Monday, April 24, 2006

Work, Work, Work

My favorite band of SXSW 2006, The Rakes, are finally getting their debut album Capture/Release released tomorrow in the U.S. And all my blogging will be futile if at least one of you doesn't go buy it, download it, whatever.
The album is pure Britrockpopdance from start to finish. A couple slower songs like "Binary Love" are beautiful when you didn't think the band was possible of such things. And then herky jerky "Retreat" and "Terror!" have you wondering where your head went.
Please please pleeaase pay attention to the band, they need your help to crawl under the Bloc Franz rock they're being crushed under by most critics. Hopefully they'll tour the U.S. properly so you can really have a chance to see what they're all about, it'll make all the difference.

We Are All Animals
Work, Work Work (Pub, Club, Sleep)
Those last two are brought to you by Music Glob.

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shane said...

Yes! They are great live, nothing compares you to that dancing Alan Donohue does. They're really nice people too, the first band I interviewed in person. They deserve to do really well.