Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Is That They Die

I didn't even knooow Canadian upstarts/cuties Pony Up! had an album coming out. Surprise! They do. It's called Make Love to the Judges With Your Eyes that's coming out on Dim Mak May 9th. You may have fallen for the Montreal serial cutesters' debut self-titled EP with quirky love songs like the fan-obsessed "Matthew Modine" or the forceful "Shut Up and Kiss Me." Live they're full of funny jokes, so make sure you see them. Oh and pop hooks and handmad glitter t-shirts.

Pony Up!-The Truth About Cats and Dogs (Is That They Die)
A sad title, and not a very upbeat song. I hope this isn't a new change for the album, or I'll miss the sugary sweetness I've come to love from PU! We shall see.

Also! Good news from Dim Mak's site, DOH favorites The Rakes are planning on a full US tour in July! If they don't hit Texas, there will be blood and maybe crying.

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