Monday, April 10, 2006

Shake It

So we all know the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album Show Your Bones is out, and a lot of people seem conflicted about it. Not the follow-up many were hoping it would be, some say it's boring, lacks the sex of Fever To Tell, and lots of other stuff. I'm still warming up to the idea of a little calmer YYYs. I think the live show would still be a hot and bothered affair, so I'm hoping I get to catch the band when they hit Salt Lake City with Blood on the Wall in tow.
Here's a song that the band had been playing live inbetween albums and many were hoping would make onto the new album. Fans even created their own collection of live songs to make a sort of live album called Cheated Hearts and put it online. Songs include "Boogers," "Kiss Kiss," "Sealings," "10X10," and "Down Boy," with a few that actually did make the album, like "Cheated Hearts" and "Honeybear."
"Shake It"s stacatto guitars and mellow feel could have fit well on Show Your Bones, and Karen O takes a little longer than usual to get her voice worked up into a frenzy. Tantalizing.

Shake It


Australiandave said...

sounds tight!
where can i get a hold of this Cheated Hearts then?


Anonymous said...

Where can I get the rest of the unreleased songs?