Sunday, April 23, 2006

More Yeah

Okay so I'm still on a bit of a YYYs high today so here's some stuff the members' side projects/other stuff going on.

Drummer Brian Chase is in another three-piece band called The Seconds, who just put out a record called Kratitude on 5RC, Kill Rock Stars weird kid sister.
The Seconds-Sister8myson

Guitarist Nick Zinner released a book of photography called Are You All Happy Now, composed mostly of shots of audiences while on tour with the YYYs. He and some people from Blood Brother and The Locust started a new band called Head Wound City. They have a self-titled EP out on CD and 10" (I got the 10" last night at the show). It's really noisy and probably not for everyone but if you love Nick maybe you should give it a try.
Head Wound City-Prick Class

Karen O is supposedly working on a solo album, probably to be released in 2007.

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bqer said...

i was wondering my nick was taking pictures at the last show i went to. he just kind of pointed and snapped from the waist. i'm interested to see what those look like.