Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On the Road

Well today I'm heading off to go back up to school. I leave for Dallas today to spend some time with CC (my sister) and then tomorrow morning me and a buddy are off to Arizona for the wedding of some friends, and then back on up to Utah on Saturday/Sunday. Wish me luck. Here's another travellin' mix from me to you.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Spend New Years Eve with YACHT

Join YACHT For New Year's Eve from Jona Bechtolt on Vimeo.

This is a really neat idea that YACHT has come up to be able to spend NYE all across the globe. YACHT themselves are in France so spend some time and make a video for them if you've got the time and ability.

YACHT-I Saw Gold (from the Worried Noodles compilation)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Little Bit

So, mashing. What about mashing two versions of the same song? So, there's the Aether remix of "Little Bit" and the version where rapper Drake makes it into a duet. And put them together? You get meh. I know I didn't do an amazing job but the idea was funny so I thought I'd share.

Lykke Li - Little Bit (Aether Remix ft. Drake)(Copfy edit)


Well a post similar to this was taken down earlier so I wonder if it happens again.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

Far Too Long

Hot Chip has made a new EP available online. It's a collaboration with Robert Wyatt and Geese. The songs are reinterpretations off Made in the Dark. Nothing drastically different really, but nice for the Hot Chip completist.

You can sign up here and get the first free mp3 "Made in the Dark" then they send you a link to download the other, "We're Looking for a Lot of Love" via your own e-mail. Cool!!

Blogger has taken down two of my last posts. It's really frustrating because there's a lot of good stuff I wanna share but they take it down. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do? I don't know what to do about it and it's kinda depressing.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas in the Room

It just wouldn't be Christmas without a good ol' Christmas tune by Sufjan.

Sufjan Stevens-Christmas in the Room
from his new Christmas ep Sufjan Stevens: Songs for Christmas Volume 8: Astral Inter Planet Space Captain Christmas Infinity Voyage

For more Sufjan Christmas fun, check out his site at Asthmatic Kitty.


'Round here we really love the Rakes. And we are overjoyed that they have announced a new album titled KLANG on March 23rd in the UK (probably in the US the 24th, the same day as the Decemberists' Hazards of Love!! Too much excitement for one day!). The album will be preceded by the first single "1989," which you can get a sneak peek at above in the unofficial video filmed during the recording of the album. And here's the tracklist:

You're In It
That's the Reason
The Loneliness of the Outdoor Smoker
Bitchin' in the Kitchen
The Woes of the Working Woman
The Light From Your Mac
Muller's Ratchet
The Final Hill
Never Get Married

The Rakes-The World Was a Mess But His Hair Was Perfect
(From their previous album Ten New Messages)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ellie Greenwich

Parenthetical Girls always kind of gave me the creeps. Thank you video for continuing the creep.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Top of 2008 #1

I love this album so so much. The lyrics are astounding, the songs are so catchy, the artwork is beautiful, I can't stop listening to this CD. Will Sheff's storytelling abilities fill the songs with rich imagery and tongue-twisting lyrics.Their songs are full of modern-day disillusionment, rock stars passing their prime, groupies getting tired, and relationships gone sour.

Whereas The Stage Names kind've dragged on towards the end, I feel The Stand Ins gets even stronger towards the end. The last three full songs "On Tour with Zykos," "Calling and Not Calling My Ex" and "Bruce Wayne Campbell Interviewed On The Roof Of The Chelsea Hotel, 1979" are some of my all-time favorites by Okkervil. They mature more and more each album, it's so incredible. So that's why The Stand Ins is my album of the year for 2008!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Top of 2008 #2

Seriously who knew this album would be so huge? So awesome? Their first CD had some great singles, but In Ghost Colours, start-to-finish, I can't find a single song I skip. It's borderline perfect. I could see every song becoming a single and having success. This was definitely the year of Cut Copy as it very much should have been. These boys deserve the success they're having and I hope they keep up the grooves.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas is Coming Soon

"Unless you happen to belong to one of those rare, perfect, Norman Rockwell families, spending the holidays with your loved ones can have its ups and downs, its highs and lows - this Christmas album which benefits Amnesty International serves as a soundtrack to such an experience, documenting and representing the entire spectrum of emotions and feelings you might face during the most wonderful time of the year."
We all know that Christmas season is upon us, with its sickening, sticky, saturated Christmas songs like "All I Want for Christmas is You," "Feliz Navidad" (which really only has four lines), and the worst Christmas song offense in the history of Christmas music, "The Christmas Shoes."

