Friday, March 10, 2006

Dallas is a Battlefield

If you live in the Dallas metroplex, you are forced with two great options for shows to go to tonight. How will you decide? Will you choose right? Well if you choose either of these shows I don't think you'll go wrong, honestly.

Option 1:
First, you'll head to the newly-relocated Good Records to catch an in-store of SOUND Team at around 5. That gives you three hours to start planning! Hurry! I hear it's a great new location for Good Records so that's great.

Second, you'll go across the street after perusing Good Records' great selection of stuff for some Taco Cabana. Mmmm...

Third, you'll wait in a humongous line for the excellent Gorilla Vs. Bear Showcase at the Cavern, back across the street. There you'll see Best New Music Tapes 'n' Tapes, Birdmonster, Seventeen Evergreen, and Bill from SOUND Team.

Option 2:
At approximately 8 PM you'll go see an excellent show at Gypsy Tea Room in the ballroom seeing SOUND Team (how is this possible??), Midlake, and Mates of State. If you're lucky maybe you can sneak into the tearoom and catch Youth Group and Matt Pond PA!

Man, you guys have got quite a night ahead of you. Enjoy it!!

Brought to you by NTX List (if you're in the area, this showlist can't be beat. It has everrrything you'd want to see.)

SOUND Team-Don't Turn Away
Mates of State-Fraud in the 80s
Matt Pond PA-Fair Lee
Youth Group-Baby Body
Tapes 'n' Tapes-Insistor
Birdmonster-All the Holes in the Walls


tim said...

this might be the first time i've ever wished i lived in texas.

Anonymous said...

for the taco cabana, yeah? there are about two times a year its totally worht living in texas: ACL and SXSW. there are many more reasons speckled inbetween, like taco cabana.

b said...

Nice lists, saves so much time and I got lowdown on some great shows in the area. Thanks for the link.

craig said...

on an unrelated note I just added you to my blogroll, I've been getting some nuggets here for a couple of months so I thought it was the least I could do

ps is there any way you'd considor making your font smaller, in Firefox it seems huge compared to other blog sites. maybe it's just me!?

Anonymous said...

I guess it is sort've big. kinda takes up more space. hahaha.

craig said...

oh my gawd! that's so much better!

Anonymous said...

yeah it does look better. thanks for the idea!

Dany said...

i missed this, but hell, i'll be there on tuesday