Saturday, December 10, 2005

Go See

If you're in the Dallas area, go see Xiu Xiu and The Dead Science at Hailey's in Denton tonight. The band is toting along their limited edition 2x10" vinyl editions of their newest album La Foret, and I hear they all have pictures from their tour inside them all. And they're wrapped up like Christmas presents. Also, you can pick up some other vinyl, like the pAper chAse split I talked about earlier this week.

Xiu Xiu-Bog People
The Dead Science-Drrrty Magneto


cbotwell said...

The show was great on friday and ill have some pics up at my site if you would want to check them out. I am not a huge fan of Xiu Xiu, but the show was fun and The dead science was really cool.

cbotwell said...

Oh and i sent you a facebook friend invite incase you were just like wtf who is this guy.