Thursday, March 30, 2006

Telephone Call for Teddy Ruxpin

Holy moley, I don't know if I'm supposed to believe this, but this bulletin from Austin band The Carrots (you may remember them from my Voxtrot interview) really makes me wish I was back in Texas this weekend, more speicifically Austin.
Attention all zombies, pets and slaves:
For your benefit we have scheduled a night of preprogrammed entertainment in hopes of easing your anxieties regarding what to do with yourself this weekend. This Friday you will be attending a spectacular Carrots show in which 14 unique Care Bear costume wearing teens reenact the horrors of cannibalism in a Stephanie Chan penned play entitled "Telephone Call for Teddy Ruxpin". The Carrots will perform 10 songs throughout the course of this play. Afterwards, the White Ghost Shivers will perform. We start at 10 pm. The location is the Longbranch Inn on Austin's fabulous eastside. It is 21+ due to scenes of graphic Care Bear sex. Please bring clothes you don't mind getting splattered in partially fake blood.
If it turns out to be a hoax to get you there, at least you'll be there! Recommended by Jared and Mitch from Voxtrot House! Gotta be good.

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