Friday, July 29, 2005

Fall Go! Team Dates

The Go! Team has announced plans for a fall US tour. Here's the dates:

Fri 10/14/05 Houston, TX Engine Room
Sat 10/15/05 Dallas, TX Trees
Sun 10/16/05 Austin, TX Emo’s
Tue 10/18/05 Tempe, AZ The Clubhouse Wed
10/19/05 San Diego, CA The Casbah
Thu 10/20/05 Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theatre
Sun 10/23/05 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore
Mon 10/24/05 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom
Tue 10/25/05 Seattle, WA Showbox
Fri 10/28/05 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
Sat 10/29/05 Chicago, IL Metro / Smart Bar
Sun 10/30/05 Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Theatre
Mon 10/31/05 Montreal, QC La Tulipe
Tue 11/01/05 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club
Wed 11/02/05 New York, NY Webster

PDX Pop Now!

Well the votes have all been tallied and the complete schedule of performers for the PDX Pop Now! Music Festival has been released!

There's a lot of great artists playing, including Viva Voce, Tara Jean O'Neil, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Norfolk & Western, Wow & Flutter and Talkdemonc, not to mention a few surprise guests!

"PDX POP Now! is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to celebrating the astoundingly prodigious and diverse musical community of Portland, as well as developing the relationship of Portland's music-makers with both fans and the community at large. Thus far, we've furthered these goals by putting on a three-day, free, all-ages festival of local music last summer, as well as by releasing a two-disc compilation of Portland music. "

Read more about the cause at Portland Mercury or Pitchfork.

Buy the compilation from Hush Records, K Records or Kill Rock Stars.

Horsey Mix #2

The last one went over pretty well...even though now most of the files aren't up. Oops. Maybe I'll fix that sometime...

The Fiery Furnaces-Evergreen
Tilly & the Wall-Fell Down the Stairs
Cat Power-Maybe Not
Xiu Xiu-I Broke Up (live at Emo's)
Belle and Sebastian-The State I Am In
Joy Division-She's Lost Control
Kate Bush-Brazil
Sufjan Stevens-The Preadtory Wasp
Sleater-Kinney-The Fox
The Lucksmiths-Sunlight in a Jar
Antony & the Johnsons-The Lake
Buck 65-Pants on Fire
Iron and Wine-Communion Cups and Someone's Coat
The Futureheads-Hounds of Love

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Decemberists are No-Go

A bunch of people were reporting on how the Decemberists were going to be contributing a song to an Elliott Smith tribute album, but Colin Meloy had this to say about it on their messageboard:

"Just wanted to let you know -- in the wake of all these little news blurbs -- that we are not, in fact, involved in the Elliott Smith tribute project. We were approached, mulled it over, and decided we just didn't have the time to devote to the project. As is wont to happen in this industry, some hasty folks decided that they'd go ahead and attach our names to the project anyway.

We all adore the work of Elliott Smith and his legacy, but we're all a little burnt on tribute projects right now. I hope this doesn't disappoint anyone. . . "

Soo...that's that.

You Ain't No Picasso reports on the Picaresque vinyl's release.

Evita Died on My Birthday

I know you're thinking to yourself, 'Ummm, it's early-ish in the morning and DOH is supposed to have already put up his next ACL Preview for me to peruse and ignore.' Well after looking at a calendar and looking at the rest of the list, it wouldn't match up. So I think that I'm gonna take a break on them. Don't worry you still got 22 to look forward to and remember that Out the Other is suffering through each and every artist. Check it if you didn't hear me the first time or you're unhappy with my decision and would like a new more dedicated quasi-music journalist.

Back to regular ole' business huh?

Revolution in the Head has just about every Belle & Sebastian cover song I've ever been looking for. Many thanks to them.

There's now a very comprehensive Sufjan fansite in the making over at All Good Naysayers.
Sufjan gives up interviews with Nerve and Salt Lake City Weekly (last one via LargeHearted Boy)

This Xiu Xiu fansite boasts many many live mp3s by the band. There's also a few live performance videos but I haven't checked them out to see if they work. Check out the video of "Crank Heart" in Texas at least.

We knew it'd happen some day-this picture on the side be the new Franz Ferdinand single "Do You Want To" cover art

Be sure to check out Domino Records' Multimedia page to see videos for "I Gave You" by Bonnie "Prince" Billy (I love that song!), Smog's "I Feel Like the Mother of the World," and The Kills' "Love is a Deserter." I really gotta get my hands on some of their singles...

The Olympian is doing a little preview for Ladyfest Olympia, which will include the Gossip, Spider and the Webs, Metalux, Anna Oxygen, C.O.C.O., Kimya Dawson, King Cobra, Mary Timony, Mirah, Tracy + the Plastics and Shoplifting. Wow.

Yahoo! takes a look at the Montreal scene.

You Ain't No Picasso makes the world happier with Now That's What I Call Indie Covers! Volume 1 and the inevitable all-time fave Indie Covers Bonus Songs!

