Friday, April 14, 2006

Weekend Without Making Out

It's been awhile since I posted on one of my favorite bands, The Long Blondes. When we last left our stylish heroes, they'd released a new single, "Separated By Motorways" and there was no word as to where their fate would lie. Well I have heard/seen rumblings that soon they will be announcing some "big news" that probably means they've been signed to a label! I bet it's a good one too. Let's just hope that means album!!
To tide you over till the big news hits, here's a song ripped from their MySpace, a lament about not making out over a whole weekend. Ghastly! It's really short, less than a minute and a half. Not sure if it's the whole thing or not.

Weekend Without Making Out
Be their friend.

They're on NME's New Music tour with ¡Forward, Russia! so you might want to catch them if you're in the UK. They're hitting a few festivals first and...Mexico City??

15/04 Bud rising festival @ Crawdaddy's, Dublin (tickets available one the door, doors At 12.20am onstage 1.30am)
28/04 Glasgow Mono gig @ have share of Triptych festival (with the 1990's and The Rebel)
29/04 Edinburgh @ Voltaire Cabaret, have share of Triptych festival (with the 1990's and The Rebel)
30/04 Aberdeen @ The Tunnels, have share of Triptych festival (with the 1990's and The Rebel)
06/05 Mow Palapa, Guadalajara, Mexico City
10/05 NME New Music turn @ Glasgow QMU
11/05NME New Music turn @ Middlesborough Worsens
12/05 NME New Music turn @ Manchester University
14/05 NME New Music turn @ Portsmouth Pyramid
15/05 NME New Music turn @ Leicester University
16/05 NME New Music turn @ Cambridge Junction
18/05 NME New Music turn @ Norwich UEA
19/05 NME New Music turn @ Sheffield Leadmill
20/05 NME New Music turn @ Liverpool Carling Academy
23/05 NME New Music turn @ Oxford Brooks plain
24/05 NME New Music turn @ London Electric

All NME dates with Boy Kill Boy, The Automatic, ¡Forward, Russia!


Anonymous said...
listen to this. Really good

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