Christmas is nothing like a little Thomas Kinkade painting, but the stress and often unhappiness of the season is very wrapped up in sparkly paper and bright tinsel of the awful Christmas songs heard almost any store you visit, be it the Central Market, the mall, that favorite indie record store, or your own FM radio station.

There's a CD that was released at the beginning of the month called I'll Stay Til After Christmas that does an excellent job capturing the up's and down's of the season. It features old well-known songs and some new ones too. With artists like My Brightest Diamond, Au Revoir Simone, Blitzen Trapper, Parenthetical Girls, Bosque Brown and Sally Shapiro, it's enough to make anyone's stocking burst. There are some people I've never heard of that make some great tunes (The Papercuts, Au, to name a couple). And to wrap it all up with a huge Good-Will-To-Man bow, it's all put on by Amnesty International. Let it be the soundtrack of your Christmas time breakdown, or the best day of sledding ever.

Blitzen Trapper-Christmas is Coming Soon
Buy it on iTunes.

P.S. I put up a new header. Do you like it? Hate it? Wish there was something vaguely horsey up there? Let me know what you think! Please.

Top of 2008 #3

Hands down, Hot Chip is one of my two favorite bands making music right now. I mean there are a lot of bands that I love their work, but only two whose I really choose to follow very closely (the other being the Decemberists, if you haven't noticed). Made in the Dark is exactly why I love them. They can bounce so many different styles of music, and do it well, that it makes me sick. In a good way.

The fact that Made in the Dark has floor-fillers like "Ready for the Floor" and "One Pure Thought" and "Hold On," and then throw in slow james like "We're Looking for a Lot of Love" and "Made in the Dark," along with the quirky nerd jams like "Wrestlers" and "Don't Dance." The album spawned handfuls of remixes too. I just love their shape-shifting abilities and am always eager to hear something new from these guys.

Hot Chip-Made in the Dark
Buy Made in the Dark on Insound.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Top of 2008 #4

I'm really pleased that on my top ten there's quite a few new artists. I'm glad that there are still bands out there that can impress me as much as these bands have.
Hercules & Love Affair became an overnight success. Releasing their self-titled debut on DFA would help, but also that the record was just so likable didn't hurt either. The music is an infusion of disco, jazz, pop, and well, Antony. I'd always loved Antony Hegarty's voice, and hearing it to danceable music wowed me. But over all, H&LA makes me even more excited to see what they have in store for their sophomore record. In the mean time I'll keep groovin' to this one.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Top of 2008 #5

The Mae Shi has always made interesting music, but sometimes to the point of the unlistenable. HLLLYH is their most melodious album to date, and it's full of those glitchy beats we all love. Also full of biblical references, HLLLYH is Mae Shi at their most focused.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


(23.8 MB, 19:51 Min)

Man Man-El Azteca
Beck-Que Onda Guero (The Mae Shi Latino 96.3 Remix)
The Blow-Hock It (We Two Remix)
Hot Chip-Shake a Fist (Diplo Remix)
Bobby Birdman-Victory At Sea (E*Rock Remix)
Tracy + the Plastics-What You Still Want

Enjoy this little mix I made! It's got some really great stuff on there. Turn up the bass! (And no, I don't have to start every mix with an Islands song but they are great starter songs)

Top of 2008 #6

I've been a fan of Fujiya & Miyagi since their last album, Transparent Things. I love the casual yet persistent beats, but most of all I love everything about the vocals. Singer David Best's voice is almost a whisper on most tracks, but he's just so lovable with his goofy lyrics that fit into the groove of the basslines perfectly. Lightbulbs is just a very solid record by these Kraut-lovers. Am looking forward to what the future holds for these boys.

Part of the Weekend Never Dies

Where would you like to be on a drizzly, cold, blustery day like today? Me, cuddled up basking in the glow of a new-to-me speaker system bleating out the new DVD Radio Soulwax: Part of the Weekend Never Dies. Maybe you've heard of Soulwax, or 2 Many DJ's, or Radio Soulwax, or maybe Nite Versions. Or maybe you too are very confused as to the difference (if there is one) between all those titles. The documentary settles all that near the beginning so don't you worry.

