Monday, December 12, 2005

Age of Consent

I was interested when I heard that Sofia Coppolla was going to be writing and directing a film about Marie Antoinette, starring Kirsten Dunst and Max Fischer Jason Schwartzman. Well the first teaser trailer for it came out and I was very surprised by it. It looks a lot like a music video, mostly because there is no dialogue. The song used is an interesting choice too.
The song is New Order's "Age of Consent." Is Coppolla going to try and use contemporary music to spice up the movie a la A Knight's Tale? I hope that's not the case. Anyway I love the song and thought I'd share it with you, and the trailer, and an Arcade Fire cover of the song. Duh everything has to relate to them some how.

Marie Antoinette trailer (Quicktime)
New Order-Age of Consent (live on BBC)
Arcade Fire-Age of Consent


countrygrrl said...

have a soft spot for arcade fire...been accused recently of selling out...but just because every daily express reader has now heard of them doesn't make them crap. Love the blog!!

dan said...

omg omg omg, that movie looks amazing, im so in love with Sofia, great song too

Adam said...

The Arcade Fire are without doubt the best thing to happen to music for years. Just because most of us found out about them before they became big doesn't matter. They became big for all the right reasons, brilliance and originality(but even their cover versions are amazing, there's quite a few now aren't there?) if you have a second head over to for some new bands

d said...

hmmm, I'm having a difficult time getting the arcade fire version. has it already been taken down?

Ivan said...

Arcade Fire sounds terrible. Original is [most of the time] better, and in this case, it sure as hell is. The film also looks crummy. Baby Coppolla is no Daddy Coppolla.

alice said...

Kristen Dunst is ugly, but I approve of Jason Schwartzman. He's Robert Carmine (of rooney)'s brother!