Friday, December 09, 2005

Dallas Shows

So I don't live in Texas right now but I am coming home this next week until the second week of January when I'll be coming back to school. ANYWAY I know a lot of you are from the Dallas metroplex area and I always like telling you what to do. So these are some shows that you should go to in the upcoming weeks, if you have money that is.
All dates are taken from this wonderful showlist site called NTX Showlist. It's a great site and is usually up-to-date with new shows. Plus it's run by my sister.

TONIGHT - Rogue Wave/Mazarin/The Happy Bullets @ Hailey's
TOMORROW December 10 - Weird Weeds @ Good Records (4pm)
- Xiu Xiu/The Dead Science/Weird Weeds @ Hailey's
December 14 - The Lovemakers/She Wants Revenge/Rock Kills Kid @ Hailey's
December 14 - Mommy & Daddy/Bang!Bang!/Kneepad @ Rubber Gloves
December 30 - Old 97's/Shibboleth @ Gypsy Ballroom
January 11 - Jason Anderson/Fishboy/The Love Letter Band @ Rubber Gloves
January 20 - Bosque Brown/Lowry/The Bowmans @ Rubber Gloves
January 21 - Bettye LaVette @ Poor David's Pub
January 24 - Akron/Family /Mi and L'au/Shearwater @ Andy's (DENTON)

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Eric Grubbs said...

Welcome back, hope you packed enough warm coats! Hope you got the tail end of the icy conditions. It was a tad crazy for a day and a half.