And now, presenting Marriage Records:
Thanksigiving-Before You Died
Viking Moses-Al Jazeera
The Watery Graves-The Glass is Low
Rob Walmart-Waterskiing in Canada
Rob Walmart-France 1915
Drakkar Sauna-very much alone pt. 2: the coke binge
Kid Finish-I Love You So Much
Poison Dart-Broken Hearts, Broken Windows

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dirrty Projectors

The other day I bought the Dirty Projectors album Slaves Graves & Ballads and have been listening to it a lot (that and the new Gravy Train!!!! album...weird) but anyway it's such a good record. I wish I had more of their/his stuff. He's on a new favorite record label of mine, States Rights Records (they also are home to Thanksgiving, Bobby Birdman, Y.A.C.H.T. and Little Wings; and their website has bunches of free mp3s on it) even though Slaves Graves was released on Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records. They have also recently released two albums on Western Vinyl, The Getty Address and The Glad Fact.

Anyway, I hope you might like them also.

Twenty-Foot Stalks (exit 14)
Naked We Made It
Like Once Heated Milk
(Throw on the) Hazard Lights
Ladies You Have Exiled Me
My Offwhite Flag
Grandfather's Jacket
Finches' Song At Oceanic Parking Lot

ACL Fest #8

M83 is made up of one guy making really etheral music. He's French and his name is Anthony Gonzalez. There used to be another guy doing this with him but eventually it just became Gonzalez.

Umm...I got his latest CD Before the Dawn Heals Us and liked it pretty well. Although I have to admit I see his music as mostly background music, there are a few songs off of the album that can actually hold my attention, like the album's first single "Don't Save Us From the Flames" and "Teen Angst."

Run Into Flowers (Midnight F*ck Remix by Jackson)
Teen Angst
I Guess I'm Floating

Don't Save Us From the Flames video
Real High / Real Low
Windows High / Windows Low

M83 will be playing Sunday from 1:45-2:30 on the Heineken stage.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

ACL Fest #7/Rant

Alright so next in line for these little updates was going to be Rachael Yamagata but it seems like such a short time ago since I had dedicated a whole post to her, so I'm just gonna skip her and leave you the link to that post.

Here, here's that link. RACHAEL YAMAGATA will be playing Sunday on the AMD Stage from 1:45-2:30.

I am very happy about this next artist. What a good band to talk about on my birthday! (Today's my birthday.)

I love Tegan and Sara to pieces. I first heard them a couple years ago a little after their CD If It Was You came out. My sister had known about them and burned their CD This Business of Art for me to get started. Well, I loved it and bought IIWY and became a big fan. I saw them for the first time at SXSW in 2003. I actually drove down to Austin purely to see them and then drive back because it was a school night or something. Anyway...

I wish everyone had a chance to see Tegan and Sara live becauase they're so gosh darn amusing and cute! They are identical twins (in case you didn't know) and therefore have some intuitive ability to think up funny conversations between themselves on stage. I saw them again this year at SXSW except they were supporting 2004's So Jealous, which I believe has 14 great songs (that's the entire album for you softies). Anyway, they are great kids and I hope you like them too (even if Pitchfork doesn't)

Come on Kids
Love Type Thing
(thanks to Alway the Volume for those, they also have many more unreleased songs)
I Know I Know I Know
Speak Slow
I Hear Noises
In Your Room

TEGAN AND SARA will play Saturday on the AMD Stage from 11:45-12:30.

EDIT: If you aren't satisfied with my ACL previews or would just like another angle on the artists, be sure to check out Out the Other, a fellow blogger (typepadder?) who is already up into the forties on her ACL previews! Wow! And she isn't being picky about all the bands playing ACL; she's doing previews for every single band! Crazy and awesome. Check it out.

Also: I may not be posting again today and most definitely will not be posting any pictures from the show last night. You know, I wish I had checked Hailey's website to see that the headlining band Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice had pulled out of the show BEFORE I paid to get in the door.
After paying, we find out that Castanets has been pushed into the headlining spot and two other local bands have been added to the night's performances. I wasn't a very happy concertgoer then. I was very disappointed and thought Castanets was a very iffy performer. Not a fun way to start your birthday. Ah well.

Monday, July 25, 2005


Alright well I'm in Dallas now because tonight I'm going to the Castanets/Wooden Wand show at Hailey's. Maybe I'll see you there. Will be back tomorrow with pics.

Castanets-Three Days Four Nights
Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice-Cobra Christ of the Cabbages
Wooden Wand-Sundrum Ladies

ACL Fest #6

"With [Abby] DeWald on guitar and [Amanda] Barrett on mandolin and dulcimer, the Ditty Bops put a fresh new face on such venerable styles as ragtime, Western swing, ’20s jazz and jug-band music."

So. That's what ACL has to say about the Ditty Bops. I myself haven't heard more than the songs featured on their website. I do know that they did play at SXSW and toured extensively with Tegan and Sara, whom I trust wholeheartedly. If they thought they were good enough to open every night, they ought to be good enough to catch at ACL with during the sweltering heat.
Ohh La La
Moon Over the Freeway (live on Prairie Home Companion)
Where'd All the Horses Go? (live)

Hear more songs on the Ditty Bops Jukebox

The last two mp3's are hosted by the excellent Ditty Bops fansite The Washboard. They have several live and radio performances under their belt.

