Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Okay here's one of my new favorite videos from a band I hadn't heard before this week. I think I'd heard the name, but may have gotten them mixed up with The Black, The Black Eyes, The Black Keys or something, but Black Lips are a bit different. Their garage rock is pretty raw and untainted, and this video is hilarious.

More Black Lips:
Ain't Comin' Back
Oh and my cloud image at the top is so small because I don't know why, but my Photobucket account exceeded its bandwidth. Anyone know any free image hosters with unlimited bandwidth? I uploaded the images to my EZArchive account but it shrunk down the cloud one because it was too big? Lame.


Ryan said...

That video is not funny, its offensive. A bunch of white assholes playing along with and not even problematizing this bullshit "indian savage" crap. gross.

Anonymous said...

yeah dude. right as indian savages were about to make a comeback. fucking whites...

Anonymous said...

you took down the midlake post?

Anonymous said...

yeah I was asked to. they said the video would be coming out mid-april so expect to see it then...

and sorry if you're offended by the video. must only be for savages who think "making fun of savages" is funny.

Ryan said...

or it could just be that some things bother some people, which make it hard and unpleasant to watch a video with some white people dressed up as brown people and think thats ok. What makes it worse is that others don't understand why its such a big deal and end up writing off the comments entirely. Im all for gore, but the rest, including all thats wrapped up in the gore is totally bleck.


Virginia said...

I'm not a fan of ethnocentric misconceptions of other cultures any more than the next person, be they Western in origin or whatever else. However, I think there is a point when the criticism and censorship of such ceases to be constructive. Shall we chuck our dashboard bobbing hula girls because they don't accurately represent Hawaiian culture? Or boycott Panda Express because real Chinese food would never combine beef and broccoli? Inaccurate though the video's portrayal of Native peoples may be, it has a lot less to do with stereotyping than it has to do with goofy, asenine young men being goofy, asenine young men. Let us not be entirely humorless in our appraisal of these things. (For instance, the portrayal of the women is predictably sexist, but I enjoy how all the women seem awkward and not quite clear on what they're supposed to be doing while the band plays - especially the one on the drummer's lap. Check out the look on her face while he's having his little spasm of joy. Gold.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Virginia, thanks for your comment. It's very true and a lot more thought out than my comment was.

virginia said...

:) My pleasure. And sorry about your shrunken cloud.

Ryan said...

I think that eating at panda express is a lot different than dressing up in cowboys and indian garb. I don't know if you know, but theres quite a history behind that. Try looking up blackface, or any other histories of white people dressing up to make fun of people of color. I don't think that you can wrap up all "politically incorrect" stuff in a box together. Things have different meanings and significances. And if you think that it is a white mans right to dress up as a brown person go ahead, i still think it is ignorant, offenisive, and fucked up. You call my view censorship, but I never asked it be taken down, I just communicated that I was offended and thought it was gross. I just think that if white people are going to do that(dress up as people of color), while still reaaaaally problematic(!!!), , have a political message, or do something with it rather than just for entertainment sake.

I do love the cactus microphone.



virginia said...

I do respect that the skewed portrayal bothers you. And I agree, the comment you made was not censorship; I meant to speak in general terms, but I can see how it might look otherwise. However, I do not think I am making light of racism or any other form of prejudice when I say that nothing in this video is worth taking great offense at. It is a boy's silly, romanticized fantasy, not propaganda or theory or anything else of real gravity. And when I say "romanticized," I do MEAN just that; the band chose to be the Indians themselves, chose to glorify the Indians as the heroes of the story (yes, glorify: cretinic and tasteless though it may seem, it was meant positively), and furthermore, chose the oldest, most prevalent, most admired, and yet most patently ridiculous hero archetype of them all to convey: the big, strong, emotionally constipated male who dominates both the battlefield and the bedroom. Surely this latter choice alone indicates the kind of benign idiocy we are dealing with. Indeed, I daresay more thought has gone into our analysis of the video than went into its actual production. On another note, I neither said nor implied anything to the effect that white people have a "right" to dress up as people of color, although, to be perfectly frank, I don't see anything inherently wrong with ANY person of ANY heritage wearing the garb of some other culture; it's a little weird, I'll grant you, but it's more what they DO while so dressed, or what they intend to convey, that makes the difference. And finally, thank you, no, I am not completely ignorant of "white people"'s abysmal track record in their dealings with other cultures. But - and not to justify the history - I'm not convinced that any other culture (if you can lump all white people of any descent into one homogenous culture) would have done much differently had they been in the same position of power as "white people" have been. In other words, my final point: let's take care not to demonize any group, regardless of history or ascendancy, because no group has a monopoly on evil.

Sorry for all the caps, I don't mean to be shrill.

And yes, the cactus microphone was delightful.

And I don't drink, myself, but yeah, it's been a nice chat. Seriously.

leo said...

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Daniel said...

Knowing the black lips, the video intention is either to be retro, to offend, or they just plain dont give a fuck. these are the same people who pee in their own mouth on stage. they feed off of offended people's tears.

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