Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So Sorry

I'm sorry that my posts have been dumb/absent the past couple days. I'll be taking finals until Thursday and then I'll be flying home soo probably don't expect another great post till maybe Friday. That might be pushing it. I don't know. Anyway, sorry to be the typical college blogger who has finals. Laaame.


Adam said...

I fully understand what your going through at the moment. Got my finals later this year and having to start my dissertation just now which I'm hating it. As your busy I hope you don't mind (too much) me further pushing my blog on others to go check out at the moment, I'm putting up new UK bands for next year, please take a look

bethanne said...

i understand completely. it's better to get your stuff done when it comes to finals (i was always the lucky one - my major and my classes all had their major stuff due before the official finals week so i always had a week off to do nothing when i was in college.) but good luck and take your time posting entries. you know they're gonna be good. :)

Species 8472 said...

It's quality not quantity that matters and your blog has so much of the first that, well...your finals must come first.

I passed my final Danish reading, writing and speaking exams Wednesday (I moved from England to Denmark May 2004) and I'm not your typical student either, being in the '35 to 45' bracket - as they say on the surveys - but I do know that studying hard to get the result that is justified, is most certainly not 'laaame' ;-)

I hope you did your best, continue when you're ready.

Jason said...

hey michael, i like the music you post here, so i added a link on my music blog.