Wednesday, April 05, 2006

From Italy, With Love

I sure don't know a whole lot about Beirut except that this song makes me think he loves listening to Neutral Milk Hotel and the Magnetic Fields going down the highway with his windows down, singing along. And then he goes home and emulates them in the best way possible.

Beirut-Postcards From Italy
Be Beirut's friend.

Also, speaking of Italy, we watched the oddest Italian movie yesterday, Ladri di saponette, or The Icicle Thief. Yeah it sort've makes fun of the Italian classic The Bicycle Thief but is really about consumerism and how it interferes with art, in this case how showing a movie on TV is ruined by commercials in the worst way possible. Check it out if you have the time and will. It's weird.

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Chris said...

damn, i just posted this, and found you beat me to it. i love this song.