Part of the Weekend Never Dies does a really good job of what (I think) it meant to-showing the real pains of being on tour all the time. Take for example the brothers who are part of the band Soulwax, and the DJ's known as 2 Many DJ's. They usually play as a band, and then later as DJ's. In one point they mention being in sound check at 6 PM and not finishing until 4 AM for several months on end.

The documentary is a star-studded affair, including interviews with some of dance music's biggest stars like James Murphy, Erol Alkan, Justice, Tiga, Nancy Wang, Peaches, Klaxons, Kitsune, etc. The disc includes another live film of Soulwax's Nite Versions, which is full of audience antics and crazy awesome music. The film awed me to be truthful. And my respects to Soulwax for all their work as one of music's hardest working groups.

Part of the Weekend Never Dies was directed by Saam Farahmand. Watch a trailer here. Here's my favorite Soulwax remix:

Buy Part of the Weekend Never Dies from Insound.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Top of 2008 #7

Sometimes I get worried about finding new artists to love. When I got home the first CDs I went hunting for were bands I already knew before I left. I didn't really know where to turn for new bands to look out for. But, luckily enough, Friendly Fires have received a decent amount of attention from the blogs for various awesome singles, remixes and a cover of another new-comer,Lykke Li. Friendly Fires' debut is a well-crafted album full of catchy hooks, guitars, and everything else that should make you weak at the knees.

Friendly Fires-In the Hospital
Buy Friendly Fires from Insound.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Top of 2008 #8

Little Joy is the perfect recipe. Just three simple ingredients make Little Joy's debut album a smashing success:

1 Part Devendra Banhart+1 part The Strokes+1 Cute Girl = Little Joy.

Ya got it? Ok. Their album is an almost flawless breezy pop monster. That sounds as if a Stroke and some dude who plays sometimes in Devendra's band got together and made music. Oh...wait...

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Top of 2008 #9

Metronomy's second LP Nights Out is filled with interesting bits. From the amazing "Heartbreaker" to the goofy/creepy "Radio Ladio" there's always something interesting to hear from this London trio.
The LP plays out like a night out on the town filled with the upbeat moments and depressing bits. The singer said it was sort of an ode to those nights out that just left a little to be desired. Everyone knows the feeling, and hearing it as a soundtrack to your own disappointing night out on the town is hauntingly dead on. Some moments of Nights Out really have me feeling sort of frenetic, and other moments of pure dancefloor hits. There's a little bit of something for every type of mood.

Buy Nights Out on Amazon.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Beach Baby

Bon Iver is releasing a new EP called Blood Bank on January 20th. The EP contains 4 fresh new cuts from indie's new poster boy. The songs are chilling, seamless additions to last year's For Emma, Forever Ago.
Here I've got the song "Beach Baby," which could almost be a "Re: Stacks Part 2" It's really a beautiful track. Also look for the haunting auto-tuned(!!) "Woods" on a blog near you...
Bon Iver-Beach Baby
Pre-order your CD or 12" from Jagjaguwar now!

Hazards of Love Tracklist

Paste Magazine got out a few more details about the Decemberists' new LP Hazards of Love. It will be released March 24th on Capitol Records. And here's the tracklist:
1. Prelude
2. Hazards of Love 1 (The Prettiest Whistles Won’t Wrestle the Thistles Undone)
3. A Bower Scene
4. Won’t Want for Love (Margaret in the Taiga)
5. Hazards of Love 2 (Wager All)
6. The Queen’s Approach
7. Isn’t it a Lovely Night?
8. The Wanting Comes in Waves / Repaid
9. An Interlude
10. The Rake’s Song
11. The Abduction of Margaret
12. The Queen’s Rebuke / The Crossing
13. Annan Water
14. Margaret in Captivity
15. Hazards of Love 3 (Revenge!)
16. The Wanting Comes in Waves (Reprise)
17. Hazards of Love 4 (The Drowned)

Looks like a real epic tracklist if you ask me!

The Decemberists-Culling of the Fold (Demo)
Colin Meloy-The Rake's Song (Live)

Previously on Dreams of Horses: Hazards of Love

Top of 2008 #10

Little Marnie Stern's big album This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That is well-known by now for it's comically large title, and Marnie's abilities to rock out. Her finger-tapping guitar-playing is admirable by slobber boys everywhere, and by anyone who wants to be able to rock out. The cd is a solid affair. So what if her singing isn't the best-when did that ever matter? Rock's history is full of mediocre singers. The cd is an awesome creation.

