Thursday, April 20, 2006

Faint Humms

I may not have done so hot in my math class last semester but it was easy enough to come up with this equation:

Cat Power+Laura Veirs+Sufjan's Guitar/Banjo=Peggy Honeywell.

Very easy arithmetic to describe the beautiufl stylings of one Peggy Honeywell, real name Clare Rojas. I got her 2005 album Faint Humms yesterday from my sister and can't stop listening.
It's perfect lazy day music, when the sun is shining and you ought to be studying for sure to be ulcer-inducing finals. I choose Peggy. Her soft, seductive voice can coax me away from studying any day.
It's tough finding out anything about Rojas. I know she's also an artist who lives in the Philly area, and she had another CD called Honey For Dinner. Her label is Galaxia Records and you can buy Faint Humms here.

Kitty Paws from Faint Humms
Darlin' Man from Honey For Dinner