nellie's first album, but haven't heard much from the new one.

cbotwell said...

You need to check this site i found. It is in my post here :

Anonymous said...

Here are the Nellie McKay Rumor Has It tracks:
BB Blues**
Black Sheep
Face of a Faith
Pasadena Girl
Just One of Those Things
Baby, You've Got What It Takes**

**Highly Recommended!