Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Story of the Viper

You've gotta love Xiu Xiu. Okay you don't really have to but you oughta admire their gusto. They put out more split 7"s than any other artist I know. This year they put out their split with Devendra Banhart on which they covered each other (I posted the songs here and you can buy it from 5RC)

Well their newest split 7" is with Dallas locals/quasi Xiu Xiu labelmates the pAper chAse (they're on Kill Rock Stars). Sadly they didn't cover each other but they did do covers.
This time though, both bands took a stab at a song by Nick Cave. Xiu Xiu took on "Jack the Ripper" and the pAper chAse tackled "God is in the House." Well you're in luck cuz I have the Xiu Xiu track for you. It was ripped from vinyl so the sound quality may be a little quiet. Many thanks to Nacht who gave me the mp3s. He might get me a higher quality mp3 today. Maybe. He has a band that I'll be talking about probably later on today.

Xiu Xiu-Jack the Ripper (Nick Cave cover)

Please please please buy the 7" here!


Matt said...

i was trying so hard to get my hands on an mp3 of this.
you beat me to it.

cbotwell said...

Hahaha... i get to see them tommorow,friday, night.

Anonymous said...