THE DITTY BOPS will be playing Friday on the AMD Stage from 11:45-12:30.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Beth Ditto Benefits

Awhile back I mentioned a benefit that would be for Beth Ditto of the Gossip's bill for her recent gall bladder surgery. Well apparently one show has magically turned into four shows in Washington and Oregon.

Sunday July 31 @ Neumos (Seattle, WA)
Pretty Girls Make Graves (MP3)
Tracy And The Plastics
Plus guests
$10-$15 suggested donation
Doors 8
Show 9
All Ages, Bar With ID

Friday, August 5 @ Yes Yes (Olympia, WA)
Calvin Johnson
The Old Haunts (MP3)
Joey Casio
Spider and the Webs
all ages
$5 cover

August 12 @ The Clipper (Olympia, WA)
King Cobra (MP3)
C.O.C.O. (MP3)
Mind Your Pig Latoya
doors 9pm
show 10pm
$5 cover

Monday Aug 15 @ Doug Fir Lounge (Portland, OR)
The Decemberists (MP3)
Sarah Dougher (MP3)
Die Monitr Batss
Doors 8
Show 9

More Xiu

If you've gone out and bought Xiu Xiu's new album La Foret, I hope you've popped it into your computer so you can see the "Bog People" video that's on the CD. It's quite bizarre. Amazingly, two other videos are going to be released for songs on the album, one for "Pox" and one for "Muppet Face." Apparently Xiu Xiu comissioned several people to make videos for songs some of which will be featured on Xiu Xiu's official site in the upcoming weeks, I believe.

If you head on over to No Performance, you can see the Computer Animated video for "Muppet Face." (Must have Quicktime 7)

Concrete information as to the release of the "Pox" video is unknown, but you can saunter over here to get a behind the screens look, including several screencaps.

You're sick of Xiu Xiu by now, huh?

Friday, July 22, 2005

Bedroom Walls / Fishboy

Every year after SXSW has come and gone, I find a new band that I like, only to find out they had played at the wonderful festival. A day late and a dollar short each year. The stars just don't quite align. Well, this year Bedroom Walls is that band.

While searching through Hush Records' website, I often like to see what they're distributing. Well the latest additions have been the new PDX Pop Fest compilation and two CDs by this band Bedroom Walls. From the cover of their debut album I Saw You Coming Back to Me I could tell they'd be the kind of aural terrycloth (does that sound awful?) I've come to know as a signature Hush sound.

So I checked out their website and much to my glee they have several MP3s for downloading. We love that. Also, they are a TV-approved band! Yes they've been on The O...wait...The 4400? You mean that USA show about alien abductees? You're kidding me, right? Okay no they're not. The song featured is called "Do the Buildings and Cops Make You Smile?" and they've released it on a 7".
Do the Buildings and Cops Make You Smile?
Winter, That's All
Your Idea of a Holiday (from their EP A Species of Idleness)

Look! They've even covered the Pixies!
Hey (ive at Piano's)

They also put up a few demo's from their upcoming album All Good Dreamers Pass This Way
In Anticipation of Your Suicide
Somewhere in Newhall (String Quartet Version)

Buy stuff here.
Really sorta unrelated but if you are looking for something to do in Dallas tomorrow, I'd recommend that you go to the Fishboy/Astronautilus instore at Good Records. Fishboy just had a new record, Little D come out.
Here's some Fishboy mp3s to convince you:
Aye Aye Sucka Sucka
Ray the Mover

Special Extra Download o' the Day!
Work That We Do-Mike Watts, Petra Haden and Stephen Perkins (Sublime cover) left click, follow link

Remixes are Good

So you like MIA and you like remixes? Good! Me too.
I found this site which happens to have plenty fo MIA remixes.

don - ten dollar love
Hombre (Xerox Re-tug)
aggro1 - uraqt in the ladies' room (mia vs meeting in the ladies' room)
aggro1 - pull up the poor bitches (mia vs mindless self indulgence)

So you like MIA and you like remixes? Good! Me too.
Chris pointed me in the right direction of these ace Bloc Party remixes, a couple of which will be on the remix album.
Banquet (Phones Disco Edit)

ACL Fest #5

The New Amsterdams get an A in my book. For one, while searching for mp3s for you all to download, their official site boasted of a free 5-song EP for everyone's downloading pleasure! How very thoughtful of them. So here it is in .zip format. I think they're a side project of The Get-Up Kids, whom I've never heard.

The New Amsterdams-Killed or Cured EP

1.Wears So Thin
2. Watch the World Cave In
3. Heaven Sent
4. Drinking in the Afternoon
5. Strangled by the Thought

Plus on top of that EP, they have additional mp3s for downloading! You know there are some bands that only have streaming mp3s on their site or none at all, and then there are bands like New Amsterdams that love putting up free music on their site. Good for them and good for us.

You know I've never really heard them before but from what I've downloaded, I like pretty well. I guess it's a good thing that I'm doing these updates because I'm getting to know bands I already know better, and then I finally look into some bands I've always heard of but never listened to. I hope you're enjoying it too.
Hover Near Fame
Son of a Prophet

Buy music by the New Amsterdams from Insound or Amazon.