Buy it on Insound.

Marnie Stern-Transformer

Top of 2008 #11

I couldn't get down to 11. I'm sorry. So after almost 6 weeks of playing catch-up I think I've got this whole "year 2008" thing down. And after days of listening to albums not only from this year and 2007, I've picked out the best from the good. And we're gonna start counting down backwards-style that's so common for these lists. Welcome.

If you've never seen the Fiery Furnaces live, then maybe you won't get this record or be able to sit through two discs of it. But when they play live, they cut up their songs and then re-hash them all over the place. One second they'll be playing something off of Blueberry Boat and then kooky guitar lurches into a riff straight off Bitter Tea. I wasn't able to see them tour in support of Bitter Tea or Widow City., so I'm really glad they made this album. It's just like hearing them live. And I love it so much.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Grand Ole Playlist

Check out this rad playlist that Kim of Matt & Kim fame made for RCRDLBL. It has some great songs by M&K ex-tourmates Best Fwends, the firecracker Kid Sister, mad DJ A-Trak, and of course, Matt & Kim. While you're enjoying the jams, look up Matt & Kim's Flickr. Then just try and sit still till Matt & Kim's new record Grand is in your hands next year. Check out potential tour dates where you live supporting Cut Copy(!!) next March on their MySpace.

Inside the Corrections

Just found this diddy on my iTunes and love it. It's a New Buffalo track that was originally featured on her album The Last Beautiful Day. This version however was featured on a self-titled EP with guest appearance by DOH fav Jens Lekman. Yay! He is currently on tour in Asia (if you're from there, great) with Viktor Sjöberg.Tour Dates follow the mp3.

New Buffalo-Inside (The Corrections) (ft. Jens Lekman)
Dec 4 - Shanghai, China - JZ
Dec 6 - Bandung, Indonesia - Dirgantara I IPTN
Dec ? - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - TBA

Buy The Last Beautiful Day from Insound or iTunes

Guilt Bookstore

So this news about a possibly-bionic hand bringing back the Long Blondes is the best news of the week. Maybe I will be able to see them after all! For those of you who don't know, the band broke up because their guitarist injured his hand. Lame. And for those of you who don't know who I'm talking about, shame on you.
Here's the video for "Guilt." Kate with dog actors!

And speaking of things that make me happy, a new episode of ThunderAnt!!

"The food was so good in the airport that I never left the airport." Sometimes I feel like them when I'm going through new CDs I get in the mail. But definitely not that bad.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Sorry for the heavy lack of posting!! I'll get on it. In the mean time here's a mix I fixed up of some tracks I've been liking.

Autorretrato Mix
(32.93 MB, 28:44 Min)

Envelopes-Party (Sportsday Megaphone Remix)
Ratatat-Seventeen Years
Flying Lotus-Parisian Goldfish
Lucky Dragons-Ivy Girls
Panther-Puerto Rican Jukebox (Lips and Ribs Remix)
Best Fwends-Get Away From Me
Stereolab-Self-Portrait With Electric Brain (YACHT Remix)
Copy-A Slight But Delicious Warble

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

She's Done Us Wrong Enough Times

Metronomy has been one of my favorite new artists this year. Their album Nights Out is a slow-grower. The first couple tracks, instrumentals, wear you out a bit when you reach "Radio Ladio" it's love.
But my favorite track has been "Heartbreaker," which has been remixed dozens and dozens of times. On the original, I love the squealchy, creaky keyboards and percussion. The sounds on it are just great. I really am enjoying this remix of the song also, because it preserves much of what I love of the original but upgrading it.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nerd Voice

Original drawing by Chad Crouch
So I'm Copfy and I'll be your mix guide today. Today are some nice poppy tunes to make your Saturday a little bit brighter.

Copfy-Nerd Voice mini mix (26.05 Min, 36 MB)

Islands-Abominable Snow
Good Shoes-Small Town Girl
Vampire Weekend-Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (Very Best Remix)
Peter Bjorn & John-Let's Call it Off (Girl Talk Remix)
YACHT-It's Coming To Get You
Late of the Pier-The Bears are Coming


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hazards of Love

Photo by the awesome Alicia J. Rose

If you didn't read the news on Pitchfork today, go and check out because oh my word, their new album Hazards of Love sounds like it's going to be epic. Talking to Rolling Stone,
It’s a twisty, fantastical story about a woman named Margaret who is ravaged by a shape-shifting animal; her lover, William, who is desperate for the two of them to be reunited; a forest queen; and a villainous rake. “There’s a story there, but it’s really painted with broad strokes,” says Meloy.
Look for Hazards of Love around the end of March 2009!

