Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing Day

Today seems like it's gonna be a pretty boring. No real news to speak of it seems, since everyone's in holiday mode. Still a good day to put up a couple mp3s, right?

Well awhile back, there was a lot of hulabaloo as to whether or not the Decemberists would be participating in an Elliott Smith tribute full of Portland bands (and even titled To: Elliott, From: Portland). Well Colin Meloy said no, they weren't participating. And now the promo for the comp has been sent out and, yes, the Decemberists are on it. They contributed a cover of "Clementine" and you can download it at Each Note Secure.

Also, the other night a friend of mine was driving me back home. She's a great girl and has a great taste in music. She's been trying to get me to listen to Magnolia Electric Co./Songs: Ohia for quite some time but I never really gave in. Well she played Magnolia's new album What Comes After the Blues and I have to say it's a great album. It was really really foggy out, and it was surreal to be driving through it hearing this song, the first single off the album.

Hard to Love a Man

I hope you all have a good day returning unwante purchases or lounging around free of work!


Moka said...

It's actually a good day here

Anonymous said...

you should really check out the lioness, or the first magnolia album. i thought what comes after the blues was good, but subpar for molina. just a thought/suggestion.