Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'm Always Right

Okay besides ther goofy name, the Pigeon Detectives are pretty great. I heard about them because they're playing a big show with Sunshine Underground in the UK in Leeds on December 11th. Anyway, if you're wondering what Pigeon Detectives might sound like, ponder no more. The music sounds much like the Strokes.
If you downloaded the Strokes' new one (for shame!) and felt as if a little something inside you died, don't worry. That feeling you had from listening to Is This It has found a new home with the Pigeon Detectives. The singer, Matt, sounds as if he really cares, not the lazy talk-singing Julian Casablancas has been boring us with for a few years. Anyway, check them out. If you liked Sunshien Underground you'll probably love the Detectives.
These songs come from a demo they did in October of this year. Check out the other two tracks (which are equally great) here.
Don't Know How to Say Goodbye
I'm Always Right
I'm Not Sorry

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Moka said...

First time in your blog. This is quite lovely.
I'm adding you to my links tomorrow.