AND the Decemberists just played a show in Michigan last week and you can go get a recording of the show in FLAC lossless format here. Thanks very much to the recorder! It's great quality and the closer is a new chapter to "Hazards of Love" that is just beautiful! (If you don't know anything about FLAC I'd recommend you look here about converting FLAC files to MP3s for your own use, not to be redistributed).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ruler of the...

So since I was gone Marnie Stern came onto the scene. I guess you love her or hate her. I love her. Check out her video for "Ruler" and maybe you'll like her too.

Monday, November 17, 2008

We Are Young

I don't know how many of you may have already heard Portland's The Shaky Hands' new CD Lunglight but it s spectacular. I just recently got it and ran through the whole thing about twice. The melodies instantly get lodged in your head and their feel-good vibes are infectious. I really don't know a whole lot about them but darnit if Portland didn't do it again in churning out the awesome acts.

The Shaky Hands-We Are Young

You can buy Lunglight from Kill Rock Stars or Holocene Music. Or even on iTunes if your need is urgent. (At Kill Rock Stars you get a free poster with your order oooohh if that sways you any)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Days of Elaine

The other day in the mail I got my latest edition of the Decemberists' Always a Bridesmaid: A Singles Series, this edition month's 12" vinyl being the lovely "Days of Elaine" backed with "Days of Elaine (long)" and "I'm Sticking With You." The songs are truly great and the vinyl is beautiful. If you haven't bought the vinyl, I strongly recommend it. You can buy "Days of Elaine"and other Decemberists goodies here. Or buy the first two volumes of Always a Bridesmaid on iTunes.
And last week the group popped in on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and played "Days of Elaine." Here's the video.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ohio's own awesome blues rockers The Black Keys made their last album, Attack & Release with DangerMouse and was a pretty stellar disc. They are also quite awesome to see live. We saw them open for Arcade Fire awhile back in Austin and it was one of the sweatiest, heaviest shows I've been too.
If you've never seen them live, don't worry. They're set to release a new live DVD called The Black Keys Live at the Crystal Ballroom (which is where we saw Sleater-Kinney take their final bow and is a very cool venue too) on November 18th. Produced and directed by Lance Bangs (husband of Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney, Jackass film guy, and also director of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' live DVD Tell Me What Rockers to Swallow, Belle & Sebastian's Fans Only, Sonic Youth's Corporate Ghost etc.) Here's a video and MP3 from the DVD, of the song "I Got Mine"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just Half of a Sunburn

So, Matt & Kim, meet the readers of Dreams of Horses. Readers, meet Matt & Kim. This adorable video just made me love this song. It's an incredibly catchy tune and I can't get enough of Kim's huge grin through the whole thing. Kind've reminds me of Karen O's face while playing live.
Matt & Kim are from Brooklyn. They have a new CD coming out soon called Grand and I can't wait to hear it all. They're going on tour with Cut Copy in March (see the tour dates at Pitchfork). Here's a video of when Matt & Kim rolled through Denton last year:

Friday, November 07, 2008

Shark Week

Around here in these parts, we love us some Shara Worden aka My Brightest Diamond. We loved her first CD, Bring Me the Workhorse and am totally loving her latest CD A Thousand Shark's Teeth. For such a delicate girl, she's got an incredible voice (she studied opera here in Texas) and great songs.
And she happens to have a new CD called Shark Remixes Vol 1 because, like she did with Workhorse she let people have a crack at remixing her already great songs (the results of the first remix album was Tear it Down). But this time she's letting four people remix several songs and they're releasing each one as an EP. This first one was remixed by Alfred Brown. You can buy Shark Remixes Vol 1 on iTunes for $5.99. Here's a peek.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's Boring

Photo by Sarah Meadows
Tonight! YACHT makes a super-special stop tonight in Dallas at Club Dada (buy tickets here). I wish I could go but I can't. Though my sister CC is planning on going so maybe she'll take some pictures or video? That'd be sweet. YACHT is of course here wasting time before the Fun Fun Fun Fest on Saturday/Sunday that I also won't be attending. Lame. Anyway, here's a B-side from YACHT's first DFA release, Summer Song. It's VERY DFA-sounding more on the second half but the lyrics are still goofy and YACHT-ly. Buy the EP on iTunes and get a remix of the other track, "So Post All 'Em."

