Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mirror Stage

I know you're pretty much sick of me for talking about They Shoot Horses and their various sideprojects. Well here's the last one, I promise!
It's Ryan from TSHDT's one-man band called Collapsing Opposites. Again, the sound is very similar to They Shoot Horses but a little more accesible with less percussion/more tambourine. The horns are still there, but it's a quieter affair over all. Their 2005 album Mean Letters sounds like it would be a great album to have, so pick it up if you find it.
Mirror Stage

Be Ryan's friend.
Check out Shane from They Shoot Horses' blog. Lately it's been about the band on tour and stuff.

Also, makre sure you head on over to old favorite Funtime OK who has had quite a makeover and got a proper domain name. Fancy stuff.


Brian said...

thank you for mentioning us.

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