THE NEW AMSTERDAMS will play Sunday at 12:00-12:45 on the Heineken Stage.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Guys, This Song is a Mess

I first heard of This Song is a Mess But So Am I (nee Freddy Ruppert) through the artist BARR (not to be confused with the Barr Band). I think they're going to be doing a split 7" on Oedipus Records and then they'll be touring in the fall. He also just got off tour recently with Xiu Xiu and they've released a split 7" together on the beforementioned Oedipus Records. He'll be releasing an EP on Acuarela Records later in the year entitled Marble Mouth.
His songs are pretty short, but they're jam-packed with emotion. Buy his debut LP Church Point, LA from Oedipus Records, Industrial Music, or Amazon.

Bedridden and Dancing
Song for Donna Ruppert

Horsey Mix

Alright so umm...putting up random mp3's works sometimes, right? Okay I'm pullin' that card and callin' it Horsey Mix

Death Cab For Cutie-President of What?
Sufjan Stevens-The Avalanche
The Cure-Close to Me
Radio 4-Dance to the Underground
Morrissey-Cemetery Gates
Blonde Redhead-Anticipation

Bloc Party-Helicopter
Be Your Own Pet-Damn Damn Leash
Akon-Mr Lonely
The Fiery Furnaces-Sing for Me
Gravy Train!!!!-Heart Attack

ACL Fest #4

I like Dios Malos, and not in that they-toured-with-the-Fiery-Furnaces-and-if-the-Fiery-Furnaces-like-them-I-should-like-them sort of way. Nuh uh man that's not how it works around here. Okay some of the times but not in this case!!

Babelfish tells me that Dios Malos is Portuegeuse for Malos Dios or is Spanish for God Bad. They were first Just Dios but the legal powers that be made em go bad. Anyway. These kids are smarmy enough to be a band that "Don't Do Pictures" (see bottom of above "photo" which turns out to be a scanned piece of notebook paper)

Okay I've never heard of Dios Malos before this. Once I got a flyer to go to one of their shows and it was a car with hydraulics so I thought maybe they were Spanish rap. Apparently everyone says they are beach boys but see for yourself huh? Don't be listenin' to what everyone else says because that's what I'm sayin'. I also read that they were on an O.C. mix. Cool yeah?
Starting Five

DIOS MALOS are playing Friday at 1:50-2:30 on the Austin Ventures stage.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

More Xiu

I know I know, you're sick of Devendra Banhart and me talking about Xiu Xiu (what are they, the new Sufjan?) but I'm really exicted about the split 7" that they're planning on releasing on what other godly label than 5rc. In case you don't read Pitchfork, Devendra will be covering Xiu Xiu's "Support Our Troops, OH!" from Fabulous Muscles and Xiu Xiu will be covering Devendra's "Body Breaks."
Xiu Xiu-Support Our Troops, OH! (Black Angels OH!)
Devendra Banhart-Body Breaks

Now...just imagine one of them singing the other. And then go pre-order it from Insound.

Speaking of Devendra, in case you're tired of searching around for his new leaked album, Cripple Crow, or are maybe just playing it safe, I've culled all the mp3's from it that I've found on other blogs.

Little Boys
Now That I Know
Heard Somebody Say
When They Come

Alright well, I thought I'd found more. Apparently not.
Sample more here.

John G. Roberts is the bother of Julia Roberts?? (Via Trent)

The Arcade Fire buy a church to turn into a studio. Getting tips from Ani DiFranco's book, huh?

I feel like I only post about so many people. Help me out here. You guys got any ideas? Any new artists I don't know about? Let me know.

ACL Fest #3

Aqualung, nee Matt Hales, to quote his ACL bio, "may share his nom de music with Jethro Tull’s classic 1971 prog-rock concept LP, but there’s not a flute or a codpiece within earshot of Aqualung’s U.S. debut, Strange and Beautiful."

I'm real glad that Hales left out the prog and codpieces because he er...well to be honest I probably wouldn't be posting about him. No offense to the prog but codpieces are just out of the question. I doubt he would've gotten his song "Strange and Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell on You)" put on a VOlkswagen commercial if it was prog.
Volkswagen commercial featuring Aqualung Quicktime

Anyway, Hales has gotten quite a bit of acclaim of his debut Strange and Beautiful. The music is quirky and yet strikingly wonderful. For the most part the music is just him and a piano in the style of many that have come before him but he sets out to make himself different. Anyway... he also had his music featured in the cheesefest that was Ashton Kutcher's last movie A Lot Like Love and his video for "Brighter Than Sunshine" features clips from it.
"Brighter Than Sunshine" Windows / RealPlayer Dial-Up / RealPlayer Broadband
Aqualung-Strange and Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell on You)

AQUALUNG is playing Friday at 5:15-6:00 on the Austin Ventures Stage.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sondre Xiu x 2

I've been digging Xiu Xiu's latest, La Foret for awhile now. These are a couple good mp3's from their performance for KVRX back in '03.
Xiu Xiu-20,000 Deaths for Eidelyn Gonzales, 20,000 Deaths for Jamie Peterson (Live at KVRX)

Xiu Xiu-I Broke Up (Live at KVRX)

Sondre Lerche also played at KVRX.
Sondre Lerche-You Know So Well (live at KVRX)

I've seen him live twice now I think, and he's been brilliant both times. I heard that he just recently got married to a girl that was in one of his videos, "Days That Are Over." Very happy for him. He's a great guy. If you haven't heard him yet, I highly recommend him.

