Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I am Your Napolean

I found just what you've been looking for! The American version of Long Blondes! You might have already heard of Boyskout, but have you listened to them since hearing the awesomeness that are the Long Blondes? Their sound is pretty similar, especially the chorus of this song "Back to Bed." It reminds me tons of "Separated by Motorways" except slown down and a bit sexier.
Anyway, last year at SXSW I remember checking in Boyskout at the artist registry station and they were super nice, and they were all girls except for one guy I think, and I really wanted to see them play. Sadly I was too young for all the shows they were playing. This year is different. See them at SXSW:

Mar 16 Day Show @ The Whiskey Bar w/ The Savage Republic
Marc 17 Western Vinyl/Tell-All Records showcase day party @ 11:30 AM
Mar 18 @ Lava Lounge 10:30pm

Back to Bed
Jesse James
Download their album School of Etiquette from eMusic!


20jazzfunkgreats said...

I get what you mean on back to bed, but they seem to be missing the sex and glamour of the long blondes to me, and some of the bite or rawness too – its far too nicely produced. Jesse James sounds more like Gravy Train done seriously. Doesn’t mean they are bad, but just not the long blondes, who if you have not you really should see live.

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