Friday, March 24, 2006

Here's My Song

The album Here's My Song, You Can Have It...I Don't Want it Anymore/Yours 4-Ever by Nicolai Dunger was a surprise to me. I was thinking it would be chilly tunes for any jazz lover or something. Don't know why I had that impression. But I got the album and didn't really listen to it much, and then saw him play at SXSW on the top floor of Capitol Place Hotel. He had so much raging energy! It sounded more country than I remembered on record, but then coming home and re-listening to it, it has all the elements of a good country tune, slide guitar and such. Swede Dunger is everything I was hoping Norwegian Sondre Lerche would turn into after his first album Faces Down but then he went the jazzier way and Nicolai is the country way. Sweden wins again!


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