Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mike's Top Singles of 2006

I asked Mike what his favorite tracks from this year were. He didn't order his albums, but he did the songs, so enjoy. Sidenote: He's getting to where he dreams in Spanish and speaks Spanish in his sleep. Totally cool.

#1 Turn Into by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
#2 Parentheses by The Blow
#3 In The Morning by Junior Boys
#4 Let's Make Love & Listen To Death From Above by CSS
#5 Gravity's Rainbow by Klaxons
#6 Listen Up by The Gossip
#7 We Were Sparkling by My Brightest Diamond
#8 When You Were Young by The Killers (thanks underrated)
#9 Body Work by MSTRKRFT (sorry, i couldn't find my cd)
#10 Hustler by Simian Mobile Disco

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Well, I'm a little hmph about the whole 12 days. Might as well go out on a high note. So, I'll make 12 days 4. Thanks to everyone who reads and those who entered, including Sam who won yesterday.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

The Affair hails from New York and will be releasing an album on Absolutley Kosher, home to many awesome bands including, Xiu Xiu, Hidden Cameras, The Court & Spark, and recently +/-.

"With a swagger in their sound that could only come from the five boroughs, the band channels bits of New York acts like the Shangri-La's, The Ronettes, and Blondie. Throw in dashes of the Cars and the Runaways and distill them in gin and thorns, it give them a distinctly modern voice."


Anything But Disco

Friday, December 29, 2006

day 4

Let's see how this goes. Day 4's winner will receive The Beatles-The Capitol Albums V.2 (4cd) boxset. It includes all of the albums pictured above in both mono and stereo.

All of these tracks are from This Bird Has Flown: A 40th anniversary tribute to Rubber Soul

Fiery Furnaces-Norwegian Wood(This Bird Has Flown)

Ben Lee-In My Life

Nellie McKay-If I Needed Someone

Again, if you'd like to enter, please post your email in the comments. Congrats to Jamie for yesterday's coup.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

day 3

Day 3 (a little late in the day)brings you 3 little items. First is the UK import from Semifinalists. This full sounding 3 piece has been recommended if you like Flaming Lips or Secret Machines. They even made some top 10 lists this year.

I also have the KCRW Alive & Rare compilation and the Feist Mushaboom cd with a Postal Service remix, Knock Knock remix, and video.

Semifinalists-Show The Way

Semifinalists-You Said

If the prizes haven't done it for you yet, hopefully, I'll part with something you'll want. It's hard giving away you're own stuff.

p.s. Nick, you won day 2. Eenie meenie was all I needed for the 2 of you.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Day 2

Okay, so #4 was drawn out of a blank cd spindle top, which means born_on_the_floor wins! I'll get it in the mail asap. Send me your addy.

Today, up for grabs is a 50 Foot Wave self-titled ep and Lisa Papineau's Night Moves. 50 Foot wave is Kristin Hersh's side band. And, Lisa's lent her voice to Air and M83.

50 Foot Wave-Animal

Lisa Papineau-Shucking, Jiving

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Thank You

As a thanks for reading, I wanted to start an annual give-away. I was going to call this the 12 days of Diss-mas, but that's pretty lame. Every day for the next 12 I will be giving away something. It may be big. It may be little, but hey, it's free. Let's start out slow. One cd by Immad Wasif and a couple of YYYs stickers from Show Your Bones. It's his solo release on Kill Rock Stars. He's been in alaska!, The New Folk Implosion, and toured with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

So, please leave your email in the comments. I will randomly draw a name and announce it before the next day's giveaway.

Out In The Black by Imaad
Run, do not walk to the New Year's Eve Party that Urban Pollution is throwing down in Austin. I wanted to give it full props by waiting until people were back from xmas break, so listen here. You will regret not being at this show. If you're even mildly thinking about it, just decide to do it. Here are the specs. This is why I'm freaking out.

December 31st at The Mohawk in Austin, TX
Doors at 8pm
only $10!!

Inside Stage:
09.00pm Loxsly
10.30pm Jonathan Meiberg
12.00pm A Hawk and a Hacksaw

Ouside Stage:
09.45pm Cari (of Belaire) & Jason (of Voxtrot)
11.15pm Evangelicals
12.45pm The Blow

More info here

The Blow-Pile of Gold


Evangelicals-Here Comes Trouble

Monday, December 25, 2006

So, you want more new music, eh? Well, I've been sitting on the new Explosions in the Sky for a couple of days and don't want to ruin the whole album for you, but you can check out 3 of the 6 songs from their upcoming cd here. They've all been posted this week. Anyhoo, the Texas instrumental band's cd All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone drops February 20th.

