Friday, March 24, 2006

Like a Pillow

I know I usually don't talk about rap or hip-hop on my blog, but yeah. I am going to now. You've probably already heard of Cadence Weapon, maybe because he has his own mp3 blog (Razorblade Runner) or his remix of Lady Sovereign's "Blah Blah Blah." His own album Breaking Kayfabe came out last year and I finally just downloaded it. It's so great!
I don't know enough rappers to compare him to, but songs like "Black Hand" and "Diamond Cutter" have me wanting more! I guess you could call him an indie rapper, mentioning MySpace, Nike owning Converse, etc., Cadence Weapon is actually Edmonton, Canada's twenty year-old Rollie Pemberton. He played at SXSW and I wish I'd seen him, but I did see him at the Fiery Furnaces show.

Cadence Weapon-Black Hand


eddy said...

I really like you blog so honestly why embarass yourself writing about things you dont know. Stick to the don't have to pretend to like hiphop.Weird how indie fans feel almost obligated to listen to hiphop just so they're not accused of being "rockist" or something.If thats not the case here, then i apologise.

Anonymous said...

No I really do like some hip hop and rap, I just don't listen to it all the time just here and there. I don't feel obligated to be rounding myself out or anything, I just thought people might like him too.