Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Put You in Your Place

This band sounds like exactly what I'd need today. It's been snowing all day and for a Texan that just ain't cool. So the name of this band is Sunshine Underground. I haven't seen the sun today so I guess...no that was going to be lame. Good thing I stopped it. ANYWAY this band is from Britain (!!!!omg) and they're pretty great. The singer's voice kinda reminds me of the Rapture but it's a lot easier to handle. I dunno, maybe if the Rapture guy was leading We Are Scientists? Maybe? Do you see where I'm going? Good because you need to download these tracks. Your winter happiness depends on it.

Put You in Your Place
They Got a Hold of Us

Download a couple more live tracks and a demo at their website.


Matt said...

these songs are awesome!
at like 0:27 in put you in your place, when he kinda screams... first thing i thought was mars volta. which isnt exactly a bad thing. although after that, nothing remotely mars volta-ish arrises.


Anonymous said...

these songs really make winter fabulous, thanks for them!!