And, Low's new album Drums and Guns will be in stores March 20th. Using a couple of new elements (drum machines, looped vocals, etc.), they re-interpret a couple of their live show staples as well as bringing the subtle beauty and power that you've come to expect from Low.

Pretty People

Violent Past

Saturday, December 23, 2006

No one else is blogging. Is anyone reading? Anyways, 2007 looks to be a great year. The spring will bring many flowers, including a full length release from political dance punks !!!. Their album Myth Takes will be released March 4th through Warp and is set to get you dancing again.

Myth Takes

Heart of Hearts

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The new album by Sondre Lerche is Phantom Punch. Drawing on early musical influences from 80s pop to Brazilian music, he recorded many of the songs in one take. He says, "I wanted every song to jump out of the speakers-punchy, concise pop songs, played with restless spirit."

Airport Taxi Reception

After All

See the video for Say It All here.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The last Air album was on constant rotation in our store. The new album Pocket Symphony includes vocals by Jarvis Cocker and Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy). They'll be heading out in March to support the album. So, here are a couple of tracks from the new album in eager anticipation for it's release March 5th.

Once Upon a Time

Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Happy Hanukkah! I can't imagine where we'd be without the talents of such an important group of people. So, as a Hanukkah gift, give your friends a subscription to Heeb Magazine. I guarantee you'll be captured by the great articles of politics, social matters, as well as entertainment. Or try one of the artists below and buy them an album.

Sleater-Kinney - Entertain

Regina Spektor - Ne Me Quitte Pas

Jenny Lewis - Fernando (from Jay Leno) courtesy of livemusicblog

Yo La Tengo - Autumn Sweater (alt version)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Rakes new album Ten New Messages is set to be released this March. At the helm are Jim Abbiss & Brendan Lynch who've produced Arctic Monkeys and Primal Scream. Lead singer Alan Donahoe said the album is a "combination of choral music, the television show 24, (James) Bond theme tunes, World War 1 poets and the Sugababes".

"It's a bit more focused than the last album. It has the same sort of lyrics but its more character driven," Donohoe told NME.COM. "We've got this one song called When Tom Cruise Cries. Its about media sensationalism on one level but on another level its about how actors can be so believable you get into an emotional relationship with them when they're only acting. I got the idea for this from the scene at the end of Magnolia when he's rying at his sick father's bedside."

They'll be touring in the UK in March. Hopefully, when they come to the states, they'll hit more than 7 cities or whatever it was. Didn't you guys have fun at SXSW? That's where we fell in love. Don't you remember?

22 Grand Job (Filthy Dukes Society mix)

Let's Dance w/Lilly Allen (Bowie cover)

T Bone (bonus track)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Amy Poehler's newest project Mighty B was just picked up by Nickelodeon for 20 shows beginning in 2008. Amy stars as the voice of Bessie Higgenbottom, the world's most ambitious and lovably unhinged 10 yr old Honeybee scout who has earned more Bee Badges than anyone in history but will not stop until she's earned every last one. I'm curious to see how many former SNL alums she gets to help with voice overs.

I'd rather have inserted an Amber skit here, but I'm sure dumb NBC made YouTube remove them all. Watch this while you still can.

Monday, December 11, 2006

K To The O

Karen O & Janet Weiss (of Sleater-Kinney)

These low-key Karen O tracks were found in a once inhabited apartment of TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek. I love the KO and hope you do too. I saw the YYYs open for Sleater-Kinney in New York and had Karen O's stylist Christiane(?) Joy trying to push us out of our front row spot, 'cause "I'm her stylist, and it's my birthday." She didn't get the spot but jumped up and down on us for quite a while.

And all the woe that moved him so That he gave that bitter cry, And the wild regrets, and bloody sweats None knew so well as I, For he who lives more lives than one, More deaths that one must die, Oscar Wilde

We're in it for the long haul kid, we feel, cuz we're real All the love + safe travels + good luck Karen!


Karen O - Beside Me

Karen O - Save the Seeds

Friday, December 08, 2006

All Good Things Come to an End

The Organ called it quits in November and the announcement rang across the globe yesterday. Speculation is that the break is due to members living far apart. Hopes are high for new projects between members as well as possible solo stars rising.

