Thursday, December 22, 2005

New Artists Pt 1

I'm gonna put up some music from some great artists that I'v received e-mails from in the past week or so and have been neglecting.

Jenny Gillespie is from Chicago, land of one of my new favorite artists of 2005, The Changes. Taken from her bio:
Jenny Gillespie is a Chicago-based singer-songwriter. She makes well-crafted folk rock in the vein of Red House Painters, Damien Rice and Aimee Mann. Her confessional songs are tinged with intelligent storytelling and poetic phrases and her classically-trained voice has just enough tremble to evoke the emotion of the lyrics.

Body's Boat
Mountain Laurel
Check out a couple more at her website.

The Duke Spirit are from the UK and I think I've done a feature on them before, but their debut album Cuts Across the Land is being released on StarTime Records in March of 2006! This is pretty awesome, because you know what? The album is awesome. Check it out.
Cuts Across the Land

Swedish band Shooting John sent me this B-side to their single"Beggars." If you like the track, check out their MySpace.
Drunk and Astray

I'll put up some more artists later.


Mycardo said...

I agree - the Duke Spirit album is awesome

d said...

I concur. I hear they're playing sxsw again. ah, to have a press pass.