Days That Are Over Windows Low / Windows High
Sondre Lerche-Wrong Reasons
Sondre Lerche-Locust Girl

EDIT: I put up a header at the top of the page. If you'll notice, there's a link to You should check out this guy, he's got great work. If his style looks familiar, you'll may recognize that he did the cover art for the Acuarela Discos release of Xiu Xiu's EP Fleshettes.

ACL Fest #2

I don't know a lot about Nine Black Alps. What I do know, however, is small and probably insignificant to their actual music.
I know they're British because they played SXSW and played at one of the UK showcases. Plus NME mentions them lots.
Not to be confused with Black Mountain, who is opening for Coldplay.
They just released an EP on July 12th in America. In the fall they'll be releasing their debut LP Everything Is (deep, huh?)

worst review ever?
These are all 8-track demos of these songs...
Shot Down
Not Everyone
Ilana Song

NINE BLACK ALPS will be playing Saturday at 2:50-3:30 on the Austin Ventures Stage.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Normal As Ever

Okay so here's a normal name-dropping post because I know you want more than Willy Mason.

Central Village has some unreleased Interpol tracks and a track that was on the Japanese version of Turn on the Bright Lights called "Interlude." Anyway, gotta love Interpol.

Chris makes sure he's getting mentioned a lot. Always such awesome stuff. Go grab the covers of TV on the Radio's "Modern Romance" and Cat Power's "Wonderwall." And some others if you're interested.

Mike Jonze joneses a great band, the Russian Futurists.

In case you need a few songs to add to that mix CD you're making for your trip to go see the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, Plague of Angels digs up some old Oompa Loompa tracks, the great "Pure Imagination" and some other candy songs.

Take Your Medicine has new Bloc Party track.

Okkervil River-For Real video (Quicktime)

ACL Fest #1

So unlike many other bloggers, I did not behold the wonders of Intonation Fest and will not be flying to Illinois to partake of that which is Lollapalooza. But I am looking forward to September where I will be taking part of Austin City Limits Festival. And this is where the blog comes in handy. If any of you are doubting going to ACL Fest or are not yet fully convinced that you should go and see the bands I am excited about, these installments will be handy.
We'll be starting at the beginning of this festival at the bottom of the lists, those smaller bands playing smaller stages.

"If there's any artist who can make a festival set feel like an intimate confessional, Mason is the guy."

Many people won't like Willy Mason. Be it his dorky appearance, his affiliation with Conor Oberst's record label Team Love, or maybe his album artwork. But you cannot be angry with the boy because of his music.

From looking at his face, you wouldn't expect this boy to be a deep singer. I was expecting something along the lines of Jeff Hanson, but got something much deeper. His songs are all country-tinged, which could liekly explain his being at Austin City Limits Festival, which does have a lot of country.

Gotta Keep Moving
Where the Humans Eat
Sold My Soul

WILLY MASON is playing Sunday from 2:50-3:30 on the Austin Ventures Stage.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

One Last Post Before I Go

Alright so this is going to probably be a puny post filled with a bunch of random mp3s. You kids like those, yeah? Okay well good. I'm not going to be posting for the next three days as I'll be in Louisiana.

The Shins-When I Goosestep (Chris has some other Shins B-sides/rarities, and some new Devendra Banhart if that's your bag)
Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice-Cobra Christ of the Cabbages
Interpol-The Specialist
Kings of Leon-The Bucket
Spoon-The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine

While I'm gone, do you see all those links on the right? Well, use them. All of them. They're good, I promise. Two cool new ones to me, Uni Finalist and Like Flies on Sherbert.

Expect ACL Fest updates Monday. On a sad note, Sleater-Kinney has dropped out of ACL Fest for some reason or another. Boo! The Kaiser Chiefs have been bumped up from their Friday 1:30 spot to Sleater-Kinney's Sunday 3:30 spot. Waah! Oh well. They're touring the US with old-time pals Pearl Jam.

8 Aug 2005 George WA, The Gorge Amphitheatre w/ The White Stripes, The Greenhornes
27 Aug 2005 Reading Festival 0870 060 3775
28 Aug 2005 Leeds Festival 0870 060 3775
30 Aug 2005 Dublin, Music Centre 087 024 34455
31 Aug 2005 Belfast, Spring & Airbrake
1 Sep 2005 Manchester, Academy 3
2 Sep 2005 London, Koko
4 Sep 2005 Los Angeles CA, Barnsdall Art Park as part of Arthurfest
11 Sep 2005 Kitchner, ON @ Memorial Auditorium (w/Pearl Jam)
12 Sep 2005 London, ON @ John Labatt Centre (w/PJ)
13 Sep 2005 Hamilton, ON Copps Coliseum (w/PJ)
15 Sep 2005 Montreal, QC Bell Centre (w/PJ)
16 Sep 2005 Ottawa, ON Correl Center (w/PJ)
19 Sep 2005 Toronto, ON Air Canada Center (w/PJ)
20 Sep 2005 Quebec City, QC Collisee Pepsi Arena (w/PJ)
22 Sep 2005 Halifax, NS Metro Center (w/PJ)
24 Sep 2005 NYC, NY @ The New Yorker Magazine Festival, Venue TBA
30 Sep 2005 Atlantic City , NJ @ Borgata (w/PJ)
1 Oct 2005 Atlantic City , NJ @ Borgata (w/PJ)

They've also got a video made by director Matt McCormick for their next single "Jumpers" coming out soon!
In case you haven't seen the video for "Entertain," (shame on you!) here it is:
"Entertain" Hi Quicktime/Lo Qicktime

EDIT: In true godly form, Welcome to the Midwest has already posted up Sufjan's KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic set that just barely went off air.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pull the Lever!!

