Sunday, March 26, 2006

Gospel Standards

I don't know what it is but I seem to find myself listening to more country on Sundays. I guess it's the slow pace of the day that calls for something not as rollicking or necessarily upbeat. So I often listen to lots of Neko Case and Johnny Cash. How awesome would that have been if they did something together? Wishful thinking.
Anyway I really love Johnny Cash's album of gospel standards appropriately titled The Gospel Collection. Also, this new CD isn't really all gospel songs but it's a collection of Cash's duets with June Carter also appropriately titled Duets that's really beautiful, filled with lots of wonderful songs between the two.
I don't know when this particular song was recorded, but in the song they sing about when they die they'll eb so happy to see each other, and it's just great that they love each other so much and everything. I can't write it right so here's the song.

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash-Far Side Banks of Jordan

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countrygrrl said...

i'll be waiting on the far side of Jordan...great lyrics...they were fab together..thanks for this track which i hadn't heard before but will play on sundays as well!!