Monday, April 17, 2006

Boys of Melody

Uhh everyone has probably already heard the last CD by the Hidden Cameras,Missasauga Goddam, and if you haven't, take note now. They're pure pop fun via, you guessed it, Canada! Saw them at SXSW and wished I'd been able to see more of them but things never work out that way. Ever.
They release a new EP tomorrow, The Arms of His Ill on CD and 10". I don't have any tracks from it sooo here's these ones from past releases.

Boys of Melody
Builds the Bone


Ryan said...

Their CD, The Smell Of Our Own is much better than Missasauga Goddam. Check it out, it has the glorious tracks, Ban Marriage and Smells like Happiness. It also has their song about golden showers, which isnt super wonderful, but always gets lots of attention.

Post when you get tracks from their new release !

tricia said...

I love the Hidden Cameras and agree with the first commenter that the early album is the best. Just wondering about your links: the first one is right, but the one labelled "Builds the Bone" goes to something called "Disco" by Moggs -- ??? Not sure what it's about, but thought you might want to know.

I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks much!