Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Call You Out

Wait wait, what's that? You want something else hot from Austin? Are you greedy? You already got Voxtrot, Sound Team, What Made Milwaukee Famous + probably 5 dozen more. Who do you think you are asking more from poor tired Austin?
Well you're in luck because Austin isn't ready to give up. Good thing too. They're going to churn out more fabulous bands this year just because they can!
The Arm have been around for a long time but are just getting noticed nationally with all the newfound interest in Austin. I got a little flyer about their new album when I ordered Belaire's 7" for Haunted Castles (I didn't have any cash with me at their show at SXSW, you should get it too!). Anyway The Arm kind of reminds me of Radio 4, especially on Gotham. A little less dance but they make up for it in energy.
Here's some new tracks off their forthcoming album Call You Out which will be out April 14th on Indierect Records.

To Yr Id
The Privileged Few


Anonymous said...

Nice post jumping on these bands before the rest of the world does.... too bad you didn't get a chance to see The Arm during SXSW. They pretty much bitchslapped me into a happy state of submission with some of the most intersting sound i've heard in a while. I picked up a sampler of their new tracks and i'm definitely going to order the record when it comes out. I'm not sure about Radio 4 as much as Les Savy Fav or The Fall though.... anyways good shit and props for the post.

Anonymous said...

it's funny you say that. I looked on the back of the postcard and it said something like they're uncategorizable but they sound most like les savy fall and echo and the bunnymen. feel them on the first two, not so much the last one.