Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Not Coming Down

Might be last on the bandwagon but at least I made it! I got the Lovely Feathers' CD Hind Hind Legs and can't get enough of it. I'd been told to see them at SXSW but never had the chance to, and am regretting it awfully. The frenetic Canadian band has drawn comparisons to fellow Montrealers Wolf Parade and Arcade Fire, and I can see bits of both. More on the Wolf Parade though. Amazing stuff, I'm sure you can find other great songs on The Hype Machine.



virginia said...

Ohhh man. I am waaay into those riding pants/boots.

virginia said...

Hey! You fixed your cloud! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

yeah I did! haha I realized I had been using a smaller version of the cloud I made. hahaha I'm dummbbb. riding boots are so hot right now.