Friday, March 31, 2006

Tonight and Tomorrow

Okay so it is the weekend and here are a few songs, one for tonight to get you going and one for say tomorrow morning/afternoon/whenever you wake up.

For Tonight:
Hot Chip-No Fit State
Skeletons and the Girl-Faced Boys-"Git"
For Tomorrow:
Shannon Stephens-I'll Be Glad

And I probably won't be updating for the rest of the weekend, because tomorrow night I'm seeing Damien Jurado and Rocky Votolato (that's really no excuse for the whole weekend). Have a great weekend!
Rocky Votolato-White Daisy Passing
Damien Jurado-Black Boys Loud


cbotwell said...

Hahaha i love that picture. OMG!!! Ponies!!!!

phlowtron said...

i went to high school with shannon stephens and to college with sufjan stevens (no relation, i guess spelling makes that obvious) in holland, mi. they were in a band together called marzuki, which is sufjan's brother's name. sufjan doen't sing in the band, if i remember right but, shannon sounds beautiful. many of the band members went on to record on asthmatic kitty. matt haseltine and jamie kempkers were other contributors to marzuki. good luck finding some music by them though they did put out 1 or 2 cds.

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