Lead singer, Katie Sketch's appearance in British Vogue. Wish I'd seen this first hand.

Memorize the City

Love, Love, Love

It's Time To Go

Thursday, December 07, 2006


So, here I am begging for Peaches & Herms to come back and reschedule their show for Dallas/FW. It was cancelled because Texans are so scared of their driving that they won't venture out and just take it slow. I also blame both cities for knowing about the cold front and not preparing the roads for it. Sorry for the rant. I'm still reeling from the disappointment.

You Love It (w/ Joan Jett)


Break It Off (Doors vs Peaches vs Jefferson Airplane) lots/too much going on here

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rock Stars Kill

My favorite record label Kill Rock Stars has put together their annual holiday packs. There is something for everyone, from The Decemberists to Xiu Xiu to Shoplifting to Deerhoof to Sleater-Kinney and more. Most of the packs have a combo of cds, posters, and shirts. They even have a sale on shirts that are going out of print. A few new tshirt designs for KRS and 5RC have been added as well. Best thing: If you buy $50 or more they'll throw in a cd-r of their itunes exclusive holiday compilation.

Deerhoof - Miou Miou Remix

Deerhoof - Rrrrrrright (Roman Sheriff Remix)

Shoplifting - Male Gynecology

Petra Haden with The Decemberists - Wuthering Heights (live Kate Bush cover)

The Decemberists - Mr. Blue Sky (live ELO cover)

The Decemberists - Go Your Own Way (live Fleetwood Mac cover) not super recording

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Just Desserts

Mary J. Blige took home 9 trophies from the Billboard Music Awards. I typically depise awards shows (gasp!), but I am glad that Mary J. got the recognition. She's a classic. She doesn't make the headlines, because she doesn't participate in any drama. So I could understand if she'd been overlooked by those not listening to the radio. But, she deserves your ears, so please lend them.

Dance For Me (Thunderpuss Remix)

Be Without You (Remix feat. Stat Quo)

At Last (cover Live with Natalie Maines)

She'll be releasing a greatest hits later this month and will be on Jimmy Kimmel on Friday the 8th.

Monday, December 04, 2006


French artist Eglantine Gouzy draws comparisons to Bjork with her delicate voice and electronic ways. I'm excited to hear what her full album Boamaster offers. She first caught my eye with this video.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mr. Invisible

As it has been said before, everyone knows one thing about Jandek, that no one knows anything about Jandek. The elusive Jandek will be making a rare appearance in Indianapolis December 9th and one in Atlanta possibly in February. Since 1978, he's released all of his own cds (nearly 50 now) via a p.o. box on his own Houston label Corwood Industries. He doesn't sit for photographs. Often when approached, he never admits he's Jandek, but refers to himself as a representative of Corwood Industries. Kurt Cobain told Spin in '93, "Jandek's not pretentious, but only pretentious people like his music."

Go to Orangejello for a couple of mp3s.

Interview with the man himself from the dvd documentary.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

And So It Begins

I love the buzz before SXSW.
The Stooges are booking a full spring reunion tour including a March 17th date at SXSW. They will first master their new album, recorded with Steve Albini at the helm. Mike Watt is on bass, and Brendan Benson even did some vocals on "Free and Freaky." They're also playing All Tomorrow's Parties with Sonic Youth, Deerhoof, Dinosaur Jr, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Wolf Eyes, Melvins, Blood Stereo, Jackie-O Motherf*^%er and more. This is the December 8,9,10th installment of ATP. More Stooges details here.

Also scheduled/announced for SXSW 2007:
Rickie Lee Jones to speak
Booker T
Kristoffer Ragnstam

Iggy Pop and Francoise Hardy - I'll Be Seeing You (mp3)

Iggy Pop interview with Tom Snyder (c.1981) (mp3)

REM - The Passenger (Iggy Pop cover~live) (mp3)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Beloved Swedes, Abba, are going to be honored with a museum in Stockholm. Set to open in 2008, the band will do little more than contribute items. So sad that these buggers won't get back together.

Abba - Take a Chance on Me

Abba - Knowing Me Knowing You

Madonnna - Hung Up (sgl remix)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

'Member that orchestral White Stripes limited cd I spoke of earlier? It's being used as material for a dance company in London and the Stripes themselves are looking to make an appearance at the last show. Here are a few mp3s.