Okay so I hope you all watched the Decemberists on Conan O'Brien last night. They were in top form! And in case you didn't miss it, here's the performance:

The Decemberists-"We Both Go Down Together" (live on Conan) .wmv

Ah what great kids. I was a bit surprised to see Jenny Conlee playing a full-size piano instead of her little Rhodes. Gotta pull out th' class for Conan I suppose. Speaking of Jenny, she likes Chewbacca.

A nice interview with Sufjan with the Onion AV Club.

Okay now, Astralwerks sent me some videos from some of their artists. I don't really know some of the bands so I just picked the ones I've heard of/can agree with putting on my blog.

The Chemical Brothers-"The Boxer"
Hi Win Hi Win Hi ram Hi ram

The Golden Republic-"You Almost Had It"
Hi Win Lo Win Hi ram Lo ram

Band of Bees-"Chicken Payback"
Hi Win Lo Win Hi ram Lo ram

Kraftwerk- "The Robots (Live)"
Hi Win Lo Win Hi ram Lo ram

The Concretes-"Say Something New" (mp3)
Hi Win Lo Win Hi ram Lo ram

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

HDD July

Okay so July is night upon us but it doesn't mean there's a few concerts in Dallas to see this July. Here's my picks for the month (taken from the wonderful NTX List)

July 12 - Faux Fox/Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes/The Undoing of David Wright/girlsrisewithheat @ Rubber Gloves
July 19 - The Sneezes/Wives/The Willowz/Catalina @ Rubber Gloves
July 21 - Ray Lamontagne/Rachael Yamagata @ Gypsy Tea Room
July 25 - Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice/Castanets/I Heart Lung @ Hailey's
July 28 - Le Tigre/Electrelane/Gram Rabbit @ Emo's (AUSTIN)
July 29 - (smog) @ Hailey's


Never too early for Christmas! Chris may be holding himself back from mentioning Sufjan but I'll take my chances at using his name again.

Sufjan released three Christmas EPs to friends and family years ago and, by the graces, they've made it online for those of us who are sadly not friends and family of Sufjan. They're wonderful, and everyone always talks about Christmas in July right?

Thanks a ton for Irresponsible Journalism for having these up. (They're all zip files; left click and save target as)

Sufjan Christmas Volume 1
Sufjan Christmas Volume 2
Sufjan Christmas Volume 3

Go here for the tracklistings.

For you non-Sufjanians.

Dodge posted a lot of Decemberists covers last week but missed a few.

The Decemberists-Sickness (Donner Party cover)
The Decemberists-Let's Go (The Feelies cover)
The Decemberists-Tonight (The Soft Boys cover)
The Decemberists-Nobody's Home (Pink Floyd cover)
The Decemberists-Pablo Picasso (partial Modern Lovers cover)

A reminder: To those of you who never bought the Decemberists' EP The Tain, you have no excuse now that KRS has re-issued it! It is out today and the only difference between this and the original is the packaging.
And don't forget, they're going to be on Conan O'Brien tonight!!

If you're a non-Sufjanian and an anti-Decemberist, well, you're sore out of luck today.

Oh alright. Torr put up two new Dandy Warhols songs from their upcoming album. Here's the first single:
Dandy Warhols-Smoke It

Just Because

In case I ever fall behind in posting like I did this last weekend, be sure to peruse my links on the right for some other, more ambitious music blogs to satiate your hunger. Many of them are golden oldies and some are newer like myself. Anyway, here's a couple of the newish ones that you may not be visiting often.

Theme Park Experience
Useless Dolphins with Radio
The Confabulators
Welcome to the Midwest
Moroccan Role

Better post coming later.

Monday, July 11, 2005

KRS Madness

Slim Moon is in crazy mode right now. His beloved label Kill Rock Stars is releasing three albums (Xiu Xiu's La Foret, Gravy Train!!!!'s Are You Wigglin? and Metalux's Victims of Space) and two DVDs (KRS Video Fanzine 3 and Sadie Shaw and Sarah Reed's movie Charm tomorrow! Bless his heart. Here's some samplers from the CDs.

Xiu Xiu-Bog People (On the CD there is a video for Bog People which is, in true Xiu Xiu fashion, highly bizarre and unsuitable for the squeamish.)
Gravy Train!!!!-Darque Tan (Sadie Shaw directed a video for this which should be online soon)
Metalux-Caligraphy Zone

Leslie Feist

So apparently Feist is pretty cool right now. Or I might be slightly behind and she's done being cool. Fat chance. I think she's great! She's sung with the likes of Broken Social Scene, Kings of Convenience, and Peaches. She put out her own album Let it Die in April and from what I've read it's gotten pretty good reviews.

