Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Boy Soprano

Okay so you've probably heard this new Xiu Xiu song if you're a diehard fan or even just a casual listen. Well this recording of this new song off the new record The Air Force blows every other recording out of the water.
The song, "Boy Soprano," has already become a live favorite, mostly for the fact that it's Caralee McElroy's Xiu Xiu song where she's the singer and Jamie doesn't help. Instead he's jamming on their bell set. When they performed it at SXSW, I could hear about 7 people whistling or humming it after it was done. Catchy? Yes.

Xiu Xiu-Boy Soprano (Live at the Troubadour, Brisbane - 4/18/06)

Oh and here's your first look at the cover art for the new album, The Air Force. Ummm...yeah.


id_ said...

this.. owns...
feel free to check out my lame blog. yes its a work in progress.

Lord Eggsby said...

Hey, randomly googling for the lyrics to Boy Soprano, and it was curious to find this. I have the version from the album, and it is Jamie singing the whole time, and with different lyrics, and a completely different melody. Contact me sometime if you'd like to hear it.

Kind of make me curious as to the plans for this song.

Nick said...

Lord Eggsby is right. I'm pretty sure the song you have linked, which I love by the way, is "Hello from Eau Claire, Wisconsin" [sic].

Adi said...

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