White Stripes - Aluminium

White Stripes - I'm Bound to Pack It Up

White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button


Nelly Furtado has announced tour dates for some of the US and her native Canada. She's hoping some guests will come along, namely Chris Martin or Justin Timberlake or Timbaland. There's a presale on her site for you lovely Canucks.

December 2 Indianapolis,IN Pepsi Coliseum
December 3 Anaheim,CA Honda Center
December 9 Sacramento,CA ARCO Arena
December 10 Tacoma,WA Tacoma Dome
December 13 Camden,NJ Tweeter Center at the Waterfront
December 15 New York,NY Madison Square Garden
December 16 Sunrise,FL BankAtlantic Center
March 21 Victoria,BC Save on Foods Memorial Centre
March 22 Vancouver,BC General Motors Place
March 23 Kleowna,BC Prospera Place
March 25 Grande Prairie,AB Crystal Centre
March 26 Edmonton,AB Shaw Conference Centre
March 27 Calgary,AB Pengrowth Saddledome
April 4 Toronto,ON Air Canada Centre
April 5 Montreal,QC Bell Centre
April 6 Ottawa,ON Scotiabank Place

Nelly Furtado - All Good Things (written w/Chris Martin)

Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous (w/Timbaland)

Nelly Furtado - Maneater

Monday, November 27, 2006


Hope everyone had a good holiday. Busy momma and 4AD darling, Kristin Hersh will be releasing another solo album in the new year entitled Learn to Sing Like a Star (full track listing here). It will be her first solo album in 4 years. But don't let that fool you, in that time she's been busy with 4 boys, 50 Foot Wave, and still playing gigs with her stepsister Tanya Donnelly in Throwing Muses. She will also be featured in the upcoming documentary Rock'n Roll Mamas. Watch the trailer and buy a cd, where all proceeds go to the film, here.

Throwing Muses - Shimmer (live Aug '06)

50 Foot Wave - Sally is a Girl

Kristin Hersh - Your Dirty Answer

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

This Couldn't Wait

My newest obsession is, not the leaked Grinderman, but Dana Falconberry. She opened for Peter & the Wolf and then lent harmony and backing vocals during much of his set. She can span the spectrum between gritty and almost bluesy to quiet and innocent. Be her friend.

Morning That I Died (live)

My Sweetheart, My Dear (live)

Sweet Clementine

I predict, if he shares, Gorilla Vs Bear will have some great photos. Sorry, I'm going to upgrade my digital someday.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

While you're out picking up the Sufjan Xmas cd, pick up the new double cd of Mirah songs that have been retooled by all of her K friends. With all of the talent lending their paws, I'm super excited for the result.

"Following three albums, Mirah offered her songs to old friends and new ones for remixing, including Khaela Maricich (The Blow), Phil Elverum (Mt. Eerie), Guy Sigsworth (remixed Madonna and Bjork), Cindy Wonderful (Scream Club), Jona Bechtolt (Yacht), and Melanie Valera (Tender Forever). These songs are hot, sweet, and teeming with rhythmic divinity. Turn it up and dance it off."

Totally in love with all that helped remix including Anna Oxygen and Emily Kingan of The Haggard.

Super cool fact: Mirah was on Double Dare as a kid. I'm so jealous.

If you live in Portland you can go to the record release party where Mirah and her friends will be djing and video djing. It's November 26 at the North Star Ballroom.

The Light (Hooliganship mix)

Monday, November 20, 2006

LCD Soundsystem will be releasing a sophomore album called Sound of Silver on March 19. It's going to be nine tracks and hopefully just as moving as the debut album. They will be touring Europe beginning March 7th.

Disco Make You Lose Control - LCD Soundsystem vs. Missy Elliott

Wolf Child Tribulations - LCD Soundsystem vs. Patrick Wolf


After 14 years, the Sugarcubes reunited in Iceleand for one night only Saturday. It was the celebration of the anniversary of their label Smekkleysa.

Friday, November 17, 2006

New Cave

Fresh off creating the music for the movie The Propsition, Nick Cave has revealed more details on his new side project Grinderman.

"As our dreams and desires are hung on the butcher's hook of rampant consumerism, and the mirage and the illusion and the Nike trainers are served up on the trembling quim of an impossibly nubile girl-thing, 'No Pussy Blues' tells it like it is.
"It is the child standing goggle-eyed at the cake shop window, as the shop-owner, in his plastic sleeves, barricades the door and turns the sign to 'CLOSED.' It is the howl in the dark of the Everyman."

