Tuesday, March 21, 2006

SXSW Day 2

I don't really remember how Thursday started. I woke up late, that's for sure. I think I rode the bus to downtown which was an adventure. I missed Go! Team's instore set at Waterloo Records. What did I do? Oh! I saw Imaad Wasif first at the Kill Rock Stars/5 Rue Christine day party over at Flamingo Cantina. He was good, just him and his acoustic guitar and some box that made fuzzy sounds. They had lots of free stuff (stickers, buttons) and free food! So great. Thanks Kill Rock Stars! Always awesome.
Then I went over to Emo's to check out The Hidden Cameras. I only have their album Mississauga Goddam and like it quite a bit. It's crazy pop for the ears. Truly delicious. Live they were great and funny and even played blindfolded. I guess they do that often. One of the highlights was seeing a friend, John, playing tambourine onstage with them. I worked with John last year when I volunteered at SXSW and always see him whenever I go to Austin at shows. He told me I should see the Cameras so was glad to see him having fun with them.
Headed back on over to the Flamingo Cantina to see some Wooden Wand before Laura Veirs came on. Wooden Wand was really boring, and I'm ashamed I ever had interest in them. His solo CD is okay I guess though, just the whole band throws me off. Laura looked disappointed when her set started. There was barely anyone there, and a lot of people that were there weren't listening. She was amazing, mostly because her voice always gets me. I was hoping to hear her doing some vocal looping stuff that I've heard she does but alas none. But still, really great set.
Went back to Emo's and saw some of The Most Serene Republic. I'd only heard a few songs by them and wasn't really impressed but thought their live show might sway me. They were on Emo's inside stage, which is amazing since the band has like seven people. Add all their gear and it didn't look like they had much room to move, but the singer tried to be active and funny but...I don't think he really succeeded.
Can't remember if I went to any other day shows, but I don't think I did. The first show I saw that night was They Shoot Horses Don't They at KRS's showcase at Emo's Annex. I was excited to see the band because I love the album and have heard good things about them live. Well...I was sort've let down. It's mean to say, but the band looked like a special ed class putting on a concert. They were smashing metal plates and other random things on stage and...It was a mess. I'll stick with the CD I think.Then we went to go see Austin's Belaire across the street at the new Emos IV. Definitely the most posh Emo's venue and underpopulated all week. Very nice. Anyway, Belaire was great and fun and full of cuteness. Singer Kari seemed very disappointed at the lack of dancing, so an elderly gentleman photographer took it upon himself to dance vehemently for the rest of their set. I want to definitely see them again, maybe when the crowd is actually interested. I bought their self-released self-titled EP from them and yeah. Great stuff!We went over to Stubb's then to get good spots for the Fiery Furnaces. The band playing before them were the Noisettes. Hadn't ever heard anything at all by them, so I went blindly. They were okay, seemed kind of sleazy and pretty loud but still an alright show. The lead singer was Karen Oish and yeah. I don't know what to think of them.
Stubb's was very adamant this year about having no flash pictures taken of the band, which results in not so great pictures of the Noisettes or the Fiery Furnaces. Luckily there was the FFs show the next night. But anyway, the Friedberger's played a tight set, without keyboards. First time I think I'd seen them like that. But they played a wide selection of all their albums, though songs from Rehearsing My Choir mysteriously were lacking.Back to the KRS showcase for my first time seeing Xiu Xiu. They were having some technical difficulties to begin with, but went on anyway. They were missing their harmonium, but they played a couple new songs like "Boy Soprano" and "Hello From Euclaire" which were both great. Can't wait for the new album The Air Force. Didn't stay for their whole set though...because across the street was We Are Wolves. It wasn't as well-attended as I was thinking it would be. Man those French-Canadians are loud! I couldn't understand a word they said while singing or talking between songs. My head was pounding after a few songs so we left. Not before snagging some pictures of their awesome stage costumes with the floating skulls.
Didn't do anything for about an hour because we were beat. I think we just sat on the curb of 6th Street and watched people walk by. Around 12:30 we went back into the KRS Showcase to get ready for the Gossip. Saw some of Two Ton Boa, who were not impressive in the least. Didn't like 'em at all, sorry.The Gossip on the other hand were fantastic! So much energy! So many hot jamms! I loved 'em. Beth Ditto has the best stage banter I've ever heard from any frontwoman. She just kept going and going until it was time to start belting out another sweaty guitar blues jam. Loved them to bits. That was it for Thursday!

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