Some people think she isn't so great live but, she may just be one of those people. I was going to try and see her with the Kings of Convenience at SXSW but the line was way too long.

Many of the songs on Let it Die are covers, from the featured BeeGees cover to Ron Sexsmith and Francoise Hardy.

Feist-Inside and Out (BeeGees cover)
Feist-Lonely Lonely
Bright Eyes-Mushaboom (via BrooklynVegan)

The Big Ticket just wrote up a review about a Feist show she recently went to and even features an unmix.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Some Things

PopMatters takes a look at the Decemberists' "fey ambiance."

When the world thinks he's been working on the Strokes' new album, guitarist Albert Hammond Jr goes and teams up with David Cross and buys a nightclub.

While perusing the MTV website I find that MIA is going to be featured on Monday night on the sometimes-music channel. That's cool. I'm really glad she's getting mainstream attention, because I think she could have a broader fanbase among American youth. She isn't a far stretch from Missy Elliott and the like so it was only a matter of time before she caught on.

Missy Elliot (ft. MIA and Vybz Cartel)-Bad Man
MIA-Bucky Done Gun video (.wmv) (via The Big Ticket)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Flight of the Mistle Thrushes

The Decemberists have put up dates for their US fall tour:

"Flight of the Mistle Thrushes" Tour 2005

09.11 Fillmore San Francisco, CA ## all ages
09.12 Fillmore San Francsico, CA ## all ages
09.13 Henry Fonda Theatre Los Angeles, CA ## all ages
09.14 Henry Fonda Theatre Los Angeles, CA ## all ages
09.16 Glass House Pomona, CA # all ages
09.17 Rialto Theatre Tucson, AZ # all ages
09.18 Marquee Theatre Phoenix, AZ # all ages
09.20 Granada Theatre Lawrence, KS # 18+
09.21 Diamond Ballroom Oklahoma City, OK # all ages
09.22 Ridglea Theatre Ft. Worth, TX # all ages
09.23 Engine Room Houston, TX % all ages
09.24 La Zona Rosa Austin, TX % all ages
09.25 Austin City Limits Festival Austin, TX all ages
09.27 Beta Bar Tallahassee, FL # all ages
09.28 House of Blues Lake Buena Vista, FL # all ages
09.29 Tabernacle Atlanta, GA # all ages
09.30 Orange Peel Asheville, GA # 18+
10.01 Sonar Baltimore, MD # all ages
10.02 9:30 Club Washington D.C. # all ages
10.04 Webster Hall New York, NY # all ages
10.05 Webster Hall New York, NY ++ all ages
10.07 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA ++ all ages
10.08 Lupos Providence, RI ++ all ages
10.09 Pearl St. Northampton, MA ++ all ages
10.10 Avalon Boston, MA++ all ages
10.13 Phoenix Theatre Toronto, Ontario ++ 19+
10.14 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH ++ all ages
10.15 Madison Theatre Cincinnati, OH ++ all ages
10.16 Mississippi Nights St. Louis, MO ++ all ages
10.18 Metro Chicago, IL ++ all ages
10.19 Metro Chicago, IL ++ 18+
10.20 Orpheum Theatre Madison, WI ++ all ages
10.21 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN ++ all ages
10.22 Sokol Hall Omaha, NE ++ all ages
10.23 Paramount Theatre Denver, CO ++ all ages
10.30 Voodoo Festival New Orleans, LA ++ all ages

## with Sons and Daughters and Petra Haden's Sell Out Choir
# with Sons and Daughters
% with Built to Spill and Sons and Daughters
++ with Cass McCombs

Tore up ACL

The ACL Festival grid is up!! And the Kaiser Chiefs have been added! Awesome. I think I may try and cover bands I like that are playing ACL (a la Funtime OK and Intonation fest). ACL has a few more people playing, several which I don't know anything about so I think I'll just do ones I like and think will be good. A lot of them are no-brainers maybe not all the ones I like just..some...okay this is pointless I hope you didn't read all of that.

Alright well yesterday I mentioned Voxtrot was getting a 7" released by Magic Marker Records. I don't know how much anyone knows about them so I am going to cover some bands that have been/are on their roster.

I already posted some mp3s of the All Girl Summer Fun Band but it's never bad to post more, is it? They've also released a full-length on K Records but that's another day.

Dreamy You
Girl #3
Car Trouble video (.mov)

Benji Cossa is one weird dude.But he's really good at making his songs available through his blog.
Good Times
Guinea Pigs

Boy Crazy is actually the band of ex-Decemberist Rachel Blumberg (her other band is Norfolk & Western now). They make cute melodies and released one albu, Foreign Words.
Stark Street

Dear Nora is one of Magic Marker's big hitters. They've released a lot on the label but I haven't heard much more than the mp3's they offer.

Since You Went Away
On to September

Other Magic Marker artists/songs:
Kissing Book-Your Melancholy Ways
Plastic Mystery-Before the Fall
The Gazetteers-Bedroom Community
The Owls-Air
Tullycraft-Rumble With the Gang Debs

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I know I've already posted about these guys, but I got their EP and love it a whole lot, and they sent me an e-mail about their upcoming/current tour (with new Eastern coast dates!). I forgot I was going to post this earlier in the day it is.

