Friday, March 24, 2006

With or Without Feathers?

So I want to know what happened to the Stills. I remember all the hoopla a couple years ago surrounding their debut EP Rememberese and the song "Still in Love Song." It's a great song, perfect for dancefloors. But the album Logic Will Break Your Heart never got any attention. I am guilty because I never got the album or heard any other songs.
But then there were murmurings on the internerd that they'd reinvented themselves (after one album and an Ep, mind you) into a rollicking My Morning Jacket sort of band? What's going on? And then I hear Spanish horns on the new Walkmen song? Has the world gone upside down? I think it's cool to see all of these artists are exploring other genres of music and experimenting with them unlike some bands (Strokes, Interpol...)
You see how you like the difference.

Old Stills:
Still in Love Song (12" Extended Remix)
New Stills:
In the Beginning
Their new album Without Feathers is being released on Vice Records May 9th.

They'll be going on tour rallying 'round the new album. Might try and see them in SLC maybe.
4/2 – Boston @ TT the Bear
4/3 – Philadelphia @ The Church
4/4 – New York @ Mercury Lounge
4/5 – New York @ Mercury Lounge
4/8 – Baltimore @ Sonar
4/9 – Cleveland @ Grog Shop
4/10 – Detroit @ Saint Andrews Hall
4/11 - Columbus @ The Basement
4/13 - Chicago @ Double Door
4/14 - Minneapolis @ Varsity
4/15 - Omaha @ Sokol
4/17 – Salt Lake City @ Club Sound
4/19 - San Diego @ Casbah
4/20 - Los Angeles @ Troubadour
4/21 - San Francisco @ Popscene - tickets only available day of show
4/24 - Portland @ Doug Fir
4/25 – Seattle @ Crocodile
Information coming soon:
4/26 – Vancouver @ Richards on Richards (19+)
4/28 – Calgary @ Broken City (19+)
4/29 – Edmonton @ Power Plant, University of Alberta (All Ages)
4/30 – Saskatoon @ USSU (16+)
5/1 – Regina @ Distrikt (19+)
5/2 – Winnipeg @ West End Cultural Center (All Ages)
5/9 – Kingston @ Elixir (19+)
5/13 – Montreal @ Spectrum (All Ages)
5/17 – Hamilton @ Underground (All Ages)
5/18 – London @ Call the Office (All Ages)


Anonymous said...

Nice entry. But I wouldn't say the extended remix would be a good representation of 'old' stills, as that remix is quite awful.

Anyway, I'm a big Stills fan and the direction where the band's heading with the new album is different and I can't fucking wait for their new album. WOO.

Australiandave said...

I'd love to hear that rmx but the link no worky!

Kelly said...

Ugh, so disappointed they're playing the same night as Mates of State:Maria Taylor on their Cleveland date...figures, eh? Luckily saw them a couple years back when they came through with The French Kicks and Sea Ray...

Anonymous said...

Bad news - I saw them last week in New York (both nights) having heard excerpts of the new album on and I'm afraid to say that the new material isn't a patch on 'Logic'. I'm gutted because 'Logic' was pretty much the best album I'd heard in years and is out of the top drawer. The mood and sound has gone in favour of something not far removed from 80s Scottish band Big Country amongst others. Depressing.