Grinderman's album is set to release in March but you can here a track on their myspace page.

Nick Cave and Julie Christensen - Suzanne (Leonard Cohen cover)

Nick Cave - Disco 2000 (Pulp cover)

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Dear Tara Jane ONeil, Oh how I wish I had the funds to go see you in the OKC tonight! Tara Jane not only makes beautiful noise on her own, but has done as a part of Rodan and Retsin, not to mention lending her talents to friends like The King Cobra, Papa M, and The Naysayer. Her visual art is mindblowing and shouts at my soul. Go be her friend.

If by chance you are in Kansas City, Denver, or SLC, she'll be in your town within the week.

Tara Jane Oneil - Blue Light Room

Tara Jane ONeil - The Poisoned Mind

Tara Jane ONeil - Your Rats Are

To make up for all of my mistakes, I've uploaded the whole Nothin' But Girls compilation that my friend Matt made for me. Sorry there are no names or song titles, but he likes to keep me in the dark. So, if one of you figure any of it out, please give me a clue.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cheap Cheap Cheap

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a bargain hunter, which is just a fancy way to say cheap. I don't believe in paying full price for most anything, if I can help it. You can find me many a Friday (or now Thursday) scouring the endcaps at Target for their clearance items. Most times I will wait until it gets down to 75% off. Well, I heard the Black Friday ads leaked, so I thought I'd share my cheapness. Check out this site.

Also, please stay tuned because I'm working on making up for yesterday.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

You Say Party

This weekend I co-hosted a party with my friend DJ Boom. Okay, really he did most of the work having it at his house and spinning, but I swear I helped. His true love is 60's music and to convert me to his ways he made me a mix of girl groups. So many of the songs made famous by the 60's artists have been re-made by people today. Anyways, here's a super small taste of this fabulous era.

The Ronettes - Be My Baby

The Crystals - Then He Kissed Me

Gloria Jones - Tainted Love

Friday, November 10, 2006

Funny Girl

Chelsea Handler has been one of my favs for a long time. She started out on a show called Girls Behaving Badly playing pranks on unsuspecting people. The girls on that show have umm...gumption, not the first word that comes to mind. One of my favorites was when they set up a sample table in the grocery store and told people the milk they just tasted was breast milk. GBB: Volume 1 comes out on dvd November 28th. Anyways, Chelsea has a new show on E! aptly called The Chelsea Handler Show. Check out the clips on YouTube or her myspace.

On The Internet

Flava Flav

p.s. hope the links work. anybody know a good hosting site?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

120 Days

Named after the 4 months spent rehearsing in a trailer in Norway, 120 days have impressed the socks off everyone. They've been signed to Vice and released a self-titled album last month. Their super sound is made with drum machines and synthesizers, blending together so well that it bends and stretches the limits of sound and mind. They've only got a few dates left here in the states, so tell me if their live show lives up to the recordings.

09 November Holocene Portland,OR
10 November Mezzanine San Francisco, CA (w/ Gil Mantera & Ricahrd Fearless)
11 November Echo Los Angeles, CA (w/ Tokyo Police Club & Feather Family)

120 Days - Get Away

120 Days - Come Out (Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Brokedown Melody

Brushfire Records is releasing a soundtrack for the film A Brokedown Melody. It's a documentary chronically the exotic travels of professional surfers who're trying to pass on their trade. The soundtrack has a great lineup and includes 2 unreleased songs by Jack Johnson and a solo unreleased track by Eddie Vedder. Just listening to Eddie Vedder with that eukelele (i think?) makes me want to head for the water or at least an open road.

Here's the track listing:
Culver City Dub Collective - The Cave
Jack Johnson - Home
Kings Of Convenience - Know How
Doug Martsch (from Built to Spill) - Heart (Things Never Shared)
Eddie Vedder - Goodbye (listen to it here)
Johnny Osbourne - We Need Love
Jack Johnson w/ Matt Costa and Zach Gill - Let it Be Sung (listen to it here)
The Beta Band - Needles in My Eyes
M. Ward - Transfiguration #1
Matt Costa - The Road
Astor Piazzolla - Vuelvo Al Sur (Koop Remix)
Jack Johnson - Breakdown (film version)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Super Tuesday

First thing's first, go out and vote today. Most of the races are sure bets here in Texas, but I don't think I can criticize the administration if I didn't try and change it. Your vote does count. Don't let anyone tell you different. Check out election reults in your area throughout the day.

