Monday, March 06, 2006

Calling You Back

If you like dancey electropop, then you won't be disappointed by Copy's new album Mobius Beard. You've probably heard of Copy from his now famous Diva Mixtape where he takes tracks by TLC, Destiny's Child, Janet Jackson, Mirah Carey, and Mary J. Blige and puts the vocals over his signature beats. It's a great CD and you ought to hunt it down.

His first full-length though, is all fun for eleven tracks. There aren't any words so you can just get wrapped up in the electrofuzziness lasers and not worry about not knowing the words.

Calling You Back
Afro Oven
Download Mobius Beard from eMusic.


Anonymous said...

great post. by the way, i can't believe you didn't go to voxtrot on saturday. even after having them in your 'top 8' on myspace??? just kidding! i got to meet jo and dirk of morethanmilk (who are extremely nice), and was hoping to meet you too. anyways, they have a short review on their site of voxtrot and kid theodore who you posted about a few weeks ago. you definitely missed out!

Michael said...

I really wanted to go, but was just too tired + I didn't have a ride. Oh well. I hope to catch them a few times at SXSW at least.