Thursday, December 22, 2005

Oh Boy

Soo I haven't been updating like I thought I would. Huh. Oh well. It is Christmas season so um yeah that's no excuse I know I'm sorry.

Anyway I checked out David Sedaris's Naked from the city library in Provo UT before I left. When I get back I'm gonna have some late fees on it but whatever. I was really late jumping on the Sedaris bandwagon but I finally made it. Naked is the last book of his for me to read and it didn't disappoint. Anyway I thought I'd put up some audio of Sedaris reading some of his stuff. It's all pretty great so I hope you enjoy.

Diary of a Smoker (NPR Morning Edition
French Lessons
Big Boy
The Youth in Asia
That last file's pretty big (41 minutes) and has another story on it too but I can't remember which.

BONUS: This blog, Living in the Day has compiled a list of the supposed best 150 songs of 2005. Impressive.


Jeremy said...

Sedaris is outstanding, I saw him read in Salt Lake City a few years back.

But the real revelation here is: they have David Sedaris in the Provo library????

Anonymous said...

yeah it's actually a pretty nice library. they had some of his stuff on audio even.