Sunday, January 01, 2006

Shaking Everybody's Hand

drawing by Carson Ellis
It's pretty hard to not be all...starry-eyed at the beginning of the year. After an entire year of crap and everything, no matter what great stuff happened that year, it always feels great to have the chance to "start over." I don't know it's just sort of nice to think about thinking it will all be different this time.

Anyway, I'm glad to have a whole new year, hopefully with as many great music happenings as 2005. This song just reminds me of a list new year's resolutions. I haven't really made any myself this year, but what he says in the song wouldn't be too bad to shoot for.

Johnny Cash-Old Chunk of Coal


Anonymous said...

billy joe shaver (texan)wrote this song...they spoke to him on npr...i guess johnny cash said that this song was one of the few things that gave him hope while he was in jail...he'd sing it to himself all the time...kinda cool...hope this year is great for you, lil' bro

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