Saturday, March 11, 2006

Oceans of Weep

Here's somebody I'm looking forward to seeing at SXSW: Ariel Pink. Hadn't really heard of the guy before this year. When I did hear about him through the 'Gum, I thought he was some electro-dance kind've thing. So I thought I might like that.
But he's playing a showcase with Animal Collective at SXSW, so that kinda shows he isn't electrondance. He's folk. Homie folk. It's great stuff, really somber, chill-out music, which is just what I need on a Saturday like this.
I have to do some laundry and start getting packed for my trip to Austin next week. Getting pretty excited! If you're headed to Austin too, be sure to read Depraved's Guide to SXSW 2006. Many good tips people should follow, from what to wear, what to pack, what not to pack, you get the picture.

Ariel Pink-Oceans of Weep

See Ariel Pink Friday March 17th at Fox & Hound with Animal Collective. Get there early!

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