YACHT-"It's Boring / You Can Live Anywhere You Want"
YACHT-"So Post All 'Em"

Here's video CC took when YACHT last came to Rubber Gloves in Denton.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Getting Down

So I thought I'd share this little mix I made this morning with you. It's a good little dance mix, great for dancing in your car, cubicle, club, or comfort zone. The editing's not too hot (my first) but the songs fit well together I think. Hope you enjoy!

Dreams of Horses-Getting Down Mix (66.05 MB)
Here's the tracklist:
The Kills-Getting Down
Fujiya & Miyagi-Uh
Hot Chip-Wrestlers (Sticky Dirty Pop Mix)
Cansei de Ser Sexy-Let's Reggae All Night
Ratatat-Shempi (Zongamin Remix)
Ladyhawke-My Delerium
Friendly Fires-In the Hospital
Calvin Harris-The Girls
Lo-Fi Fnk-Wake Up
Digitalism-Pogo (Radio Edit)
Cut Copy-Nobody Lost, Nobody Found

A New Day in America

Photo by Diegu
Well America, this is the today promised to you yesterday. Congratulations and good luck to Barack Obama as he takes his position as our future president. We know you have a lot to fix and change.

This song is completely my favorite off of their latest album, Made in the Dark. I love Hot Chip's ability to make real dancefloor fillers ("Over & Over," "Boy From School," "Ready For the Floor," etc) and slower R&B-like jams (see "Look After Me" from The Warning and most of Coming on Strong). This is an acoustic recording made by frontman Alexis Taylor. It's found on the "One Pure Thought" single. Buy it on iTunes.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Slowest Rhyme

Hey you all remember how I'm in love with Bobby Birdman? Since I've been gone there's two more reasons!! No he hasn't made a new CD sadly. But he did remix up this old Young MC track.

Young MC-Slowest Rhyme (Bobby Birdman Remix)
You can find it on the Bust a Move Remix 12" also with Diplo and Don Rimini remixes at Delicious Vinyl. Or here on iTunes.

Well that was one thing. The other is that he has a new(?) track on the Hush Records' DECA compilation celebrating Hush's 10 year mark. This song is just SO cool. If you don't like Bobby Birdman, at least download this next track. I really think you'll like it. The drums are sick.

Bobby Birdman-Ridin' for a Fall (Young Dub)

You can download the DECA compilation at Hush. Or if you have a heart you can buy it for however much you want, as that is the new style of CD selling.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Nothin' But Girls

Evie Sands - Take Me For A Little While
by soulpatrol

Well I was looking through some of my CDs and came across own my sister had given me that a guy she worked (his name's Matt, or DJ Boom)with had given her. It's 23 songs of old 60's girl groups, all pretty short, full of heartbreak and pleading. It's a really enjoyable listen so I thought I'd just put up the whole thing. You've probably heard several of them but, still worth hearing. Some of them I don't know the name of the group so if you know you'll have to tell me.

Various Artists-Nothin' But Girls

And for an extra bonus, here's Neko Case covering "Train from Kansas City," which is sung originally by The Shangri-las if I'm not wrong.
Neko Case-Train From Kansas City

Saturday, November 01, 2008

'86 'Til Infinity

Hey so um, I got back this Monday from Mexico. I've been kinda just soaking in everything. New music, movies, tv, fashion, everything. I am really glad to be back and start takin' care of the blog. My sister Carol did a pretty good job as she could. She's a workaholic so I understand why the posts weren't many but we're gonna start changing that.

I'd really like to change the layout of the site but I don't have any skills. So if you think you can help, it'd be appreciated. If not, I'll try and muck through it all...

Anyway, this is a really awesome mix that Copy made for XLR8R magazine called "'86 'Til Infinity"
It's full of awesome Portland bands (Glass Candy, Atole, YACHT, The Blow, Copy, etc.) and well, just check it out.

Copy-'86 'Til Infinity Mix

Monday, July 28, 2008

Annie New Album Sampler

One of the albums I am looking forward to this year is the return of Annie. Her new album Don't Stop isn't out until October 6th, but I've got this album 11minute sampler you might enjoy.

