Thursday, December 29, 2005

Things That I Know

I finally did that whole eMusic 50 free mp3's thing. Gotta say, it was pretty nice. I laid to wast the 50 free songs pretty quickly. I finally got the Dirty Projectors' The Getty Address, Y.A.C.H.T.'s Super Warren MMIV, Bobby Birdman's Heart Caves EP, the Liars and Oneida split Atheists Reconsider, and The Blow's Poor Aim: Love Songs.

I'm really really enjoying the last one. I had The Blow's album Bonus Album but didn't pay much attention. What caught my attention about her (because the band is essentially Khaela Maricich) was the similar one-woman show thing she has going that Wynne Greenwood of Tracy + the Plastics also had. I think they both even have similar voices and both use video when performing.

Anyway, the album was actually produced by Jona Bechtolt, aka Y.A.C.H.T., which explains why their beats sound very similar. He also is in a music video for the song I'm putting up here.

Knowing the Things That I Know


cbotwell said...

so how is emusic?
give me a review

travis said...

"hey boy" off of poor aim: love songs is like one of my favorite songs ever.

you should keep your subscription to emusic. it's a pretty damn good deal - like the price of a cd and 65 downloads/month. i never have a problem using all my monthly downloads... especially on stuff i'm not totally sure about but want to give a try. i don't know - i've been using emusic for a few years now and am a huge fan.

Steve Schroeder said...

Jona is actually a full time member of The Blow now. They write the songs together now and everything. So it is no longer just Khaela.