Sharon Jones - This Land Is Your Land (mp3)

Some good new releases today

Isobel Campbell - Milk White Sheets
2nd album by former Belle & Sebastian member

CSS - Alala (12") (mp3)
you can't live without this-includes Princess Superstar remix

El Perro Del Mar self-titled (mp3)
folk-pop from Sweden with influences from 60's girl groups

Evens - The Evens Get Even (mp3)
Fugazi's Ian MacKaye and Warmer's Amy Farina's 2nd release

Benjy Ferree - Leaving The Nest
debut from new Domino artist, said to be americana/Iron&Wine-ish

PJ Harvey -
The Peel Sessions:1991-2004
Loved by John Peel and the rest of us, previously unreleased material

The Punks - Unanimous Bangers (mp3)
2nd release on 5RC (Slim Moon was a member before his new gig)

Shortbus Soundtrack
w/Yo La Tengo, Hidden Cameras, Animal Collective & more

Voxtrot - Your Biggest Fan (Ep)
Favorites everywhere they go, oh and they hate Mike

Various Artists - Plague Songs
w/Rufus Wainwright, Stephen Merritt & more

Monday, November 06, 2006

Artists with Hearts

The Yellow Bird Project of Montreal has a super smart idea. They've asked artists to design a shirt that they will print and sell, puting proceeds toward the charity of the artists' choice. My Brightest Diamond, Devendra Banhart, and Stars are just a few of those who've contributed. The cool thing is everyone wins. You get a shirt designed by one of your favs and charity gets dinero. Get one for the holidays.

The Gray Kid & My Brightest Diamond Mashup - Bang (YYYs/B52s/Nas)

Devendra Banhart - Doo Wop (That Thing) Lauryn Hill cover-Live in Paris

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Have You Got It

You practice in the garage. You've played your uncle's birthday party. You've yet to break your parents' hearts because they think music is something you'll grow out of. Here's a stepping stone across the treacherous waters of getting noticed in the music industry. The BBC World Service is looking for The Next Big Thing.

"Entrants have to be aged 18 or under, Unsigned with original music. Any style, any language. From anywhere in the world. Once the entrants have been shortlisted by global music industry experts we will be bringing together a panel of star judges. And they will choose The World's Best Young Band from 6 finalists recorded live at the world famous BBC Maida Vale studios. "

The brits are always good at giving the love to new artists and often "break" artists that, for one reason or another, haven't in their own country.

Upload your vitals and one original song and you're in! Get your entries into them by November 10th, and check out their Myspace page to keep up with the competition.

Stripe Contours

Appears that the White Stripes are working on a new album. Jack has said that he's not picking favorites between the Stripes and The Raconteurs but is happy that he has the luxury of options for songwriting between the 2 bands. He may be 50/50, but I'm not. Truth be told, I just haven't listened to the Raconteurs' album straight through.

Also, Jack has written some avant-garde orchestral pieces. XL put together an ensemble of classical musicians to perform and record them. They are pressing only 3,333 cds and 999 Lps. Each cd and Lp will include artwork by Rob Jones. Preorder it Monday, November 6th from Aluminum.

White Stripes - Good To Me (b-side)

White Stripes - Lord Send Me An Angel (Blind Willie McTell cover)

Damien Rice - Seven Nation Army

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bueno Dia de Los Muertos

Most of you know that one of our favorite labels is Kill Rock Stars. The fabulous people at the KRS office have gone thru and compiled the videos of their artists on YouTube. It's great because sometimes when I go to YouTube, I'm overwhelmed and don't remember all of the people I'd like to look up. Now, watching the 48 Sleater-Kinney videos will lead to a little Anna Oxygen and Elliott Smith. If other labels are smart, they'll follow suit.

Check out a small portion of their fabulous roster on YouTube here.

Anna Oxygen - Baby Blue

Elliott Smith - Going Nowhere (rare, basement era)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Bow

The Scissor Sisters are playing Halloween to a sold out London crowd. Why do you care? Because you can see it for free tonight on Global Cool. By pledging to reduce your carbon emissions, you are treated to not only the show but pre-show-getting-ready-antics. Their costumes and live performance are not to miss on any old regular day. A special Halloween show should be phenominal.

side note:

We are still running the contest for 3 copies of The Changes album Today Is Tonight. Add your email addy here to be thrown into the hat. Contest ends on Nov 10th.