You can also download a free copy of the Get Shakes remix of her first single "I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me" here and buy all 7 remixes here.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Let's Girl Talk

If you are a Girl Talk fan, there is a new release this week that you may want to run out and buy. Greg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) and Frank Musarra (of Hearts of Darkness) have mixed 15 years worth of Thrill Jockey artists' music and compiled it on a cd under the moniker Trey Told 'Em. This cd is super limited edition (only 4,000 made). Most of them were sold at the Thrill Jockey anniversary shows in Chicago & London and through mail-order, but a very very small number are being sold through retailers. It's called Super Epic Thril Jockey Mega Massive Anniversary Mix by Trey Told 'Em.

Stream the new album through his myspace, or you can also pay what you want for the new Girl Talk album Feed the Animals, ala Radiohead through this link. If you pay more than $10, you automatically get a physical cd.

Upcoming tour dates:

Wed07/23/08 Sugar Victoria BC
Thu 07/24/08 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver BC Twin Crystals
Fri 07/25/08 Capitol Hill Block Party Seattle WA
Sat 07/26/08 Roseland Theater Portland OR Panther, Monkey Trick
Sun 08/03/08 Lollapalooza 2008 Chicago IL
Fri 08/08/08 All Points West Festival Jersey City NJ
Thu 10/09/08 Starlight Ballroom Philadelphia PA Grand Buffet, Hearts of Darknesses
Fri 10/10/08 9:30 Club Washington DC Grand Buffet, Hearts of Darknesses
Sat 10/11/08 Sonar Baltimore MD Grand Buffet, Hearts of Darknesses
Mon 10/13/08 Cats Cradle Carrboro NC Grand Buffet, Hearts of Darknesses
Tue 10/14/08 Orange Peel Asheville NC Grand Buffet, Hearts of Darknesses
Wed 10/15/08 Valarium Knoxville TN Grand Buffet, Hearts of Darknesses
Thu 10/16/08 Variety Playhouse Atlanta GA Grand Buffet, Hearts of Darknesses
Fri 10/17/08 House of Blues New Orleans New Orleans LA Grand Buffet, Hearts of Darknesses
Sat 10/18/08 Warehouse Live Houston TX Grand Buffet, Hearts of Darknesses
Mon 10/20/08 Emos Austin TX Grand Buffet, Hearts of Darknesses
Tue 10/21/08 Palladium Ballroom Dallas TX Grand Buffet, Hearts of Darknesses
Thu 10/23/08 Rialto Theater Tucson AZ Grand Buffet, Hearts of Darknesses
Fri 10/24/08 Henry Fonda Theater Los Angeles CA Grand Buffet, Hearts of Darknesses
Sat 10/25/08 Henry Fonda Theater Los Angeles CA The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK
Mon 10/27/08 The Fillmore Auditorium San Francisco CA Grand Buffet, Hearts of Darknesses
Tue 10/28/08 The Fillmore Auditorium San Francisco CA The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK
Thu 10/30/08 In The Venue Salt Lake City UT The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK
Fri 10/31/08 Ogden Theater Denver CO The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK
Sat 11/01/08 The Granada Theatre Lawrence KS The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK
Mon 11/03/08 First Avenue Minneapolis MN The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK
Tue 11/04/08 Turner Hall Ballroom Milwaukee WI The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK
Wed 11/05/08 Canopy Club / Club Void Urbana IL The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK
Thu 11/06/08 Cannery Ballroom Nashville TN The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK
Fri 11/07/08 Headliners Music Hall Louisville KY The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK
Sun 11/09/08 Bogarts Cincinnati OH The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK
Mon 11/10/08 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland OH The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK
Tue 11/11/08 Eagle Theatre Pontiac MI The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK
Wed 11/12/08 Koolhaus Toronto ON The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK
Thu 11/13/08 Club Soda Montreal PQ The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK
Fri 11/14/08 Showcase Live Foxborough MA The Death Set, CX KiDTRONiK

Monday, June 16, 2008

Rilo Kiley & Thao Tour

Last night, I saw Rilo Kiley, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, and Benji Hughes.

Now, I would describe Benji Hughes as a guy who looks like he should be in ZZTop, sings like Englebert Humperdinck, backed by a rock band. It was cool because it was different and unexpected.

Thao (Nguyen) & the Get Down Stay Down sounded a lot different than I thought they would. I guess maybe it's because I haven't listened to the new record as much as I should've. The old one (Like the Linen) is just SO fabulous. On stage, Thao dances and thrashes her head like no one's watching.

