Saturday, April 08, 2006

Nine Twelve Thirteen?

I got the new ¡Forward, Russia! CD Give Me a Wall that's going to be released in May I think. Anyway I'd only heard a few of their numbered tracks and liked what I heard, but never caught them at SXSW. A shame I think, because they're probably pretty energetic live. Probably. Anyway here are a couple tracks to pique your interest in the band if you haven't heard them, and the album if you're waiting. Maybe for fans of louder bands on the indie spectrum.



jenny said...

How did you put all this cool stuff in your blog? Like the lightning bolt thingys. If I came up with something cool for "jennyology" could you tell me how to put it on my blog?? Ehhhh? Ehh?

Adi said...

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