Thursday, March 02, 2006

You Threw Pennies in and Wished

Even though he's only done four or five remixes (that I can find anyway), Simon Bookish is making quite a name for himself as a remixer. His own music is fine good stuff (20 Jazz Funk Greats has a new track from his upcoming Unfair/Funfair that you should check out, but it's his remixes that have got me goin'.
I loved his "Karaoke Mix" of Franz Ferdinand's "Michael," and last year's remix of Grizzly Bear's "Eavesdropping" had everyone taking note. Well last year he also remixed one of my new favorite bands, The Organ. Just happens to be my favorite track too, "Memorize the City." Gone are the Smithesque guitar jangles, replace with a glitchiness we've come to expect from Bookish. His robotic monotone fits well next to singer Katie Sketch's girlish Morrissey drone, too.

The Organ-Memorize the City
The Organ-Memorize the City (Simon Bookish Remix)
Memorize the City video

See The Organ at SXSW on Thursday March 16.


Kyle said...

Thanks for the new remix! Leo is a really interesting guy, and i got a chance to talk to him a couple weeks ago. Can you believe he's never played in the states?

travis said...

oh wow... a the organ remix i haven't heard. you rock.

20jazzfunkgreats said...

it is a great remix, cheers for putting this up some people in our comments box were asking for it.