I was never a big Rilo Kiley fan. I have seen them before and thought they were good, but I never really fell in love until Jenny Lewis came out with her solo album. So, admittedly, it's more about Jenny, but I really enjoy when Blake sings and look forward to his songs on the new album. Jenny's smooth, sweet voice is intoxicating and almost, almost outdone by her onstage presence. You can tell she enjoys performing. I am eagerly awaiting her new solo album due out later this year and produced by Elvis Costello.

As for now, I will be downloading all that I can find and it looks like my first stop is for bootlegs at the Rilo Kiley Network.

"Little Boxes" (Weeds theme) Jenny Lewis & Jonathan Rice

"Roll On" Dntel (featuring Jenny Lewis)

"Nothing Better " Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab) with Jenny Lewis

Monday, April 07, 2008


Last night, I went and saw Jim Florentine at the Improv. He started making a name for himself by toying with telemarketers that would call his house. He told a story about how he took a girlfriend dressed as an expectant mother to an abortion clinic that had a bunch of protesters outside. She had a pillow in her dress and she was saying, "No, I want to keep it, " but he was bullying her into the place. Then she ran down the street, and he ran after her with a wire coat hanger. Yeah, I know I have sick humor, but I think the guy is ingenious.

Oh, you may also know him as Special Ed or Bobby Fletcher on Crank Yankers.

Hear some of his stand-up comedy on his myspace page and definitely check out his prank phone calls.

This is my favorite, the classic Special Ed "I Got Mail" call.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sort It Out

This is kind of what my brain feels like right now. I am trying to go thru the 500+ pics that i took during the week. I also may have an mp3 or two to share, if they turned out.

For now, here is a little quick round up.

Best band I had never even heard the name of: Bellafea

Best lived-up-to-the-hype: Crystal Castles (except that it was a super short set)

Best Reunion: The Slits

Best Haven't-Seen-in-Awhile: Janeane Garofalo

Band that got all glitsy and famous: Sons and Daughters

Band set to blow up: Okkervil River

Jerk of the Week: Taylor Hanson

Coolest guy-that-has-every-reason-to-act-big-but-doesn't: Thurston Moore

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mea Culpa

Hello again,

If there is anyone still out there, who checks in from time to time, I must apologize. I have been out of touch with music in general for a while. Since Mike left, I have found no joy in music. I love music so much that if I can't discuss it with someone, I am lost. Mike and I would constantly have a back and forth of "Do you like this?" or "Have you heard this?" Without that sharing of music, I'd rather not listen.

On my ride home from sxsw, I was crying to Nirvana's "Lithium" that was playing on the radio. Good music can really move me, and I just miss having that person with whom I can share all of the good things that are out there.

Again, please forgive my lack of updates. I need to get back into it and have all of the good stuff picked out before Mike gets home. I plan on planting him in his room with all of the music and movies he's missed over the past couple of years.

Right now, I'm loading all of my pics from my memory cards, so I will have a sxsw update sooon.

Most Sincerely,

Monday, January 21, 2008

New This Week

This week ADA has some great releases, one of them being Cat Power's new one. So I finally uploaded a couple of the videos i took of Chan at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin.

Out this week:
Black Mountain - In the Future (Ltd Ed 2 disc/on JagJaguwar)
Blood on the Wall - Liferz (Toured with Sonic Youth/YYYs/The Kills/Fiery Furnaces)
Bodies of Water - Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink (on Secretly Canadian)
Cat Power - Jukebox (Deluxe silver foil gatefold w/bonus cd)
Depeche Mode - 5 Reissues on 180 gram Vinyl (Music for the Masses, Violator, Songs of Faith and Devotion, Ultra, & Exciter)
Evangelicals - The Evening Descends
Hey Willpower - P.D.A. (=part Imperial Teen, part Tussle/On Tomlab)
Holy Fuck - LP
Lions - Jungle Struttin' 7" (Ltd 1000 copies)
Love Is All - Mixed Up (on Parlophone)
Mahjongg - Konpab (on K Records)
Mono - Sky Remains the Same As Ever DVD
Jack Penate - Matinee
Rafter - Sex Death Cassette (releasing a song a week on Asthmatic Kitty)
Santogold - Creator 12"
Super Furry Animals - Hey Venus!
Times New Viking - Rip It Off (on Matador)