Scissor Sisters - Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand Cover)

Scissor Sisters - Skins (remixed)

Monday, October 30, 2006

If They Mated

Now, I know this is pointless drivel, but Mike and I spent LOTS of time waiting for all of the great shows ACL weekend. We were talking about how awesome it would be if Carrie Brownstein (of Sleater-Kinney) and Matt Friedberger (of the Fiery Furnaces) played together, and possibly the control issues, blah blah blah.

Anyways, we kinda came up with a name for them or moreover the subject of them. To us, they are now BrownBerger

We also saw a lot of Cat power and Sufjan, and then got carried away deeming them, ChanJan (pronounced shawn-yawn) Finally, we saw Smog and Joanna and called them Smoanna. See Mike's earlier post.

We thought it was fun. Maybe you guys can think of some others in the music world. They obviously don't have to have any relation to each other. Possibly just those you'd like to see play together or maybe have offspring.

Sufjan Stevens - Ding! Dong! Vol. 3 That was the Worst Christmas Ever

Cat Power and Karen Elson - I Love You (Me Either) off Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisted

Friday, October 27, 2006

If Yr Nasty

Pink Nasty (aka Austinite Sara Beck) is high on my list of need-ta/wanna see. She was invited to tour with Bonnie "Prince" Billy and is featured on his live album. He reciprocated with a duet on her new album Mold the Gold. Her brother is Black Nasty, who helps to co-write some of her songs. Black and Pink Nasty also sing love songs with another brother as The Kevins.

Somehow I missed her last time she was in town and down the street from my house. I'm hot on her trail and will be buying whatever she's selling. She's playing solo at Good Records on Saturday the 28th at 3pm.

01 Nov in Austin @ Flamingo Cantina (solo) w/The Shells/Madeline and Geoff Reacher
02 Nov in Austin @ The Parish w/Britt Daniel
03 Nov in NYC @ Mo Pitkins (solo) w/Wooden Wand and many others
11 Nov in Louisville @ The Pour House w/Speed To Roam

May It Always Be

Don't Ever Change (w/Will Oldham)

Away Message (video)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm in Love

I chickened out and told Khaela of The Blow that Mike's in love with her. It's the truth, but I am, too. I've been lucky enough to be at 2 of her shows in about a month's time, and the live experience is captivating. I want her to dance in my living room. I'm going to go out on a limb and bet that you haven't picked up the new album Paper Television. It just came out on K on Tuesday, so go NOW!

Parentheses (live)

How Naked Are We Gonna Get (live)

Hock It (live)

Get the rest of this show at Lullabyes.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Not Finished With Them Yet

I'm gonna guess that this version of CSS's Alala is the one you might see on not-so-mtv's subterranean. The director spoke about the stop-motion concept with Video Static.

There are a few different videos for the same song and if you're a huge fan like me you can see them all on You Tube.

Mike and I were up front for their show at the Gypsy Ballroom opening for Ladytron. We were kinda the only ones dancing, but that's not unusual for a Dallas show. If you go see them, or anyone, please dance.

Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above (Spank Rock remix)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Via Audio

Via Audio was born at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. They recorded a six song ep, played numerous shows, and even caught the attention of Chris Walla of Death Cab. But don't count that against them, just kidding (I think I'm the only one not into Death Cab). Now, they are working on a full album with Jim Eno of Spoon. They've drawn comparisons to Stars and Rilo Kiley. Jessica Martins' super smooth voice reminds me of Sarah Harmer (whom I LOVE). I think they've got mad skills, and if I were you, I'd catch them before they blow up. They'll be at CMJ, so someone report back to me as to how the live show is.

We Can Be Good

Modern Day Saint


Funny enough, I was just looking for info on this festival last week. When you see that Peaches and Spoon are booked for the same show, your curiousity is peaked. I am happy to report that the very fine booker for Emo's has done what he does best but on a bigger scale. Fun Fun Fun Fest is going down December 1st at Waterloo Park in Austin. There's a little something for everyone with an indie stage, a punk stage, and an electronic stage.

I Summon You - Spoon

You Love It - Peaches with Joan Jett