Thursday, March 23, 2006

Chromeo Mixtape

If you're into Vice Records, you're probably into Chromeo. No they don't have a new album as far as I know, but their album She's in Control spawned quite a lot of remixes. And now Vice is offering all of the remixes from the songs off the album in one zip file. It includes:

It includes:
Me & My Man Whitey Remix
Needy Girl (Bloc Party Remix)
You're So Gangsta (Playgroup Remix)
Rage! (Stretch Armstrong Remix)
Me & My Man (Juan Maclean Remix)
Needy Girls (Paper Faces Remix)
Destination: Overdrive (DFA Remix)
Rage! (Riton Remix)

They're all really great remixes, so get it while it's hot!


GiL said...

thank you very much
for these

Janus said...

they have a new album which is called "fancy footwork" and was released 2007

Adi said...

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