Monday, March 13, 2006

So Sorry

I won't be updating probably today because I have a lot to do before I head off to Austin tomorrow! I'm really excited. If you guys have any suggestions of bands I ought to see, parties to go to, invitations to your party, hit me up. But anyway, I might write something tomorrow before I leave and I'll probably update during the rest of the week periodically at the festival.


Test_Department said...

go to the pitchfork party. hot chip, juan maclean, ladytron, and moreeee.

those three alone would get me going.

Dany said...

blogger party?

my company is throwing three parties.

-dany @ exitfare

cbotwell said...

man man, see man man.

Anonymous said...

if i had the choice of any band at sxsw, the lovely feathers are the must see.