Anyway, the band has been busy what with releasing that EP, Raised By Wolves, putting up ads on Pitchfork, and the beloved touring method. Here's the tourdates and a better version of their song "Start of Something."

Wed 6 - Costa Mesa, CA @ Detroit Bar - FREE SHOW
Thu 7 - Los Angeles, CA @ Silverlake Lounge w/ My Favorite, Old Haunts [Kill Rock Stars], Bipolar Bear
Fri 8 - San Francisco, CA @ The Rickshaw - SF Popfest w/ My Favorite
Sun 10 - Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge w/ My Favorite, Eux Autres - FREE SHOW
Mon 11 - Vancouver, BC @ BLIM w/ My Favorite
Tue 12 - Seattle, WA @ Sunset Tavern w/ My Favorite
Thu 14 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
Fri 15 - Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive
Wed 3 - Omaha, NE @ O'Leavers
Thu 4 - Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
Wed 10 - Sommerville, MA @ P.A.'s Lounge
Fri 12 - New York, NY @ Rothko
more East Coast dates soon!

I'm also excited to hear that Magic Marker Records will be releasing a 7" single for the song "Raised by Wolves" later in the month!

Lord God

Check it, NPR's really on top of things. They've already got Sufjan's song for downloading. Gotta love 'em!!

And go buy Sufjan's new CD, the order's been rescinded.

Okay I swear this is the last time for..maybe a week that I have a post that even mentions Sufjan. Unless something happens like...he announces his next project or more tour dates that have something to do with Texas.
Anyway, this is his music video for the song "Romulus" from Michigan. I don't know if it's an official music video or anything, but it looks pretty well done and everything...anyway.

Sufjan Stevens-"Romulus" music video (.mov)

Bush can't ride a bike. And today is his birthday!! Aww.

Pete Townshend's mansion burned down! That's horrible. What's also horrible is that the mansion was Lord Alfred Tennyson's.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Illinois Delay

The Asthmatic Kitty website is saying:

"Delay on Sufjan's Illinois
Unfortunately we've had to stop selling Illinois due to an legal issue concerning the artwork. We'll post info here on the site when we're reasonably certain about the situation."

Between Thought and Expression says that DC Comics issued a cease and desist over the use of Superman. What punks. Why did I have to pracrastinate in ordering the album?

Thic picture above was taken from Sufjan's promoter Fanatic Promotion and it is sans Superman.

In any case it seems that Illinois may not be hitting shelves this Tuesday as previously expected. AK has also taken the CD down from their website's shop.

Here's some live Sufjan:
Sufjan live at the Black Cat-"Chicago" (.WMV)

Listen to Sufjan on WNYC's Spinning On Air

EDIT: Asthmatic Kitty has asked that if you own a website that you remove the cover art with Superman and replace it with the one without because DC is causing a fit over it so they are trying to get rid of it. Also, it seems AK has been served an order by DC Comics stating that they remove Superman from the cover blah help out the little label if you could.

Start Looking Forward to September

Franz Ferdinand have announced US fall tour dates:

Tuesday 20th September - Chicago - Aragon Ballroom
Wednesda 21st September - Minneapolis - Target Centre, Arena
Thursday 22nd - Kansas City - Uptown Theatre
Sunday 25th - Austin - ACL Festival, Zilker Park
Tuesday 27th - Denver - Fillmore Auditorium
Wednesday 28th - Magna - Saltair Pavilion
Saturday 1st - Seattle - Paramount Theatre
Sunday 2nd - Seattle - Paramount Theatre
Monday 3rd - Portland - Rose Garden Arena
Tuesday 4th - Vancouver Canada - Orpheum Theatre
Thursday 6th - San Francisco - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Friday 7th - Los Angeles - Greek Theatre
Saturday 8th - Los Angeles - Greek Theatre
Sunday 9th - San Diego - SDSU Open Air Theatre
Tuesday 11th - Las Vegas - The Joint
Sunday 16th - New York - Theater At Madison Sq Garden
Monday 17th - New York - Theater At Madison Sq Garden
Tuesday 18th Toronto Canada - Ricoh Centre

Probably more information to come.

And in closely related news, Sandra Day O'Connor has decided she didn't like Jon Stewart's naked photo of her so she's resigning.

Also, Kill Rock Stars is forming a benefit show for Beth Ditto, lead singer of the Gossip.

Tickets go on sale TODAY, Friday July 1st.
"Beth has made a smooth recovery from her recent emergency gall bladder surgery, but because she didn't have insurance, she owes a billion dollars."

August 15, 2005 @ Doug Fir Lounge, Portland OR )
Decemberists, Sarah Dougher, Die Monitr Batss
DJ Night School & DJ Stan (Nathan & Hannah from The Gossip)
Dance Party after the show!
Doors at 8pm, Show at 9pm

Tickets are $20 in advance, or $20 sliding scale Day of Show
You can get your tickets online: (search Beth Ditto)
Or visit Jackpot Records in Portland!
Tickets are limited!

For all you Decemberists fans: this is a small venue and a great chance to see your favorite band in an intimate setting!!