Monday, December 12, 2005

And the Nation Wept (For Joy)

Soo Pitchfork says the Decemberists signed to Capitol Records. I'm sooo happy for them!! They also said Carson Ellis, the Decemberists' exclusive artist and Colin Meloy's girlfriend, is pregnant with the couple's first child! What a day of good news!
The Pitchfork article has a lot to say about things upcoming for the band.Tarkio reissues in January, recording a new album in April, baby sometime, maybe a DVD, perhaps a live CD from Colin's January solo much! I'm really really happy for them all!
I'm only slightly saddened that they're leaving Kill Rock Stars, who first introduced me to the band. It sounds like they're still going to release stuff through the label so it's obviously an amicable split with good ties still. That is good news.
(First person to say the phrase "selling out" gets sucker punched by a bunch of nerdy Decemberists fans dressed up as chimney sweeps and dead orphans.)


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I have bad memories from the Morrissey covers EP......